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SG4GE: Hayden Russo

Hayden Russo at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Hayden Russo at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Hayden Russo at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Hayden Russo at StraightGuys4GayEyes

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SG4GE wrote:

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Anyone near the San Francisco Bay area, needs to be on the lookout! There’s a 10″ monster in the bay and it belongs to Hayden Russo. If confronted with the beast, we’ve prepared this instructional video on what to do. The lovely Layla Storm will walk you through step by step, the secrets on how to get it to spit it’s creamy load, thus making it sleepy and harmless. Trust us, you don’t want to get get cornered by a 10-inch piece of ram-rod cock and not know what to do. Order now!

  • Orion Hunter

    I hope that these pics are the result of some rather unflattering camera angles, direction and lighting. It’s either that or he has one of the goofiest mugs I think I’ve ever seen.

    And in pic 12 is he intimating that Ms. Layla Storm’s va-jayjay is something less than springtime fresh?

    This one gets a big ol’ honking “NO”!!!

  • jmdrwac

    Another ugly guy someone came along and spray painted. On a scale of one to ten this is a minus 53.

  • AaronJL

    Straight Guys for Gay Eyes…

    Alrighthy then.

    But not for THESE gay eyes, all four of ’em.

    -53 is generous Mr. Dean.

  • tyler

    lucky cunt [literally and figuratively]!!!

  • Established One

    OK, very nice big fat long dick. I say YES!

    • FeydRautha

      The dick’s the only he’s got going for him. A big fat NO to everything else.

    • FeydRautha

      Ugh. That’s supposed to be “the only thing he’s got going for him.”


    LOL…. you guys who comment are so funny. I enjoy reading what you all have to say.

  • elmtree

    Well I see Hayden is an equal opportunity barebacker. Gotta love that…I certainly love his cock.

  • luca

    Needs a tan.

  • Mike

    Yow! I wouldn’t suck this guy’s cock or eat his ass. And I enjoy both activities.

    The girl, though, is surprisingly hot.

    • LuckyinKentucky

      I 100% agree with you, Mike. This guy is super fugly and he doesn’t deserve that hot girl.

  • Carl

    Need to teach this lad how to dress!

  • Riley


  • limn

    A guy with a Chucky doll-like face armed with a baseball bat for a dick is nature’s masterful way of balancing things out.

  • Dustin

    This guy is a fucking wreck!!
    That girl is too cute to even be in the same room clothed with him. She can do SOOOO much better.

  • Fireball

    Oh I get it! The purpose of this website is to have all the male models be UGLY so that we homosexuals don’t get jealous of straight guys! How clever!

  • brandon85

    I usually like tattoos but his r hideous

    • Dustin

      Every one of those tattoos screams “I got drunk one night and had fiddy bucks burning a hole in my wallet.”

  • von schlomo

    I think he’s hot and he did a great job with the chic, unlike his two scenes with dudes where he was LIMP the whole time.

  • clusterfuck

    This would only be ok if all gay guys were visually impaired.

  • mat


  • WTF

    Great dick! Horrible clothes! Great dick! Horrible tattoo choices! Great dick! Weird smiles & poses! Great dick!

  • Dominique

    Honey, dont look so scared mine was as big and thicker and you took that ok!

  • Auggy

    Nice dick. But ewwwwww…what a douche.

  • Nice piece of hardware. He’d probably do well in straight porn, which is pretty much what this is. I don’t see the point in SG4GE to be honest, but whatevs

  • journman10

    I am a gay guy for gay/bi/straight guys

  • Tosatel

    Hayden Russo’s big boner is featured in a recent “Cocksure Men” video where he’s pounding DJ Mann’s willing ass.

    If there’s one thing Mr. Russo is not it’s “straight”. I’d like to suck that thing but the ol’ bag thing comes to mind for his head and even though others give him a 53 score? Common guys like you’d refuse that cock. It’s big, it’s long, it’s thick, and it’s pretty. Be honest.

  • Ike

    Some guys are just plan ugly. Ack!!!!!

  • kevinporter

    Extremely bad test in chick , tattoos , ear ring and sex position. But his meat makes up to it.