CorbinFisher: Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey

Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey at CorbinFisher

Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey at CorbinFisher

Watch Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey at

Corbin wrote:

When Dawson and Ethan put their heads together … literally … Trey finds out two heads are definitely better than one!

Trey’s never attempted being double penetrated before. After his sizzling performance with Ethan teasing Cassie, I knew he would be comfortable enough to try it. He said he didn’t know what to expect, then grinned his trademark smile and said, “Well, I know what to expect, really.”

Dawson and Ethan get Trey ready for the attempt by kissing him all over his body from both sides. Trey’s boner pops out of his shorts immediately as Dawson kisses his dick and then sucks it. Ethan licks each of Trey’s nipples in turn, then pulls his own cock out, as well. Trey sucks Ethan’s cock and then Dawson stands over them, letting Ethan suck him.

Both guys put their dicks in Trey’s mouth and he goes back and forth sucking their long cocks, separately and together. One double down, one to go!

But Trey’s not ready to stop sucking dick yet. He keeps filling his mouth with both of their dicks, as Ethan and Dawson kiss passionately. Trey sucks and jerks both guys, and it doesn’t look like he wants to stop any time soon.

Dawson says word on the street is Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before. Always eager to please, Trey is more than willing to expand his boundaries. They get a train going – Ethan eating Trey and Trey eating out Dawson.

Turns out that Trey relishes this as much as he does sucking cock and getting his own hole rimmed. Just goes to show it’s always good to try new things. In fact, he likes it so much, there’s no stopping him once he gets going.

Even as Ethan starts teasing Trey’s wet hole with his cock, Trey is still kissing and tonguing Dawson’s hole. Trey groans with pleasure, but won’t stop rimming Dawson. Ethan starts fucking him deep and fast and still the guy keeps licking and eating Dawson’s ass. Trey only stops momentarily when the pleasure is so intense, he has to catch his breath and moan, then immediately gets his mouth back down on Dawson’s muscled ass.

Ethan doesn’t let up, his furious pounding getting Trey’s hole ready for what’s next – two big dicks. Once Ethan is planted inside, Dawson squeezes his big dick into Trey’s ass. Trey yelps from the pleasure of getting two cocks inside him at once. “Oh my god!” he moans loudly, sounding delirious from the sensation.

“That is two dicks in my ass!” he yells, grinning proudly. The guys start thrusting away, and Dawson manages to kiss Trey while he’s impaled on both cocks. All three guys tell each other how much they’re loving the experience.

Trey’s dick is rock-hard and he smacks it against Ethan’s ripped abs. Dawson pounds Trey from behind as Ethan thrusts into Trey from below. Once they’ve double-dicked Trey till he can’t take anymore, it’s time for Dawson to tap Trey’s ass. Trey sucks Ethan while Dawson rams into him. Ethan blasts his load into Trey’s mouth while Trey is getting drilled.

Trey sucks Ethan’s cock dry, and then shoots his load all over the bed. Dawson cums all over Trey’s back, then sticks his cock back inside Trey, telling him he could just leave it planted there all day. The three guys kiss and then head to the hot tub.

Final score: Trey – 2, everyone else – 100 % win.

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  • TrisX

    wow, after all this “… fucks Travis” we got one excellent update now.
    Love Trey, love Ethan, and a overexposed Dawson cannot ruin the clip. Wow! Top!

    • jmdrwac

      That’s 97 and counting for Dawson. 97. No question about it – he is straight.

    • Ted

      I just always believed Dawson was Bi, (I know how porn fakes a lot, but he seems into it for real doing stuff other models don’t even care about like foot worship) I’m so surprised to hear them say “straight”.

  • kevinj

    Double penetrations and a cream pie! It’s a YES for me!

  • FeydRautha

    These stills look good. Have to see the vid to be sure. Ethan sometimes zones out and Dawson… well, he’s Dawson. And is he barebacking Trey? I can see Ethan’s condom in the DP shot, but not Dawson’s. I understand there’s a creampie at the end, but did Dawson not wear a condom at all? That’d be a first for ACM (well, actually, Dawson barebacked Cody, but that was ages ago).

    • elmtree

      Just watched the vid and Dawson does have a condom on during the DP. But there was definite creampie action at the end which was hot. Actually the entire vid was pretty hot.

  • seymour dix

    And of course, NONE of these guys are gay….uh…

    • baz

      Really? All these guys are “straight”? Even Trey? My eyes are rolling so far back into my head I look like a slot machine.

      So, this is basically the ACS update, only with Dawson instead of the chick? Corbin Fisher isn’t even trying anymore, is it?

    • baz

      Really? All these guys identify as “straight”? Even Trey? Oh, please.

      While I consider this a decent attempt at a good update, they are still way, way behind in the overall race.

    • baz

      Oh, and I hope now that Trey has been DP’d, CF doesn’t run him into the ground the way they did with Travis.

  • Skater22

    im gettin sick of Dawson. Hes been there how many years now?? Its about time for him to throw in the towel and call it a day.

    • MidiAttack11757

      you’re nuts. like throwing out filet mingon because it’s too fatty. if they only showed up once a month, we’d like these guys a lot more. i was happy to see D back in action.

    • sliderboi

      It’s like throwing out prime steak because you’ve eaten it too often.

      I don’t get it – Dawson is a handsome man – what’s the problem?

  • ludafatjoe

    God this was hot to me till i saw it was another Trey video….I fucking hate Trey. Dawson and Ethan are smokin hot, but i cant stand mole face…i feel so sorry for dawson and ethan having to kiss him, suck his dick and taste his pre and have to lick his asshole, he doesnt deserve to be on this site

  • von schlomo

    Ethan fucked Trey last week. They could have at least had Ethan bottom again.

    This one should have been Teasing Dawson, or, better yet, Trey & Ethan DP Dawson and give his dumb ass a creampie.

  • Josh J.

    I ain’t sure what to say about this one, but all I know is whoever’s idea it was to include Dawson in this, needs their ass kicked!!! And from the look of it, Dawson did bareback in this. I’m not surprised at all, seeing as how he’s the next poster child for T.I.M.

    I hope CF don’t go down the same road Chaosmen did with all the bareback bullshit. As much as Dawson been around, I would be surprised if he didn’t catch something already. Talk about lack of self-respect!!

    • elmtree

      No bareback til the short creampie ending…

  • Established One

    Jeez, anybody but Dawson. This would have been better if he was replaced with Cain or Jonas or Connor.

  • Fazz


    And what a come back, DP, three really hot suds (Yes I’m still a Dawson fan, I’d like any one who isn’t to show me their bodies) … Ethan is a fucking hot piece of man, Trey (one of my faves) really enjoys getting fucked, and he’s not a spastic steroid case like Travis.

    One thing that is DO NOT LIKE, is the huge amount of make up. CF seems like be taking advice from bel ami, so that’s a HUGE minus, any one following Bel Ami’s example should have their license (of what ever their occupation is) removed. I also kinda hate Trey’s haircut at the moment.

    Also, I like Dawson, buuut I feel like he never lets go, and just enjoys the moment, he always feels so official, kinda stiff and rigid. he knows how to fuck that’s for sure, but I’d love to see it look less mechanical.

    I think the scene is really powerful, and has a lot of passion in it, and that’s really important for me, I want to see people who enjoy fucking or getting fucked. I mean it’s not always clear but when a guy gets fucked, or fucks and really enjoys it I feel like he’s got a glow.
    Even if it’s subdued, perfect examples are Ethan & Brody.
    I really enjoyed their scene together earlier this year.

    • flipflopfan

      It has nothing to do with Dawson’s body, but his ugly face and the fact that he’s been in a thousand videos. The guy literally makes me skip over videos he’s in. He’s obviously Corbin’s boy or he would’ve dropped his fugly ass a long time ago. And to answer your thoughts, I may not have a porn star face, but at least I can admit I’m gay and I don’t have a lesbian haircut (that’s me 2, Dawson 0).

    • Fazz

      Ok, you gave me a luagh :)
      “I can admit I’m gay and I don’t have a lesbian haircut (that’s me 2, Dawson 0).”

      I totally understand what you mean, I do. I’m not gonna judge Dawson on how many appearances he’s made, I’ll make my judgement on his performance.

      Having Dawson on too often might also mean that CF merely doesn’t have enough models with staying power.
      They have models, but CF is great at overusing some while completely ignoring others.

    • von schlomo

      Fazz: “he always feels so official, kinda stiff and rigid…I’d love to see it look less mechanical.”

      Perhaps you allude to the same thing that bothers me the most about Dawson. Obviously, this is just my perception and I do not know Dawson (Andrew) personally, but in CF vids he just comes across sorta fake or insincere.

  • clusterfuck

    Dawson and his forehead is the old hag at the playground taking advantage of the young bucks. Pass on this one!

    • MidiAttack11757

      is that your fat, hairy, fugly belly in the picture daddy? beer blast at the eagle? no thanks, i prefer dawson’s six-pack. bet you look smokin’ with that fat hairy ass hanging out of the back of your 52″ waist chaps.

      ‘dawson and his forehead ARE’. i think what you meant to say is ‘dawson’s forehead reminds me of . . . ‘ but that would be too clear.

    • Dave

      HAHAHA! Too much leather at the Eagle. No thank you, I’d rather be bored at Akbar.

    • clusterfuck

      Midiattackfail: you need to do Internets 101 again if you assume the picture = poster.

      And Dawson’s forehead is big enough to be another butt cheek. Enough of the old hag!

    • von schlomo

      LOL! Good one. People around here are too used to flirting with the commenters who have cute avatars. I’ve been meaning to put up a fake one myself…maybe people would like me then. :p

    • sliderboi

      clusterfuck’s avatar is BETTER than the real thing. in real life, he’s a bitter lesbian.

  • brandon85

    I never expected trey to be dp

    • Auggy

      I’m not surprised he got DP’d. He loves to get porked! Lol.

    • von schlomo

      Based on what he said in a recent edition of Pete’s Attic, apparently it’s now ok for the “straight” guys to admit loving to get fucked, even by a dude, cause stimulation to the anus and prostate feels good. ;) The absence of admissions to liking sex with dudes or being even a little tiny bit attracted to dudes is glaring.

  • Alex S

    They should have DP’d Dawson and it would have been hot. Trey and Ethan both have bigger cocks and Dawson rarely bottoms anymore. As it is, the scene is a bore.

    Trey and Ethan just fucked bareback last week (I guess we’re suppose to have amnesia or just pretend we didn’t see it). Ethan was limp throughout most of this and Dawson looks like shit from the neck up. Count me as one that wishes he would retire.

    • TrisX

      yepp, a DP for Dawson, cause i am not into his “fucking like a rabbit”. “Dawson fucks…” is same boring stuff like “… fucks Travis”.
      But the absolutely bullshit-update would be “Dawson fucks Travis”, the top-queen paired with the bottom-queen …

  • Sushi

    Three of the guys I hate most on Corbin. The only way this could have been worse would have been to add Travis. When, when, WHEN are they going to stop using MOLE-BERRY. Ethan is bland as a bucket of cold oatmeal, and Dawson was used-up about a year and a half ago.


    • Bradster

      Agreed! These three are horrible.

    • MidiAttack11757

      dude, you hate everyone.

  • GladToBeGay

    Love, love, love Dawson. You can never, ever have too much Dawson. He is a gorgeous dreamy man with a gorgeous dreamy body. He’s friendly, frisky, and fucks like a champion.

  • tyler

    TREY is such a hot little whore i love this one!!!

  • WeaponX

    I was fearing that Dawson would be back very soon, it had been two weeks or so without him, that’s a long time for CF. I’m not a fan of DP since the dicks can’t really move that much, it’s not something I find hot, plus you may say that they’re really gay, etc, but the fact is that none of them are ever into it, or are able to fake it well for that matter.

    At this point, I don’t think Ethan or Trey are overused but they don’t really impress me either, although I don’t understand the hate and the mole and pig face namecalling, they’re clearly above average looking. They might not be everyone’s wet dream but they’re not ugly. Even Dawson, I can say he does have a great body, though the face and hair keep getting worse… I’m just tired of watching him do this. I wish he would find a sugar daddy who would keep him away from porn.

  • Auggy

    Not sure about this one. I’m glad CF brought ‘Tag Team Fucks’ back. The sex, passion, and energy is usually off the charts when there’s more than a duo invovled. But on the other hand, it’s a ‘Tag’ consisting of Trey & Ethan, two guys I don’t hate but sure as hell don’t love either. It’s good to see Dawson’s BODY again, he’s always had an amazing body. Damn.

    Ugh…I don’t know. This could have waited a bit, seeing as we’re starting to OD on Trey/Ethan combos and scenes.

  • jonnyboy

    Hot, but I can’t give it 5 stars. I like both Trey and Ethan a lot. But straight???? Give me a break. Dawson looks more and more like a little girl with every update. What’s with the makeup and hair … and the shaved pubes? Would loved to have seen Travis or Jared as the second top!!!!

  • Aint a damn thing wrong with 3 sexy dudes- well 2 sexy dudes and Dawson who I think is attractive, but not dramatically so. And Trey is a hot ass bottom

  • Bradster

    Dawson is like a bad case of genital herpes that just wouldn’t go away. And his haircut just looks dumber with every update he appears in.

    Dawson = FAIL.


    Gosh….I like Dawson.

  • Nick Minaj

    Is that the only position? Wack

  • Boring & Boring Tag Boring

  • Info

    I just have to laugh at all the Treyters. He’s probably the hottest guy on Corbin Fisher.

  • MidiAttack11757

    anyone who sees a smokin’ dude like trey and focuses on his mole has a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder!

    just looking for little things to criticize BECAUSE YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT!

    • King Henry VIII

      Lacrosse Players Are HOT!!!! ;)

    • freakish

      smokin’ dudes are kind of everywhere, but oversized mole is kind of rare. so i always see his mole first. but since ethan is here, i dont think i’ll ever notice the other 2.

  • Marsx09

    This is hot soley for the creampie. If CF would feature more bareback every once in a while instead of bullshitting us than I would thnk about subscribing again
    [Kind of off topic]
    Has anyone watched the CF preview for ‘Down On The Farm’?

  • humanoid

    dawson should get double-dicked…. he’s been here too long and used up all his old tricks…

    so sad for trey that he will catch who-knows diseases from dawsone which in turn he got from lucas when they fucked bareback down under…

    next one to get dp-ed and creampied should be dru….

  • jonesy

    future bears

  • Riley

    Well,I LOVED IT except if I was in Treys’ place I would have taken Ethan all the way to teh pubes other than that HOT perfection all around fine summer time fun!!! ;) Loving Trey,Ethan,and Dawson just wish it was more along the lines of Jeff,Travis,and MY Derek in the sweaty sexy dept. Now that was man-sex that you could bottle and sell!!!!! ;)

    Of Course MY CAIN wold have looked HOT in between Ethan and Trey the Guy is ustpure SEX on teo legs and that is my
    happy opinion on that subject. I Loved this and want more of ETHAN,TREY,and,DAWSON

  • AaronJL

    I can’t agree with all the negative stuff this time. 3somes are so hot. Even though I’m no Dawson lover (and truly got overDawsoned) these three together are just great. HOT DP. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one. Wow.

  • Res1

    Damn! Is Trey and Ethan real life boyfriends? Why are they ALWAYS together?

    • Fazz

      Dude watch the video where they tease Cassie, I think her name was.
      When I saw how they talked to each other in that (completely different from ANY CF vid), they way they fucked and how passionate they were with each other, I gotta say i was thinking that they were BFs, and FYI that would i.m.o. be FUCKING HOT!

      CF, you hearing me??

      NEXT FULL FEATURE TREY & ETHAN PLZ.. and send them to Sweden, ya’ll can stay at my place ;) :D

  • Res1

    BTW, I don’t like the double penetration. I couldn’t imagine doing that to my asshole.

    • Fazz

      I actually read something recently about DP or Fisting, and why people do it at all.

      Apparently if done right, there is no real damage to the sphincter muscles. And the pleasure is very intense since the stretching of the asshole activates a lot of nerve endings to the effect of making the experience feel a lot better than just fucking with one dick.

      I would not try it ever, since well, that’s just not me, but now I understand those who do.

  • Riley

    ^^Yeah right you wouldn’t try it Fazz I thought you guys were more carefree in Europe!!!! ;) J/K with you I wouldn’t try it either, but to be in between Derek and Jeff the way Travis was Yummers HOT

  • Daniel

    Wow a DP on CorbinFisher? Very interesting…

  • floodboy

    WOW! CF really raised the bar with this one. Probably one of the hottest videos ever! CF is going naughty, with DP and cream pie! I hope the site continues to evolve that way.

    It’s hard to believe but, judging on Ethan’s surprised look when Dawson sticks his cock again on Trey, it’s almost possible to believe it wasn’t planned, like the guys simply let themselves go. Specially because we cannot see very clearly when Dawson fucks Trey back, looks like it was an unexpected action from the performers. That would be hot, but it’s more likely that CF is testing the audience’s response to condon free scenes. For me, it’s a thumbs up! Bring the bareback and cream pies.

    All the guys are hotter and hotter. Love Ethan’s new definition, love Trey’s chest hair (it’s nice to have some diversity). And, of course, Dawson’s body is a dream. We see how much effort and dedication he put on it. I don’t know why you complain about Dawson so much, he’s one of the best CF performers.

  • marti1234

    nice,my wish list Dawson dp’d or gang banged

  • littlebin

    Ethan envied and angryed that he did not, but Dawson’ bb his boy. Anyway, Dawson isn’t a amateur for a long time, he should not stay in CorbinFisher.

  • mat

    here only for the comments….

  • Urs Jans

    What is the story with Josh? Anyone here the news (I am not going to repeat it because I don’t know if its true).

    • baz

      Sort of defeats the purpose if you’re asking us about something we haven’t heard of yet won’t state what it is.

    • Riley

      If it involves Andy Honda then that is false. Of course if it is something else you need to spill it like I said before.

  • Riley

    DAMN URS JANS NOW my interest is pique you have to spill.

  • geoffy23

    ok DOWN ON THE FARM looks hot…finally Connor bottoms bareback…

  • 1americaninkorea

    i love it- first they only do bareback if they fuck a girl. then they only fuck each other bareback if they are also fucking a girl. then they only fuck each other bareback if there’s a girl watching. then they fuck each other bareback with no girls but only if they’re in Australia. now, they fuck each other with condoms but then stick the cum-covered dick back up the ass without a condom.

    does corbin know how condoms actually function?

    i prefer bareback porn anyway, but enough of this pussy-footin’ around… either do it all the way, or just use condoms for real. the right way, that is. not stretched over a banana or something…

    • scottnyer

      the interesting thing is how Trey spits out after he gets cum in his mouth. And yet moments later Dawson is sticking his cum covered cock bare into Trey’s asshole.

      Now, I know there is editing involved. So, maybe Dawson wiped his dick off, etc. and then stuck it back in… but, IDK, I don’t think so.

      Hot nonetheless.

  • Hot Austin

    Fuck meeee Ethan