CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Travis

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Travis at CorbinFisher

Watch Cain & Travis at

Corbin wrote:

Could there be a more perfect pairing? Muscle top Cain and muscle bottom Travis meet for the first time in a sexual match-up that explodes inside and on Travis!

I put these two in the room and there was no need for words. These two know each others’ reputations and strengths. Cain, always aggressive and dominant, kisses Travis and gets his shirt off. He kisses almost every inch of Travis’ smooth muscled torso. He pays particular attention to Travis’ ripped abs and chest.

Travis takes off Cain’s tight t-shirt and kisses his powerful body. Cain is such a sensual guy that he starts groaning with pleasure when Travis gets down to his crotch. Travis kisses and licks Cain’s dick through his jeans and underwear. While it’s obvious both of these studs are anxious to get into the action, they want to savor every inch of each other.

Taking their jeans off, Cain’s wood sticks straight out in his white underwear. He pushes Travis down to the sofa grinding his cock against Travis. He kisses his shoulders, chest and abs. Cain makes Travis suck his dick through his underwear and that uncut cock almost pops out by itself!

Travis wets Cain’s dick with his tongue and then shows off his cock sucking skills. He rubs Cain’s foot as he goes down to the root of Cain’s cock with his mouth. Cain reciprocates by jerking Travis, who then starts kissing and licking Cain’s toes.

It’s an intense energy watching these guys thoroughly enjoy each other. Cain tells Travis to “Suck those big balls,” and he does. Cain tells him to suck his toes again. But Travis can’t get enough of that dick, and soon he’s back to sucking and jerking Cain’s cock. Meanwhile, Cain eats out Travis’ ass, and then fingers it, getting it ready for his big dick.

He tells Travis how nice and tight it feels around his finger and says, “I want it tight around my dick.” Cain goes back in with his tongue, just to show Travis he means business. But Travis means business too, and he tells Cain he’s ready to sit on him.

He puts a condom on Cain, and sits down on his cock. Even for an experienced bottom guy like Travis, it takes a minute to get that dick inside him. Once it is in, Cain thrusts up and down, jackhammering Travis. Cain’s strength is one of his best qualities, but to see him in action – every muscle

in his body straining as he drills deep and hard into another guy – is amazing.

Cain gets Travis on all fours, and pounds him doggy-style. He shows Travis no mercy, slamming in and out, faster and faster. Now that Cain’s standing up, he can put all his muscle into it. Travis tells him to fuck him harder. Cain rams it in even harder. Travis is going to be sore for a week!

But Travis loves it and keeps moaning in ecstasy. Flipping Travis onto his back, Cain slams it in balls-deep. Travis tells him how much he likes it. Cain is loving it too – he’s about to come, and Travis tells him to come in his ass. This makes Travis spray all over his ripped abs. Travis pulls the rubber off Cain’s dick and Cain shows how much cum he shot while in his tight ass. The two guys, spent from the intense session, kiss.

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  • Riley

    HOT and YUMMY MY CAIN and TRAVIS!!!!! YAY ;)

    • KingSize

      Wow Riley you really dont let anything get to you do you?

  • KingSize

    JESUS these two AGAIN!? So since Dawson is out Corbin has to replace him with someone else that has too be used every damn update! When we see we would love to see a model everyday when they debut WE DON’T MEAN TO TAKE IT LITERALLY!!!!

    And Travis go HOME!!!

    • Dawson is not out! He is still very active at CF! Cain is sexy!

    • Love2Swallow

      I agree Cain and Travis are on almost every CF update now. They’re attractive, but come on I didn’t think CF was this vanilla and cookie-cutter.

    • Riley

      Well CF did say*In Petes Attic* that they were gonna have to reuse models over and over and over and….. etc you get the drift because I think they said that they had problems with the scheduling more guys or so they claimed. I’m not in the industry so IDK. Jus saying.

    • CF Bull Shits! UGH

  • baz

    Haven’t these two been paired up before? I swear I got a sense of deja-vu just from the title. I’m officially over-Cain-ed. And I was over-Travis-ed by his 10th update.

    With all the Travis that’s been shoved in my face lately, I think I finally feel what the Lucas haters feel when he pops up (so regrettably rarely). At this point, Travis could be paired with the hottest man on Earth and i would still take no notice at all.

    • TrisX

      same me with Travis …
      Maybe “Travis fucks Cain” had make a better feeling, but a bottoming Travis is boring boring boring!!!

  • jmdrwac

    Travis has a kind of a Herman Munster face going in these photos.

    In answer to the question “could there be a more perfect pairing?” I’ll go out on a limb and say yes.

    • MidiAttack11757

      this shoulda been an amazing vid but it wasn’t: travis was so not into dracula. compare it with aaron: they were so into each other: a non stop kiss-a-thon!

      i fuckin’ love trav but i agree we need a serious break. cain makes cade look as smooth as casanova: sick of him.

    • Riley


  • AaronJL

    Woof! Love Cain. Love Travis (though I love Travis leaner than this).

    I do have to agree about ‘these two again?’, having known CF for a while. CF cares very little about his customers likes and dislikes.

    And yes, there could be a better pairing. For now, this will do.

  • WeaponX

    These updates are all over the place, Cain with Guido hair and Travis on steroids, next week we see Travis again when he was slim, bah.

    Nothing with Travis gets my attention anymore, it’s not even that he’s been on so many times, but this new build is not appealing to me.

  • freakish

    Nooooooo!!!!!! Cain? Again? He’s soooo the new Dawson. And we’re back with the blown-up Travis. Overused and overhyped new top wth the tired ass of bottom queen. Meh….

    • FeydRautha

      I don’t lay the blame at Cain’s feet. It’s CorbinFisher’s fucked-up pacing/release schedule. You can tell from the pics (Cain’s “guido” hair and the musclebound Travis) that they’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Frankly, they need to recruit more guys willing to do ACM updates. Not these straights that do a solo, fuck some skank, and then leave. And versatile guys, too. Think if the roles were reversed here or if they flip-flopped… infinitely more watchable. Also, more “gay-for-real” guys like Aaron… only HAWT!

  • Res1

    Why does Cain keep doing his hair like that? Does he think that’s hot?

    • YES! ……….. yes it is!

    • TrisX

      Cain is hot and sexy with every hairstyle.
      But he is such a better bottom, but in the last months there is always “Cain fucks …” – and sorry, that makes Cain a bit boring.
      It seems CF hasnt an eye for better using, if its a MUST that Travis got fucked twice a week (it seems so), CF should think about more Flip Flop.

  • Mike

    I love fucking until cumming.

  • Ted

    Didn’t they do this already? Also Travis must be really raking in the dough because it’s like he’s been in almost every video all summer!

    • Luis

      He has a new baby to feed now!!! Lmao

    • Adam2005

      Word. With his new mouth to feed, I bet Travis will be doing more bottoming from now on.

  • TrisX

    Travis bottoms becomes a bit boring …
    Same like the older version “Dawson fucks…”
    Sorry, Travis ass is such overexposed.
    Only highlight: Cain is hot!

    • MidiAttack11757

      sorta but travis is more into it, usually. aaron was hot! this one looks pretty old: i think they knew it was a dud.

  • Bradster

    Two of the hottest guys on CF together. Awesome stuff.

  • Ryder25

    OMG are you kidding me? These two are worn out!

    • baz

      Too fucking right. I don’t see how anyone can watch Travis updates and find anything that they haven’t already seen. Multiple times.

  • mason5011

    I do LOVE me some Travis…. but it must be like fuckin a jar of mayonnaise by now. The kid has been around…..

    • Auggy

      Lol. The analogy is hilarious but so so gross, mason5011. I’d take Cain-OD over Dawson/Connor-OD anyday. He’s a very believeable and commited performer. But I agree it would have been much more enjoyable as a flip flop fuck.

      I wonder if there’s anyone left in Casa de Corbin for Cain or Travis to have sex with?

    • MidiAttack11757

      or a mason jar, lol!

  • bob80

    Cain is hot but Travis… really?

  • Fazz

    What’s the point of even commenting to this site??

    They clearly dont give a shit what people think.

    I just want to see CF crash & burn, go bankrupt and then I would wanna see the CEO sitting on a street corner asking him self where he went wrong.

    Yo, CORBIN! Check your archives, I think even a moron could see where…

    • freakish

      Befor this when someone said they hope CF goes bankrupt, I didn’t that to happen cause thatwould mean no more Derek, but seeing Derek is now non-existence, so yeah, I’m all for them getting bankrupt.

  • Sushi

    Holy Christ!! When I saw this I couldn’t believe it– that we hadn’t already seen it I mean. Between Travis’ lesbian hairstyle and Cain’s guido-look and ‘roided-out body, this is all SOOOOOOO tiresome!


    This is SO not worth downloading. The hottest video Cain ever did was when HE was fucked by Dawson (of all people), back months ago. Travis hasn’t been hot in about 2 years.

    Such a FAIL.

    • TrisX

      i am more into “Cain fucked by Dru” – that was hot stuff and made many of my days and nights ;)
      Travis was nearly hot in his 2-3 first adventures, but after the time he became a very boring bottom-queen.

  • Established One

    Cain could never be over used. He is just damn hot and sexy. Although, I am no fan favorite of Travis because he looks like he is ill. Cain on the other hand is down right sexy. I want to see more and more of him. He get’s a YES and Travis a NO! But since it’s a duo, it’s an overall YES!

  • azzolina

    these guys are sexy as hell. i’d bottom for either of them.

  • von schlomo


  • Haven’t we seen these two paired together numerous times already? Boring.

  • Nick Minaj

    Ha this Cain/Travis saga is ridic & hilarious smh..Never been a fan of either, and Cain has nothing but a body to me..never understood all the praise over the kid. Until CF gets some new blood, or gets some old guys back like Austin, Noah, Hayden, Nicolas, Cade, Zeke etc. I’m good on this site.

    • Riley

      Well you are probably good on this site then cause of those mentioned maybe Nicholas and Probably Cade would or will return, but highly doubt Cade since he was probably jus there for a visit.

  • clusterfuck

    What a waste of Cain’s sperm! Travis shoulda swallowed like he usually does! Love both guys!

    Bring back Gabe and Noah!!!!

  • King Henry VIII

    Well I for one LOVE IT!!!! Like I said before when CAIN started he is my ONE and ONLY ADDICTION AT CF before HIM it was DEREK*miss him*. LOVING TRAVIS also nice to see him grow from that scared shy preppy dressed boy to Freaking HOT MAN!!!! ;) And Yes,CF should be ashamed for putting up so many updates especially since the fact we haven’t seen MY JOSH,COLBY,ELIJAH,MARIO ok I have a few other guys I’m addicted to at CF Besides CAIN,but he is THE MAIN ONE. Would be nice to see those guys I previously mentioned in action again. It’s like they came back from Costa Rica and just disappeared and I WOULD SO HATE FOR THAT TO BE THE CASE. :(

    And while we’re on the subject of COSTA RICA put out the DAMN videos already WT…. are y’all waiting on CF When SC did Hawaii FF 2009 they filmed in June the videos were out in July and the following months. i guess y’all waiting till winter of 2010 to show the DAMN COSTA RICA videos it would be nice to see them NOW DAMMIT and not just in a weekend update. Need to see them as a freaking Tuesday update also HELL probably sitting on TONS of FOOTAGE release the DAMN STUFF.

    Anywho I enjoyed this update andloved both players,but we need to remember MY CAIN does bottom adn DAMN good TOO.

  • King Henry VIII

    It’s like CAIN the QUARTERBACK doing Travis the HOT GAY NERD and I LOVE IT!!!!! ;)

  • FeydRautha

    When I saw that Cain came in the condom, I was expecting a “Heath Fucks Jared” moment. Shuddering, O-face for a good five minutes, air-humping, pulling out so you can see the condom filling up with cum… classic. Heath didn’t have the prettiest face, but he was a good, natural top.

  • Daniel

    Travis has become so much less attractive now that he has bulked up :-(

    • floodboy

      I couldn’t disagree more. Travis is hotter than ever. Actually, this pairing is probably one of the most expected ones from CF, and it’s worthy. I love when the guy comes inside, even if it’s inside the condom, it looks a lot more natural than jerking off later over his buddy chest, mouth or whatever. If Travis had swallowed it from the condom it would be even better.

  • floodboy

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind if Travis doubled his size. He can juice, take a dozen protein shakes a day, I don’t care at all. He would be hot even if Cain looked like a starving kid compared to him. Go all the way, Travis! :)

  • 1americaninkorea

    This week: Abercrombie fucks Fitch.
    Next week: Hollister fucks Tommy Hilfiger.

    I guess they’re hot but I can’t really tell them apart most of the time.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Cain is hot as usual.

  • Travis is hot no matter what anyone says. And to all you haters, I hope he NEVER goes away.