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MenOver30: Trace Michaels

Trace Michaels at MenOver30

Trace Michaels at MenOver30

Trace Michaels at MenOver30

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MenOver30 wrote:

Unbuckle those pants fellas, cuz have we got a hot daddy for you. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, 36 year old Trace Michaels makes his debut with us. Trace is a hot daddy indeed. Standing 6′ tall, Trace is one tall, dark and hairy hottie. He has classic handsome features, a chiseled frame that’s deliciously covered in man fur. Every once in a while we’re blessed with a man that loves himself “au natural”. Wanting to get to know this manly man a bit better, we asked Trace if he could go back to being 21 what would he do differently. “Plan your marriages carefully’ he advises, ‘mine were wonderful—but too early”. Mmm-Kay. Well youth IS wasted on the young. We then asked Trace where he sees himself in 10 years. Trace wants to be more financially sound by the time that marker rolls around. Trace got into the adult industry because it was one of those things on his “to do” list. Naturally charming and photogenic, Trace has many qualities that will keep him working in this industry for a long time to cum. We look forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future. The End. …Next on “our” To Do list—Get this dude NAKED!!!

  • Riley

    Just DAMN :)

  • Daniel


  • tallon4

    36? try 46.

    • versuader

      Ha!… was about to say, shouldn’t it be ‘men over 40’…

      That said… He’s hot!

  • Established One

    Yep…..stocky, beefy and hairy.

    • AaronJL

      3 strikes in that case.

    • jmdrwac

      I’m a good bit older than this guy – either what he says he is or what he really is. If I looked like that big a train wreck I’d never let myself be photographed.

    • Mscledbttm

      Yes looks way older than 36 and has a weird face.

  • alias74

    Like Tyler Saint’s hairier, dirtier brother!

    BANK! Although sorry about that dumbell tattoo….shame because it frames quite possibly one of the juiciest asses I’ve seen in a while!

  • Fazz

    Love the over 30 body, pass on the face!

  • FFVIIMidgar

    OMG THAT is my husband right fucking there! Holy shit he’s fucking BEAUTIFUL! I saw him fuck this guy on Baitbus and it was such a hot video. MMMMMMM I want that sexy daddy!!!!

  • BladeX

    If nobody wants him, I will gladly take him off your hands :) Absolutely beautiful!!! A mature, hairy, hunky, masculine stud: can you ask for a more perfect man?! Yeah, Yeah, I hate the piercing and tattoos, but if that want he wants, it’s okay with me. His face unattractive? Are you kidding? He is B E A U T I F U L. Please, Please do not pair him with some scrawny, guy that tops him. That would definitely ruin my hot daddy fantasies:(

  • rpkings

    How cum funny pit pubes? Me Chinese, me no likey!!!