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AmateurCollegeSex: Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Dawson, Austin & Connor at

AmateurCollegeSex wrote:

It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen Austin. So we set up an extra-special CF “welcome back.” It was Dawson that took Austin’s cherry in the first place, so it seemed fitting to pair them up again to tease Delila. I knew it would be hot. But nobody expected how hot it would make Connor!

Delila is excited to get a show, and I told her to just shout out anything she wanted to see. Dawson asked her to get her shirt off for some visual stimulation, and then the guys got to it. I told Dawson to remind Austin who was in charge … and boy, did he!

Dawson kissed Austin aggressively, then threw him down on the bed. Austin responded just as aggressively. He kisses Dawson’s ripped abs and big pecs. He gets Dawson’s underwear off and kisses his dick and thighs, worshipping that hot body.

Delila tells him, “Do not forget to suck the toes.” Austin sucks Dawson’s toes while Dawson moans in pleasure. She tells him to get the soles of his feet as well. Dawson tells Austin it’s time to get that mouth on his dick.

Austin spits on it and starts sucking. He jerks Dawson’s dick, then sucks it some more. Then, Dawson makes him eat his ass. Austin buries his scruffy face between Dawson’s ass cheeks while he bathes that hole with his tongue.

He takes a break to suck on Dawson’s cock again. Austin is told to put his tongue back in that hole. He gets back to eating more ass. Dawson shoves Austin’s head down even deeper to get that tongue in farther.

Delila comes over and lubes Dawson’s dick up. She tells Austin “It’s time to ride it like I would.” Austin jumps on and does her proud. Dawson tells him what a sweet fuck it is, and how tight Austin’s ass is. Austin pushes against Dawson’s muscled chest to sit back even deeper onto his hot cock.

Austin gets on his stomach so Dawson can fuck him from behind. From her expression, Delila is clearly loving the show. And a sudden camera drop reveals that Connor, who is filming with the handheld, is sporting a big boner!

Delila asks “Why don’t you jump in, Connor?” And why not? He does, and brings the handheld camera with him. Dawson tells Connor that Austin’s ass is sweet and he’ll like it. As Connor films and slides his big cock into Austin, Dawson stands up and sticks his cock into Austin’s mouth.

As they spitroast Austin. Dawson takes the camera off Connor’s hands so he can concentrate on pounding Austin’s ass. Dawson tells Connor to fuck the shit out of him. Connor does! He pulls his cock out and slaps it against Austin’s ass.

There’s so many great close-ups of Austin getting plowed and sucking dick, it’s amazing. And the odd intimacy of having the handheld camera in the middle of the action, seems to turn all three guys on even more.

They never stop owning Austin. They call him a little “bottom bitch,” and fill him up from both sides. When Connor starts pulling all the way out and then plugging his dick back in, Austin looks like he is in heat. He can’t stop himself and shoots an insane fountain of cum all over the bed.

He keeps on backing up against Connor, and keeps sucking Dawson’s dick as he comes. Dawson says he loves to see Austin come while “being fucked like a girl.” He’s definitely showing Austin who’s in charge!

Delila wants them both to come in Austin’s mouth. He sucks them both, and then focuses on Connor. Connor comes, and then puts his dick deep into Austin’s throat and exclaims, “I’m still coming!” Dawson tells Austin to get every last drop.

Austin does the same for Dawson. He sucks his dick dry, as Connor captures it on the handheld. They call Austin a “fucking cum whore” and “cum guzzler.” And he is – Austin squeezes the last bit of juice from Dawson’s dick and Dawson even feeds him the last drop that fell on his finger.

Delila gives the whole experience an A-plus, and says she’s a little jealous. Connor promises to catch her next time. The guys kiss and I think Austin had a great … and fitting … welcome back!

  • KingSize

    Its been almost a year since we’ve seen Austin and yet we pair him up AGAIN with Dawson for the 5th time and over-used pilsbury-eyed Connor!? Seriously!!! Whatever man…

    • KingSize


    • Riley


    • jmdrwac

      Travis and Lucas had the day off.

  • elmtree

    OMG, how exciting to see Austin back. How hot is he?! Getting fucked raw, swallowing loads and Delila no where in sight. Perfect way to end the week. Yummy!!

    • elmtree

      I thought I’d beat the Dawson/Connor haters but guess not. I don’t care who else is in the vid, I’m happy to see Austin back

    • Grant Urwish

      Agree 100%

  • Carl

    OMG!! Welcome back, Austin!!

    I’m soo happy the studly Austin is back!

    I don’t really care who he is with: just seeing him again makes me hard.

    Austin is a very handsome, sexy dude with a great body and a great attitude. Austin just gets better and better. An awesome bottom. And who can still be macho even while being spit roasted?? Austin is about the only dude I know who can pull it off. He’s such a fantastico performer.

    His year’s absence has made me miss him even more. Well done, Corbin!

    Love you, Austin!!
    PS Plez stay around.

    • elmtree


    • Riley

      Ditto x2!!! ;)

  • brandon85

    If Austin had a bigger dick he’d be the perfect guy.

    • Daniel

      Wouldn’t he?

    • Paschal

      Austin IS the perfect guy. I don’t care what his dick size is. He knows how to use what he has.

      I’d open my legs for Austin 24/7. He’s got it going on.

    • brandon85

      Trust me I would too I’m just saying he is enthusiastic hot smoking he only has one minor flaw

    • Riley

      AUSTIN is perfection brandon85 go to BEL-AMI if you want BIG DICK guys and in some cases limp sex scenes.
      Austin don’t listen to naysayers about size your perfect just the way you are. If One person doesn’t like you I’ll gladly have you in my BED!!!!! ;)
      Of couse its a Minor Flaw it always is to people like you. SIZE QUEENS are…….. Why even bother.

    • brandon85

      Riley I’d prefer him to them too.

    • josh69

      If only Delia’s cock were bigger…

  • porndog

    So good to see Austin back! I have a major crush on that guy! For a moment, I almost thought CF was finally doing a bareback scene without a woman in the room, but sadly, it didn’t happen. Until it does, I won’t be subscribing.

    • brandon85

      Why do you guys take it so personally that they only bareback on the straight site. I still think they r trying to get u to join both sites and money is the incentive

    • KingSize

      Exactly. Thats the only reason they would do that. Its a business incentive. Introduce bareback to the side of Corbin Fisher that isnt to popular to rake in the dough.

    • porndog

      That makes no sense to me at all! As a gay man, why would I subscribe to a site with straight sex just to see bareback scenes between two guys? I have nothing against bi-films, but I cannot support the double-standard.

    • brandon85

      Porndog I’m one hundred percent gay never kissed a girl but id watch a mmf video. I like the teasing videos.

  • marti1234

    nice, but why don’t we do this again, without the girl for the gay boys& maybe have a full on raw three way with all the guys ding each other as well, these boys have done each other raw before anywayr or a group hing add Elijah and or Dru:)

  • von schlomo

    Sorry, I don’t get it. I haven’t seen the video yet but….”Dawson & Austin Teasing Delila” does NOT have Delila (apparently, she’s off-camera) in it but DOES have Connor.

    I suppose no one cares what the titles are, but this is just further proof that CF is fucked up. The teasing theme *was* interesting the first few times but now it’s not being effectively developed, being void of creativity and spontaneity, and it’s just an excuse to show more gay sex on what is supposed to be a site for the CF guys to fuck pussy, be it hetero or bi.

    How about revisiting some old themes that have not appeared in a long time, like ANAL (Dawson & Robyn ACS0065 “Dawson 6” and Dawson & Nadia ACS0041 “Dawson 3”), straight-for-pay (AJ/Blu Kennedy & Kip confirmed and Trent & Aaron theoretically) and DP (Dawson & JT DP’ed the old hag grandma, Kiersten who is about 40). I have asked CF & SG4GE, BTW, and they claim anal is too expensive. O really? I guess I have no idea what the going rate for CF bitches is, with or without anal. Cole’s girlfriend likes it in the ass so I was hoping Connor would tear that up while Cole watched. CF dropped the ball on that one. He should have had Cole getting pounded while the GF watched or sat on his face or his dick…make a Cole sandwich. Connor should have lined both their mouths up like hungry little birds and give them each several bursts of his babies.

    The bareback discrimination conspiracy theory falls right into my argument, but I’m not a big fan of condom-free gay sex (it adds very little to my enjoyment yet carries with it plenty of baggage) so boycotting CF because bareback gay sex goes on ACS and condom gay sex goes on ACM seems silly to me.

    • porndog

      Then you totally don’t get it and never will. It’s not difficult to understand a double standard and homo-phobic message that gay sex should have condoms and straight sex should not. That perpetuates the notion that safe sex is only for gay men, which is ridiculous. If you mandate safe sex for gays, do it across the board.

      On your point of the bi-scenes, I totally agree. I’ve seen bi-sex films that were way hotter than what ACS produces, including a lot of daisy-chain fucking and other interesting combinations that the limited directors there haven’t thought of apparently. If you’re going to have a site like ACS, then do it right or not at all.

  • louie

    Glad to see Austin back, but really with Dawson AGAIN and Connor AGAIN. Where’s all the new talent? Pretty soon can change the name of the website to hell its the tvland of porn.

  • von schlomo

    I wonder who’s been pounding Austin while he was absent. A guy like him obviously loves it and would have to be getting it someway. I really like Austin, too, A LOT! That’s why I’ll enjoy seeing yet another Dawson & Connor session.

    BTW, all the fake teeth breathing and moaning is said to be Connor stepping up his game…frankly, I prefer quiet Connor. As if it’s not hard enough to tune out the tell-tale signs of porn being stilted and contrived passionately wild or romantic sex, fake sound drowns out the quieter, subtler authentic sounds. Step up your gay game, you lazy CF tops past your sell-by date, by 1) sucking cock like a pro and 2) looking like you love it and your life depends on it.

    We need to get Austin back on ACS for some real pussy action and, more importantly, bottoming on ACM often and regularly so Travis can have the rest of the year off. I know he has to provide for his wife and child but how much money can he need??!! He has 21 (TWENTY-ONE, TWO-ONE) scenes so far this year and we still have 3 months to go! 4 in Sept, 4 in Aug, 3 in July, 4 in June & 3 in May.

  • FeydRautha

    Is there not a bi porn aggregator these bisexuals can go to?! This is supposedly a GAY PORN BLOG, yet there’s women in every other update!

    • Fazz

      pssssssssssst! There is no girl in this scene.

    • FeydRautha


      I know very well there isn’t a woman there, cretin. I’m speaking in general. These “bisexual” updates attract vermin.

    • tantiboh

      ‘Cretin’ & ‘vermin’. Wow. Hey, got a secret for you: if you don’t like the blog post, you don’t have to click it. One less cretin clogging up the message board.

    • FeydRautha


      Mind your own business.

    • Fazz

      As long as you’re gonna be an asshole and waste of human flesh and a piece of human rafuse I reserve the right to say whatever I want to you. And yeah if you dont like the post GTFO.
      Spreading your hate like vomit over the blog is not ok, and therefore I can say what ever I want to you.

      We need a few less people like you in this world, if we are ever to advance our cause.

      Tantiboh, go ahead you have the right to comment, Feyd has issues with Bisexual people, he’s a bigot, you should feel bad for him. He’s a sad individual that should only be pitied.

    • FeydRautha

      Hahahahaha!! Our cause?! We’ve no cause in common! You’re right in that you’ve the right to say what you like. But I’ve that right as well, and I will continue to exercise in spite of your bullying.

    • Fazz

      Bullying would indicate that you are not guilty of anything. You’re hateful and you keep spreading your hate in this blog.

      I’m sure you would say that commenting on the bigotry of right wingers would be considered bullying in your world. You’re not innocent, and I’m not gonna be quiet as long as you keep being hateful towards bisexual people. For nooooo reason!

    • FeydRautha

      Should’ve guessed that linking to a competitor’s website would be flagged for moderation. Fazz, I will simply suggest that you keep abreast of current events and leave it at that.

    • jmdrwac

      Five minutes in time out for these ladies.

    • tantiboh


      Thanks for the moral support, but don’t worry about me. I’m an emotionally stable and financially successful member of Mensa with excellent relationships in my real life. I don’t comment because I need the validation of people like Feyd. I comment because I think people like Feyd are funny. “Don’t feed the troll,” they say, but the troll’s a lot more fun to poke if you keep it alive.

    • FeydRautha


      Hmm, you’d think an emotionally stable and financially successful Mensa member would have better things to do with his time than to post comments on a gay porn blog… :|

    • tantiboh

      Everybody needs a hobby! :-)

    • FeydRautha

      Surely, with your genius IQ, you could’ve come up with a better comeback than that…

    • Fazz

      Tantiboh I’m very happy for you! :)

      I had to answer, I work with these kinds of things on a daily basis, and I deal with people like that. So it’s difficult to not say anything, knowing how people like that affect their surroundings, and what a negative influence they can be.
      You are however completely correct; starve the troll.

      And yeah everybody needs a hobby. ;)

    • FeydRautha

      If you two are quite done patting each other on the back, I’d like to have the last word.

      And that word is… “Toodles!” :D

    • Kappo

      lmao x

  • Alex S

    I fucking love Austin!

  • kevinj

    I love Austin and am glad to see him finally swallow.

  • Fazz

    Looks hot tbh! And Fyi Feyd, two guys fucking = Gay porn! Just a heads up!

    It really turned me on how Connor dropped in half way through, making this a bit “gonzo”. Hey least CF seems to be putting some time on making this more interesting.
    I’m ok with Dawson, not a huge Austin fan but I looove Connor, so two out of three is great.

    I just feel bad for the girls in these, it’s so cruel. I mean how would you guys feel if you had to watch to hot guys fuck and were forced to watch without participating? lol

    • kevinj

      I feel that way every time I watch good gay porn; teased by the actors. HAHA!!! But you do make a good point :-)

    • FeydRautha

      Looks like I have a stalker! How fun! Wouldn’t be the first time a perverted lech that’d fuck anything on two legs came sniffing around…

    • Fazz

      A stalker would imply some sort of attraction or interest in you. That is not the case. But I will however hunt your hateful posts down where ever they pop up and I will counter comment on them. If you dont like it fuck off!

      FYI, I’d fuck anything on two legs, but NOT YOU! what does that say about you? :)

    • FeydRautha

      You’re just proving yourself to be all that I claimed of you.

  • Auggy

    Austin, Connor, & Dawson Tease Delila. It was fine but my mind wandered a lot. For some odd reason I kept imagining Delila “off-screen” texting, watching the sex disinterestedly, waiting for it to end, and occasionally picking up her script to read her lines of praise and encouragement. Lol. Idk. Uhh…Austin…I was never a big fan of Austin but it’s nice to see him again!!! Hope, he stays around for a bit.

    This week of CF updates was up and down for me — some good, most bad. :( 

    • Fazz

      LOL that was funny! I imagine the same to be honest hahaha!

  • clusterfuck

    Dawson and his growing forehead ruin another one.

    • tantiboh

      Says the guy with an avatar of a hairy Buddha.

    • FeydRautha


      Uh, what has that to do with anything??

    • clusterfuck

      LOL @pantyboh if you think an avatar = the real person!!!! Are you new to the interwebs?

    • Peter

      –LOL @pantyboh if you think an avatar = the real person!!!! Are you new to the interwebs?

      He never said that he thought is was you. He merely indicated that he dislikes what the person in your avatar looks like.

    • Auggy


      I just noticed Dawson’s forehead, lol. :)


      I think clusterfuck assumed tantiboh was assuming that he was the man in his avatar because whenever people disagree or insult him they automatically say something about his avatar. That’s all. :)

    • tantiboh


      Nope not new. Often, though, people use an avatar that represents an idealized version of themselves. I can believe that in your case, though I didn’t assert it.

      The point I was making, since it seems to have flown right over your head, was an ironic commentary that you are complaining about a minor physical flaw ruining a porn video while simultaneously splattering photos of a seriously ugly person next to your comment. That’s all.

      Personally, I thought it was just a little amusing. Sorry I overestimated your sense of humor.


      ‘Taintiboh.’ Now -THAT’S- high-brow comedy!

    • FeydRautha


      Highbrow comedy? Sounds right up Dawson’s alley…

    • clusterfuck

      Nope, my avatar is not an idealized version of myself. Enjoying the body worship a little too much to let go of my 29 waist and six-pack anytime soon :):):)

      The avatar is far less ruinous than Dawson persistently forcing himself on models. He should set up his own Jake Cruise-type site instead of pathetically trying to pass himself off as a college boy for almost a decade.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Can a subscriber tell me if this truly a VIDEO where the guys are fucking bareback *with the girl fully out of view* most of the time, or is that the case strictly in the pix selected for the blog? Some people seem to be saying she’s solely off-camera, but I can’t tell for sure whether or not they may be basing those comments just on the pix here.

    If girl-completely-off-camera applies to the video as well, at least that’s a “first,” and progress that may deserve my ending my boycott — for one month only, and only for ACS…unless there are more such surprises upcoming under the CF online-only umbrella, that is.

    BTW, that last cum-eating shot is deliciously creamy and explicit.

  • 1americaninkorea

    From the update text:

    Dawson says he loves to see Austin come while “being fucked like a girl.”

    I hate this so much I can’t even tell you.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I don’t like it either, but given that it’s uttered on the purportedly “semi-bisexual” portion of the site, by guys who are purportedly straight, it’s not all that out of line with the premise. As much as I don’t like it, if it is a way CF fells he can “excuse” showing this kind of action with the girl out of view, I can live with it. But I still don’t know whether the girl really IS out of view in the actual video. Anyone??

    • 1americaninkorea

      To each his own. For me, the fact that it’s on the ‘semi-straight’ side makes it even worse because it just feeds into the whole bullshit of ‘As long as you’re not a faggot, it’s OK’. I’m done with that mindset in my porn. I want to see guys who enjoy having sex with other guys, period. And I’d like for the studio to actually sell the product as ‘Here are some hot guys who like having sex with other guys’.

      And given that in every other ‘teasing’ video, the girl is in the picture, and the text says Delilah comes over and ‘lubes Dawson’s dick’ I’d assume that she’s in the picture, at least part of the time. But they don’t want to show that in these pictures, because that might turn off the very audience that they’re trying to get. It’s amazing how fucking stupid they think we are. Or what they think they can get away with.

    • clusterfuck

      Dawson deserves karma big time for ruining another hot video. I suggest Jake Cruise fucks Dawson bb the smears his love juice in Dawson’s mouth and forehead :):):)

  • Dorse

    Austin is back and looking hotter than ever! YESS!!

    Always loved Austin. He’s excellent as a top or bottom.

    Welcome home, mate!

    PS The “double pussy” pic is a nice touch.

    • von schlomo

      Austin actually topped one time, unlike a few of the designated bottoms, like Brody, Colby & Kenny.

    • Auggy

      I’m not sure about Colby, Von Schlomo. But I honestly believe, Brody, hasn’t topped anyone for two reasons. Either he isn’t able to “get it up and maintain enough wood” to fuck — because bottoming is whole different world from topping and some people no matter how or who they try with aren’t gifted with enough versatility to do both. Or maybe he’s money-hungry and he realizes bottoming pays a hella lot more “cash money” than topping. Lol. :) Idk. I could be completely wrong about everything but that’s my two cents to your thoughts. :) 

    • Orion Hunter

      “PS The “double pussy” pic is a nice touch.”

      *snort, chuckle*

      Austin is a really handsome guy (and it looks like he’s absolutely loving the dick!!).

  • Established One

    Well it sure the hell is good to see Austin back. But damn, he just don’t seem to be the type to be sucking dick and taking dick like that. Dawson really needs to stay behind the camera instead of in front of it. Connor is still hot. Now I would love to see a Austin and Cain duo. Austin and Connor a YES. Dawson a No. And Delila must be a ghost in this video.



    • Jonny Marzetti

      Not having to diddle with her pussy and fake pleasure was probably payment enough for Delinda.

      In fact, if more no-girl-visible raw-fucking is in the offing, CF will easily ramp up subscriptions enough to pay TWO girls for remaining off-screen. Or maybe three. Maybe even nineteen.

  • Ryder25

    And this teases Delia how??? LOLLLLLLL.

    • Guy

      Alot of girls like gay porn and to watch men going at it, much the same way some men like lesbian porn and sex.

  • Res1

    LOL At Conner being in every video. He must have enough to pay off every debt he owes, and Travis too.

  • AaronJL

    Delila is probably in the kitchen have a good laugh.

  • scottnyer

    austin and dawson are very hot. Connor has really worked on his body and is right there body-wise with austin and dawson. So, that said, this looks hot. If this was CM, I would’ve liked Austin to get a creampie.

    Can’t wait to see this.

  • Sushi

    Oh it’s FANTASTIC to see Austin again!! He was always one of my favorites. I don’t even mind (well, not really) seeing Dawson here.

    But shit Austin is a glorious looking man. I hope he’s back to stay for a while. I wouldn’t even mind CF pairing him up with Cain! Austin Austin Austin Austin!!!!

  • brucesteggert

    It’s brilliant to have Austin back on the scene. Always liked him. And as someone pointed out above, absence does make the heart grow fonder (please take note Travis, Dawson, or, more appropriately, Corbin).

    And he is looking studlier than ever.

    Austin, yes we can!

  • Bradster

    Can someone put Dawson out to the pasture please? This guy has the face of an orangutan.

    • livelifeG

      yeah he probably uses botox to mask his age of his face.

  • pubert

    I’m almost as sick of Dawson as I am of pumpkin head Connor. At least Connor doesn’t have a baby dick like these two. I just can’t get over that big round head.

    This site had been recycling the same boring “models” for years. PLEASE move on and find someone else. There are more guys in the world.

    • Dorse

      Don’t be soo sweeping in your condemnation.

      Austin has been away for a year. More than enough time. We’re glad he’s back.

  • Shame on them for barebacking. AIDS hasn’t been cured, I hope the money is worth it…

    • Ryder25

      Agree about the barebacking. Corbin Fisher should be ashamed, but ultimately these guys know the risk they’re taking. I hope the money was worth it.

    • poochie

      You think that two negative guys can turn positive after having sex with each other.

  • livelifeG

    Alright so there were some pros and cons to this video:

    a) Austin`s return?
    b) he could be as much as a bottomer as Travis
    c) he`s a cum guzzler
    d) Dawson getting off on the ass-eating Austin gives his hole just like Connor
    e) Delila only shows up for the first 2 mins. then occasionally
    f) Austin get definitly gets fucked goood


    a) dang it Connor you and your little camera too
    b) Dawson just gets his hole teased
    c) Dawson & Connor, really?

    CF is definitly low on recurring models which is problly why we keep seeing hottie Cain, bottom whore Travis, and old ass Dawson & Connor. Josh isnt as used up as much as them but lets consider that a good thing. Anyway the video was good; Austin got a good cumdump in his mouth and Delila although is the one who`s suppose be getting “teased” only occasionally showed up. If Austin can do THAT well as a bottom then i hope he can replace Travis.

  • EJ

    Austin always looks great, but I simply don’t understand who the market for this kind of clip is supposed to be.

    Straight men? No, because the woman in this clip is basically little more than an annoyance, and most straight men probably don’t want to watch 3 guys bareback one another.

    Gay men? No, because in most gay eyes this clip would be much better without the woman in it at all. And all that faux pretense that straight is somehow “better”. Most of all, gay men should DETEST the demeaning way that we are treated as 2nd class crap by the text that accompanies this clip. All that smack talk about “bottom bitch” and “being fucked like a girl” is beyond insulting.

    If they’d package this as a 3-way with gay men for gay men it’d actually be okay. Instead, it’s packaged as one giant insult to the gay community.

    • 1americaninkorea

      All irony about your avatar aside, you are my hero, EJ.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      EJ, one of your questions has an extremely obvious answer. Who is the market for ACS supposed to be? Ever notice that the photos that are supposed to lure new subscribers don’t show even a millimeter of female flesh? That leaves no doubt that the intended audience is gay men.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Just noticed that there is indeed one female pic in the non-member portion of ACS — a clothed one in an important place — the Join page. I believe even the Join page for ACS was males-only in the past, but since I’m not in a Republican mood at the moment I’ll admit it’s possible I’m wrong.

  • Yknow for as many haters Dawson and Connor have their videos sure do manage to rake in an assload of comments each and every time haha

    And who exactly is being teased here? The viewers into believing any of these dudes giving a shit about Delia?

  • Jonny Marzetti

    P.S. The pix I refer to are of course those you’d see on a non-member tour of ACS.

  • Chuliaka

    Austin is super haot!!!!

  • hollydick

    WAOW, Austin’s back and he’s hot hot hot (he likes workout)
    nice bareback scene ! wanna see some more

  • clusterfuck

    It’s a shame Austin gets plugged but he has to rim Dawson’s nasty hole.

    • clusterfuck

      The fact that Austin’s hole doesn’t get the rimming treatment it deserves proves that Corbin Fisher is more an ongoing documentary of Dawson molesting models for his own pleasure instead of staying away from the camera to put out a hot video.

  • tyler

    best thing about Dawson: those delicious abs
    best thing about Connor: that juicy cock
    best thing about Austin: his hunger
    best thing about Delila: her sitting in lets the condoms stay in the drawer
    best thing about this clip: soon after Connor bareback fucks Austin his cock is cumming in Austin’s mouth

    • alias74

      CF has yet to do an authentic ATM shot…watch closely…there is ALWAYS an edit where they likely clean their knobs before sticking it into the bottom’s mouth…wah wah…

  • alias74

    If Austin’s dick were any smaller…he would still be PERFECT!

    Yes…I do believe that the ACS site has the added bonus of bareback a) for more continuity with condomless straight sites (believe it or not, bi guys and some women watch) and b) to get us homos to join to watch bareback sex…

    BTW…what is with Connor and Austin? They share some kind of connection…Connor appears here and in the other bi clip, Austin let Connor do the “full out and plunge back in” bit with his cock and even let Connor shove his spent cock BACK into his hole….hmmmmmmm.

    Bi guys are so hot!

    • custard

      I’d look to Chaosmen for the authentic ATM shot. They do it with some frequency.

      The latest example is when hunky top Taylor and Eli ripped up Gerin’s twat. Both Taylor and Eli pulled out of Gerin’s hole and then had him clean it off. There was no edit and you can tell it was genuine ATm. Actually I think Taylor did ATM twice on Gerin.

      I agree it’s a majorly hot move. I don’t expect we’ll see Austin doing that. But at the rate he is progressing, who knows??! lol

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Not so, custard. I’ve never seen a verifiable ATM shot on Chaosmen. And that includes Taylor-Eli-Gerin. Look closer and you’ll see quickie camera-angle-switches (= cuts) just before the probably-faked ATMs.

    • alias74

      Funny you guys bring up that Chaosmen ATM threeway clip…I agree there was ONE edit where it might have been faked but I watched the damn thing SEVERAL times and found some uninterrupted takes that proved ATM occurred….

      MAN I love that shit…sometimes I watch straight porn just to get my ATM fill…there were a couple of Hot House movies where Park Wiley does ATM albeit on a condomed dick…IRREGARDLESS (as they say in Mean Girls) it’s still BLAZING HOT!

    • Jonny Marzetti

      More re the ATM: Given that this scene supposedly showed raw all-guy action with the girl out of view, I *temporarily* suspended my personal CF boycott and joined ACS (a 5-day subscription only). And surprise, surprise, Austin does honest-to-God, verifiable ATM — albeit very briefly — *before* any quickie post-withdrawal camera-angle changes or cuts appear. I had to replay it several times to convince myself there wasn’t some subtle “in the flash of an eye” camera trickery involved, along the lines of what Chaosmen does with ATM.

      BTW, the girl was unfortunately visible in more of the scene than either the pics or posters’ comments would lead you to believe. And unfortunately some of this (including bare tits a times) occurred during some the hottest guy-sex shots. Nonetheless, it was FAR less female visibility than ever before, and NO fish visible (let alone massaged, licked or fucked). It won’t be too hard for me to create a personal version of this where she becomes completely invsible. (I would mention the versatile and easy editing software I use, but I don’t know if that’s allowed.)

      Unless this a fluke, it’s progress, although the differeing standard between ACS and ATM on male fucking is still annoying and I will *not* be re-joining ACM until the two sub-sites have the same condom policy.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      alias74, where are those uninterrupted ATM takes you refer to? So far I’ve seen nothing other than camera trickery. But I’d like nothing more than to be proven wrong.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Aargh! My post #40 was supposed to go HERE. OF COURSE I was bound to do that in a post where I mention my need to be more careful about posting to the wrong thread. Sigh, I’ll be back after I get out of whatever rehab is offered for this devastating affliction.

  • custard

    I’m so friggin happy that Austin is back! I’ve missed his hot body and macho swagger. He’s become quite the performer. It doesn’t matter to me that he’s prolly guy for pay. He always gives us a good show.

    I suspect next he’ll be topped by Cain. That’s OK with me. Two handsome, built studs.

    A question. I saw some pics of Trevor (mmmmm) from Gemini Men. Does anyone know if they–and the vids–were taken before or after his run with Corbin? I read somewhere that Trevor is now in law school. Thanx!

    • custard

      Thanx, Jonny. I’ll have 2 check out the video again. I thought it was authentic ATM. But I yield to ur opinion. So I stand corrected.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      You’re welcome, custard. Take special note of the 12:58 spot of Chaosmen Eli_Gerin-Taylor. (That’s in the wmv 640×360 version — the timestamp might be slightly different in other versions.)

      At that spot, Taylor pulls out of Eli’s ass. They show him start moving around the bed to feed Eli his cock. But at 13:04 the camera angle changes. Bryan deftly makes it look like Taylor is still continuing the original movement across the bed, but that could *easily* have been faked, i.e. in reality there was a pause in activity. It is AFTER this sleight-of-hand cut that Taylor’s cock makes it way into Eli’s mouth. So NO verifiable ATM there.

      If by some chance this *was* true ATM, Bryan should start following the cardinal rule of true porn ATM, namely that full movement out of ass and into mouth must always be visible, with no cuts or obstructions whatsoever (like Teo’s long hair blocking explicit view of the “into mouth” portion in another scene where we’re supposed to think we’re seeing ATM).

      There was also supposed to be ATM at 18:26, 22:48 and 28:49, but those three all had obvious cuts that make it unlikely the ATM was real.

      This all reminds me of Active Duty’s horrible faked oral cumshots, where you never see one spurt, or even a late drop of cum oozing from a dickhead. That’s because the guy giving head already had some white liquid placed in mouth before the cock went in, and on the director’s cue he lets it ooze out, making people believe there has been a fully in-the-mouth cumshot. An old trick of the trade. Chaos’ ATM is clearly following the same pattern.

      Kudos to Corbin Fisher for doing a true, verifiable ATM — however brief and unenthusiastic — in Dawson & Austin teasing Delila. There was a delay, almost as if he had to goad Austin into doing it, but nonetheless there were NO CUTS until after at least a few seconds of true ATM.

      BTW, while I personally find (true) ATM titillating in a bareback scene with attractive people, I find it kind of gross in a condom scene — no matter how hot the rest of that condom scene may be.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Damn! Near the end of my 4:41 post I meant to say, “differing standard between ACS and *ACM* (not ‘ATM’) on male fucking.” And I know there were other typos. I REALLY need to start checking for errors in my posts — including posting in the wrong sub-thread.

  • jugde6

    I wonder what is the difference between fucking a guy in the ass bareback in the ACS and in the ACM. I find the bare-backing kinda hot, but I do not get the double standard.
    Still Connor is a ten to me, hope he wont get any strange thing, and that he gets a little rest not to be overdawsoned. Austin is o.k to. The rest…. kinda superfluous

    • louie

      Judge6. It’s so CF can get more money out of us! See Travis isn’t the only one getting screwed all the time.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Again, there’s more to it than that even if we agree that money *is* the driver. If CF went bareback on ACM, he’d get a lot more revenue from new customers and/or non-lapsing current customers than he would via getting some new subscribers for ACS. Some ACM subscribers would disapprove of the bareback and leave, but they would be in the distinct minority. (I’m not making a judgment on the appropriateness of porn barebacking here, just stating a fact.)

      I don’t know why people seem to assume that CF must always consist of two, and only two sites — one with only guys, and the other with only girls. The solid five-star rating ACS members — mostly gay men — gave this scene should make CF think long and hard about making some changes to make a profitable site even more profitable. As the retail credo goes, give the customer what he wants.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Sigh…obviously I didn’t mean to say ACS has “only” girls.

  • BladeX

    I like all three guys, but it would be nice to see Austin top again for a change instead of always being the bottom.

  • scottnyer

    Man, that was effin’ hot. Austin RULES!!! That deep voice, hot body and taking it with manly gusto. I LOVED THIS ONE.

    I hope all of it was real. Especially the cum guzzling.

  • ron

    It’s been a MONTH! I miss my Austin!! :|

  • I Am Jake

    This was a good scene, it’s amusing to see CF popping it out on their GUYS GONE BI site as new content….

    Do agree it would be nice to see Austin with some new meat — except CF doesn’t really have any new worthwhile meat.