CorbinFisher: Mark II

Mark II at CorbinFisher

Mark II at CorbinFisher

Mark II at CorbinFisher

Mark II at CorbinFisher

Mark II at CorbinFisher

Mark II at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Mark is a big, buff, red-headed military stud who decided to join us here at CF to have a little fun and make some good money – and he most definitely is buff!

Mark’s actually pretty casual about that impressive, muscular build of his.

“I have a lot of free time, and access to some great gyms, so it’s a good way to keep from getting too bored!”, he said to me when I asked him about how much he must work out.

He has quite the laid-back and easy-going attitude and approach to a lot of things. He found himself with lots of free time and easy access to the gym, so figured why not work out and get all buff, built, and muscular! When it came to jerking off for our cameras, “Why not?”, is what he figured when he was first approached with the offer. Likewise, “Why not?”, led to his first losing his virginity, when a girl hit on him and offered to show him a good time.

That’s certainly the kind of attitude that can lead to lots of fun at CF, and I’m glad he’s eager and willing to go with the flow and try out new things!

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  • Stanley Kowalski

    This guy scares me, on so many levels.

  • Neobamboom

    his dick looks tiny on his large frame

  • ben84

    ummmm..NO. CF fails again.

  • Established One

    Meh…I’ll pass!

  • Riley

    Shock the HECK out of me Established One passing on one. *Looking out window to see if pigs are flying about*.

    I Love Mark wouldn’t mind see MY CAIN ;) bring him on board at CF!!!!!!!!! ;) Kinda looks like Ajay from Sean Cody when he smiles a lil’ bit!!!!! ;) Hope to see more of
    Mark and soon!!!!!! :)

    • elmtree

      Riley, looks like we are in the minority here but I kinda like Mark as well. And it would be totally hot to see him with Cain. And you are correct, he does resemble Ajay in the face altho that’s where the comparison ends as Ajay was internet porn perfection.

  • Jared

    This is like the grossest CF model. He doesnt even look like a CF model. He looks like one of those meathead guys that would get worshipped (gag) by Jake Cruise and never work again.

    • Nate

      That is the first thing I thought. He seems like one of those guys that Jake cruise would be eating out and fondeling.

      This is a huge no for me.

      Whatever i am waiting for more Cain sex, after hearing Joel and Colby talk about how good Cain is on Pete’s attic I want more.

  • mason5011

    i’d play with him…..

  • ChicagoBoyRN


  • LA Clergy

    Once again the stats are all wrong. This guy is 5’4″ and I doubt very much his feet are 11 more like 7 or 8.

    Man why they try to lead us on like that? Don’t they know that eventually th etruth will come out?

  • alias74

    I happen to find this guy kinda hot…love the fact that his dick looks smaller on his frame…

    Given that, he is NOT CF material….and neither have the last four solos they debuted. No bi bareback clip in weeks, Josh and Lucas barebacked each other for 30 seconds then put a condom on, none of the last hardcore clips featured any new performers…wow! Guess I’m not going to miss that subscription after all!

  • Ike

    Sunburned eyebrows bleached white need to be darkened with very light brown mascara. Otherwise you just look freaky without eyebrows. Ditto the eyelashes. Sheesh, this has been Photography 101 since 1880 and Porn 101 since 1967. That said and done, this is one of those unfortunate fellas who will look 60 when he hits 30. Stay out of the sun!

  • Lithino

    This one is horrible.

  • Daniel

    Extremely disturbing.

  • NE1956

    6.5 inches? From where to where?

    Fail. And I’m bolting the front door.

  • pubert

    The eyebrow region is what makes him look like a serial killer from a horror flick.

    So bizarre, from the shape of forehead to the color of the eyebrow hair.

  • fabrice

    Great body! Dick size is more than adequate.

    The light eyebrows are a bit freaky — but a dye job and a better haircut would do wonders for him.

  • Jeremyboy89

    Wow this is so fucking crazy and to think I graduated with this guy hahaha ! Idk how he ended up here lmao !!!

    • Ike

      Joining the military didn’t make him think his dick was big enough. So now he’s really a minnow swimming with whales.