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ChaosMen: Alek ‘Serviced’

Alek 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Alek 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Alek 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Alek 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Watch Alek ‘Serviced’ at

ChaosMen wrote:

So the response was pretty good to Alek and his handsome yet kind of geeky look. (Ironically his personality is not anything like his look..very chill)

Even though this is airing a week or so later, it took me a bit of time to get him in for a blow job, and it was kind of a last minute deal where Alek decided he was down with a blow job- let’s do it!

I couldn’t remember how he jacked off, but remembered it was different than most.

So I went back and had to review his solo video to try to re-familiarize myself with his jack-off technique. I remembered he kind of had an interesting tugging/choking technique that I was going to have to master.

Sure enough, just sucking and squeezing his cock head like a “fake pussy insert” was not doing it. I switched it up to squeezing at the base and squishing all the blood up to head.

Kind of a lot of work, but it got him going.

Little did I know, having his ass eaten was truly all I had to do. I think I spend more time eating his ass than most, and there is some great footage of just how turned on he was. His cock gets really hard and he ends up fucking my fist with my tongue bouncing off his ass hole!

I was tempted to make him cum that way, but feared he would wiggle out of the camera view when he nutted. His cums shot during his solo was pretty intense!

I flipped him on over, and with sweat dripping down my brow, he practically has a seizure during the cumshot.

I recently had someone write me complaining that my camera angle is not close enough on the dick camera angle for the cumshot.

I responded that since I don’t have another cameraman, I have to leave room for the guys to move around.

Alek is a perfect example of me leaving the close-up of his cock not “too close” when he comes. I leave a little wider angle, which is good, ‘cuz he lifts up alot and practically seizures out of camera frame. I would have missed it totally had I not had it wide. I think I had the same issue with Randall, but he slid down instead.

But its a pretty dramatic cumshot for a dude who was kind of quiet during most of the video.

He loved having his ass eaten, and I think he truly enjoyed his cumshot!

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  • AaronJL

    Ransom should continue to do the ‘service’ videos. Bryan makes my balls retract.

  • Orion Hunter

    A new take on narco-porn.

  • PauloD

    Cute model. At least Brian is not pissing up the dude’s ass or coming in a funnel.

  • jmdrwac

    The last time I saw a haircut like that was JFK.

  • Lucas

    He looks like Alfred E. Neuman from MAD.

  • Alex S

    He’s cute. I hope he comes back to get his ass pounded.

  • topher

    I’m thinking that this was shot right after Alek’s solo. I can’t imagine that CM would use this guy again after all of the very negative comments about Alek re: his solo. CM has had many videos with extremely hot guys. Alek is NOT one of them. He is not porn material. I can’t imagine thinking of Alek as erotic. He’s more of a “Do you want fries with that?” kind of guy. For those who might think of him as the boy next door, people don’t pay for porn to see a mediocre boy next door.

    • Daniel


  • Established One

    Yeah, I agree…Bryan should let Ransom do the dick sucking.