RandyBlue: Gabriel Cross

Brett Swanson & Thor Sigurdson at Randy Blue

Brett Swanson & Thor Sigurdson at Randy Blue

Brett Swanson & Thor Sigurdson at Randy Blue

Brett Swanson & Thor Sigurdson at Randy Blue

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RandyBlue wrote:

He walks into the room and you can’t help but notice him. You might mistake him for a Twink because of his adorable boyish face, lean frame and smooth creamy skin. But if you look close you’ll see he’s packed with muscles like a horny jock. He loves to work out, dance and do lots of physical activities. When he jerks that huge dick of his you can see all that smooth college muscle flexing while his hand moves up and down his thick shaft. And when he talks, his English accent gives away the fact that he’s traveled a long way to be in the Randy Blue studios. Coming from London, he’s quickly finding out just how much American’s love listening to hot muscle studs speak with an accent. He did such a great job jerking his hard throbbing cock for our cameras and he can’t wait to come back and do some hot hardcore with some of our other hunks.

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  • tyler

    cute and sexy but should buzz his hair off and look like a returning soldier

  • clusterfuck

    No thanks, no looking for another pocket gay right now.

    • mat

      hahaha i was gonna post the same

  • PauloD

    His hole looks like the fleshjack butthole model.

    • Lucas

      Hey, it really does!

    • jimmymack

      three brown eyes….nah!

    • Delian07

      I was thinking the same thing!

      Now I just hafta decide if that;s hot or not …

  • Riley

    Yummy from across the pond He’s HOT I’D DO HIM and vice-versa

  • Guy

    Not gorgeous looking but he definitely has some great ASSets and a very nice cock.

  • FeydRautha

    It’s good to see RandyBlue recruiting more gay-for-real models. Gabriel was a very passionate performer at BlakeMason. He’s all top though. And at 5’7″, it might be difficult to pair him up with other models in the RB stable.

    • elmtree

      He is a great performer with a hot little body and big dick. He actually has bottomed before, I think for Titan video. He definitely knows how to ride a cock…yum!

    • Delian07

      He does bottom in Titan’s Scorched. Haven’t seen it, but looks pretty hot from the pics (he goes under the name Gabriel Ross for Titan).

    • Daniel

      OMG totally couldn’t recognise him here!

      I think he looks better here though.

    • Orion Hunter

      Wow!! Great catch, Feyd. I think I like Gabriel better with the buzz cut – it’s sexier and sleeker-looking on him.

      And boy, does he have a VERY nice ass. Suitable for hour upon hour of tongue-and-dick action.

    • darkthunder1983

      He’s also been on English Lads.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Ick. Pass.

  • Sushi

    He’s an odd mix here. Some photos are totally hot, and some are ridiculous looking. Gonna search out that bottoming bit though. Probably nice.

  • Joshimi

    Wouldn’t mind a guy like that shaking up a cocktail for me after a long hard day at work.

  • Established One

    Nice dick, but everything else is a failure.

  • Daniel

    Wow… just… amazing.

  • jonesy

    he looks like a fag. pass….

    • darkthunder1983

      He looks like a bundle of sticks?