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ChaosMen: Dwight ‘Edge’

Dwight 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Dwight 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Dwight 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Watch Dwight & Ransom at

ChaosMen wrote:

I was having a tough time convincing Dwight to do more with a guy, so I offered him an Edge video.

He said yes, but took his time thinking about what he could do with another dude for the fantasy sequences.

I’ve been trying to ease out of cock sucking duties, and since I did his Serviced video, I thought I would finally take a chance and have someone else do the Edging.

Ransom has come a long way with his cock sucking skills. He likes to dominate and be dominated. The thought of having a straight guy at his mercy really turned him on, “You mean I can do anything to him?”

No of course, but the idea was to push his limits.

I put Dwight out of his comfort zone right away with some very tight blue undies that fit him snugly. Despite him being a hard and fast baggy-boxer-boy, the undies themselves got him hard. He thought he looked weird in them, but did admit it felt good and his package was really showing. Frankly I think he looked a bit like a bound-up superhero!

I extended the fantasy sequences, so they are practically a movie in and of themselves. I feel like the oral part gets lost, but I keep getting feedback that you all want more. This is a long Edge video at 27 minutes!

It was awesome to be free to film, get a few more angles that I don’t normally get, yet retain the ‘feel’ the other Edge videos have.

The star of the show was actually the massage device my barbershop uses. I practiced on myself first (Research!) and sure enough it felt amazing.

Dwight loved it too, and there is even an out take at the end showing just how much he liked it!

Dwight left the studio thinking that maybe doing more might not be as hard as he thought, so who knows, maybe he will be back for more!?

For those of you who enjoy my cocksucking skills, there is a Serviced video with him as well, but I figured it had been far too long since I aired an Edge video.

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  • NE1956

    If Ransom was doing that to me, I would *NOT* need nor want a blindfold. (Maybe he would, but that’s another story). :D

  • jmdrwac

    I don’t get the fantasy here. The guy knows why he’s there – to get blown by a troll. So what’s the point.

    That said, “Dwight” looks pretty good.

    • Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido

      “I don’t get the fantasy here. The guy knows why he’s there – to get blown by a troll. So what’s the point.”


  • FeydRautha

    I like Dwight. He’s sturdily built (not fat like some others might claim). The dick isn’t humongous, but it’s still a nice size (“more than a mouthful and just about a handful”); if he tops, it’ll get the job done. He’s got a great ass, too. I hope he comes back for more (apart from the unreleased Serviced vid). He and Ransom look good together here, so maybe Ransom should be his first duo scene partner. Or maybe Vander…

  • freakish

    Wooohooo!!!! An edge video. It’s been a while since the last one. The guy is ok I guess.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    I like Dwight, he’s cute and he has a nice cock!

  • cdman

    Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Dwight bottoms!

  • Enders

    I like these edge videos. The whole sensory deprivation kink appeals to me. Also, Dwight is cute and has a nice build. I’m into it.

  • Established One

    He’s cute and all…but nothing fancy.

  • Stanley Kowalski

    I think Dwight is correct, he does look wierd in those blue underwear. Whose fantasy is it to make farmboys look like they just walked out of a Wilton Manors boutique shop?

  • Fazz

    He looks really cute in the second pic.
    But since it seems so unlikely according to BRIAN that he will come back, I’m not gonna waste my time.

    Take care bitch! :p

    • Riley

      rotflmao Take care b*tch :p Thanks Fazz I needed that laugh for today.

  • Vic


  • Daniel

    Cute little cock

  • Skater22

    Man. Dwight Is so fuckin hot. I really really hope he bottoms in the future. Man, Id prolly get wet instantly if he did.

    • BigGlansDC

      I love his cumshot! Hot!