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SG4GE: Alex James

Alex James at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Alex James at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Alex James at StraightGuys4GayEyes

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SG4GE wrote:

Alex James is here all the way from Atlanta. His uses his sexy Southern drawl to seduce the young Latina, Laurie we brought by to play with him. She gets him out of his clothes and immediately shoves his long cock into her mouth, making sure it’s rock hard and ready to plug her wet hole. Like a true Southern gentleman, he goes down on his girl first, making sure she’s dripping wet before sticking his huge dick inside her. The air gets as sticky as a summer day in Georgia from all the hot fucking going on. Laurie gets cooled off by a hot cum-bath from Alex who lets us know “That’s how we do it in Georgia baby!”

  • tyler

    let me clean that vag juice off your cock alex

    • FFVIIMidgar

      Tyler, that’s fucking disgusting.

    • AaronJL

      I’m amending my post a bit. Tyler can lick the cock and I’ll lick the cum from aforementioned Tyler-licking. :-D

      But FFVII, I gotta agree bro.

      As a fellow commenter said over the weekend, Tyler is once again the best looking guy on the page. Disgusting forgiven.

  • AaronJL

    Despite our Tyler’s enthusiasm, NO.

  • clusterfuck

    No and Ewww.

  • moondoggy

    Yeah, I’m here to second what Tyler said most of the time, but we differ on this one. I don’t recall seeing an sg4ge update that I’ve really liked in a long time. I used to think the straight models rivaled the gay ones for hotness on this site, and I guess that’s still true because none of the segments of Jake Cruise’s little empire are even a fraction as hot as they used to be. (And I was never a Jake hater.)

  • FFVIIMidgar


    • AaronJL

      LOL bud. You ran off the screen with that amazing EWW (at least on my laptop). I’ll have to check my iMac screen later.

    • FFVIIMidgar

      Haha looks like waybig fixed my post and took off a few of the W’s. LOL.

  • WeaponX

    Was she always a she? LOL. I think it’s the first hairy pussy I see in porn.. not that I look for that anyway, gross…

    Ewww is right

  • oren

    Holy Moly, is this the funniest ever or what? She looks like she could be the Military Classified guy’s (you know, the creepy, pervy midget……. whatshisname….. Rob) twin. Do I detect a luxurious stache growing on her too?

  • monster28

    this guy is sexy as hell

  • Orion Hunter

    Guy isn’t bad (and I usually like the dark, bad-boy types with the slightly off-kilter looks) but there’s just something. . .wrong here.

    This is a conflicted NO.

  • mat

    Wtf is he wearing?They must be Orca’s old trousers.

  • porndog

    I think we’ll see him on cocksure men in no time; just hope he skips a scene with you-know-who…

    • porndog

      LOL!! Did I call this one or what!!?? He’s on a Cocksure update here already!

  • silkfire

    Tyler, what’s your msn, hottie?

  • Established One

    Goofy….nice dick, but goofy.

  • scrtopic


  • Riley

    I just love his accent FKN HOT NOW I WANT ME A GA BOY!!!!!
    AJ fits the bill nicely hopefully there are Hotties like him all around the GA His ACCENT IS DAMN HOT!!!

  • Daniel

    A perfectly nice guy ruined by SG4GE

  • Peter

    Wow, a hairy muff, how rare. Go girl.

  • johnsobe

    The whole thing looks staged, but I’d watch anything with Alex just to see those nice hairy legs and butt of his. And to see his dick penetrating.