It’s Gonna Hurt: AJ Plays the Pain Game

AJ Plays the Pain Game  at It's Gonna Hurt

AJ Plays the Pain Game  at It's Gonna Hurt

AJ Plays the Pain Game  at It's Gonna Hurt

AJ Plays the Pain Game  at It's Gonna Hurt

AJ Plays the Pain Game  at It's Gonna Hurt

AJ Plays the Pain Game  at It's Gonna Hurt

Watch AJ Irons & Castro Supreme at

IGH wrote:

This week on its gonna hurt we brought in this Guy AJ. Unfortunately for him… I brought Castro’s supreme ding-a-ling. It wasn’t very long til’ AJ really started screaming. I would have to say this looks like it might be one of the most painful episodes I have ever filmed as the director for this site. In the end Castro dropped a big hot gluey load all over AJ’s face and that was a wrap! Cum and check this shit out!

  • AaronJL

    AJ Irons? Seriously?

    This site is *still* about the worst there is. NO appeal at all (and I happen to love a big dick).

  • brad323

    It must be really sad when your whole sex life involves hurting people.

  • Bradster

    Castro alone is nasty enough, but add ugly AJ/Fabian to that and you have a potent formula for turning people straight.

    This is absolutely the worst porn site right now.

    • TaterTot

      Think I”m gonna have to agree with you. Is Castro the only big dick they can find? Apart from it – and him – looking revolting, it’s the same tired ol’ thing everytime; there’s no passion or interest from him toward the bottom guys. A big snooze.

      Not an AJ fan either. This looks terrible.

  • Established One

    Wow, I almost feel sorry for AJ…what a big one he takes on.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Gross gross gross gross, annnnd gross!

    • FFVIIMidgar

      God that bottom is probably one of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen in porn.

  • Alex S

    Poor AJ, he really looks like shit in this video.

    Best line from the video: AJ patting his ass, “This is virgin ass”.

    • humanoid

      AJ/Fabian looks like shit anywhere anytime…

      I think it’s FBI’s tactic to scare people away from gay porn and to turn gay people straight….

  • Res1

    He says he prefers girls, but he’d risk his tight asshole for $ with a dick that big? Hmmm.

  • tomtomson

    this has still got to be the UGLIEST cock i’ve ever laid my beautiful eyes on! who wants to watch such a horrid cock????

  • hewolf

    This is not even funny, AJ probably didn’t feel a thing even with a huge cock like that.



  • Spear69

    What you all hatin’ on Castro and AJ for? First of all, those of you harshing on AJ as ugly, are you blind? Sure, he may not have a movie star perfect face, but he has beautiful eyes and an adorable smile, flawless skin, and a body to die for. And as for Castro, you who call him ugly are missing the point: he has muscles for days, and that Dick of Death of his was surely designed by GOD solely for the purpose of punishing white men for our sins. Why should he look pretty, or even look like he gives a shit about whatever pussy bottom white boy he happens to be boning? He’s just doing his job, and the bottom should be praying eternal thanks to heaven that he gets to be on the receiving end, as should we for the unmeasurable privelege of being allowed to witness it. BLACK MONSTER DICKS RULE!