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RandyBlue wrote:

Justin Blakely likes to take chances. I guess that’s why he wanted to be on Randy Blue. He’s not shy and loves to show off his body. For someone as adorable as he is I’m surprised at how soft spoken he is, but his slight bashfulness is part of his charm. Although he does says he’s not a shy person, so one can only picture him walking up to you in a crowded nightclub and telling you all the things he wants to do to you in that sexy soft voice of his. You can tell he works out a lot because he’s got the nice well built body of one of those hot horny college jocks. And while he’s got a smooth muscular chest his sexy ass is covered in beautiful dark hair. You can tell he loves his body and the way he works his big dick shows that jerking off is one of his favorite pastimes. He’s the kind of guy who will melt your heart with his smile and stiffen your cock when he takes off his shirt. And I defy you to not blow your own load as you watch him work his stiff prick until it explodes right in your face via our glass table.

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  • Ryder25

    What a pretty boy. Love the hairy ass.

  • josh69

    mmm mmm good..! Yum…This guy has a Levi Johnston vibe about him…and These are the pics we should have got to see from Levi Johnston in Playgirl…

  • Ted

    In some ways he’s hot… and in other ways he’s not. (Mainly because I’m just not very attracted to guys that look more than a year or so younger than me, or at least look 19 or under)

  • von schlomo

    “For someone as adorable as he is I’m surprised at how soft spoken he is…”

    Because most people would expect adorable people to be boisterous? Fuckin dude makes no sense.

  • Peter


  • Timah

    sexy, i love his brown eyes

  • Ike

    Levi Johsnton is not 4’9″. This guy is the size of an eleven year old. And hung like one too. makes for a pretty face, but seriously.

  • Daniel

    A whole lot of meh.

  • menre

    ke belleza in the penis o my good