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CocksureMen: Dick Tricks Solos (Hayden Russo & James Jamesson)

Dick Tricks Solos (Hayden Russo & James Jamesson) at

Sit back and enjoy the show as Hayden Russo and James Jamesson face off in a virtual battle of the bulge. From the second these studs drop trou and start stroking their impressive equipment, you’ll know why ’10’ is considered the perfect score.

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CocksureMen: Hayden Russo & Park Wiley (Bareback)

Hayden Russo & Park Wiley at

As hot as Hayden Russo’s first two scenes were, they were just an appetizer compared to this bareback scene with Park Wiley. As per usual Park is running at 110% but it’s his ability to draw that little extra out of his partners that really sets him apart from the other studs in our stable. For most, deep-throating Hayden’s cock would be quite an accomplishment but for Park it’s just another day at the office…

CocksureMen: Hayden Russo & Tex Gemmell

Hayden Russo & Tex Gemmell at

If you like big dicks then Hayden Russo will send you to heaven. His cock is HUGE and Tex can’t wait to shove it deep into his bubble-butt. Before Hayden dives in, he spends a little time licking Tex’s gorgeous feet and sucking Tex’s thick tool.

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SG4GE: Hayden Russo

Hayden Russo at StraightGuys4GayEyes

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Anyone near the San Francisco Bay area, needs to be on the lookout! There’s a 10″ monster in the bay and it belongs to Hayden Russo. If confronted with the beast, we’ve prepared this instructional video on what to do. The lovely Layla Storm will walk you through step by step, the secrets on how to get it to spit it’s creamy load, thus making it sleepy and harmless. Trust us, you don’t want to get get cornered by a 10-inch piece of ram-rod cock and not know what to do. Order now!

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CocksureMen: Hayden Russo & DJ Mann (Bareback)

Hayden Russo & DJ Mann at

Wow. We’ve seen some LONG dicks before but it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything like the 10 INCHES of uncut dick that Hayden Russo has between his legs. DJ Mann, proud owner of a big, thick uncut dick himself, knows what’s coming and makes some silly excuse about needing shoes before Hayden wins him over, strips him naked, bends him over and fucks him bareback. DJ squirms and moans while Hayden slams his tight ass with his bare boner. The passion hits the brink and both guys blow their loads all over DJ’s ripped stomach.

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