CocksureMen: Brady Jensen & Robert Axel (Flip-Flop)

Brady Jensen & Robert Axel at

Brady Jensen & Robert Axel at

Brady Jensen & Robert Axel at

Brady Jensen & Robert Axel at

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CocksureMen wrote:

We’ve added a few new superstars to our CockSureMen roster lately and Brady Jensen has emerged as the cream of the crop. With a body of a Spartan, a model’s good looks, and that deep, booming voice it’s quite clear why he’s so popular. Robert Axel is also a fan favorite for much of the same reasons. His physique is pure perfection and he could have just as easily gone on to do modeling but we’re awful glad he chose to grace us with that spectacular cock of his instead. Today, Robert finds himself with his knees bent over his head, getting pounded balls deep by Brady. Seeing that beautiful bubble-butt get pierced by Brady’s thick dick is a memory we’ll gladly have etched in our brains forever. But wait…what’s this? Brady and Robert flip and now Brady’s ass is getting drilled by Robert’s meaty cock! He pounds that amazing ass until both studs pop onto Brady’s cock and abs. We may have outdone ourselves this time. Hottest scene ever? You be the judge!

  • poochie


  • baz

    Bravo, CockSure Men, bravo.

    Really good match, model-wise. And a flip-flop? Yes please.

  • Fireball

    Robert Axel knew just how to pull it off so we’d like him. First he came off as the “straight guy” for doing a service video. Following that, he really pissed everyone off by doing a SG4GE video, then won his way back into our hearts by coming back, doing gay scenes and TAKING IT UP THE ASS. I think his initial “Straightness” is why I’m so infatuated with scenes like these. You win, Robert.

    • FeydRautha

      I’m confused. You’re disappointed with Steven Daigle for doing SG4GE, but Robert Axel wins you over by getting fucked? You’re infatuated with his “straightness”… shouldn’t that endear you more to Steven Daigle, who by fucking women is demonstrating some degree of “straightness”.

      I just wish everyone would stick with what they like. If you’re straight do straight porn, if you’re gay do gay porn.

    • Fireball

      It’s because Robert Axel’s progression is like Steven’s but in reverse.

    • Fireball

      Going from straight to gay is a hundred times sexier than gay to straight for me, even if it’s just gay for pay.

      Also, part of my disappointment with Steven’s was his performance.

    • von schlomo

      For you, and millions like you. I guess ya’ll are good gay porn watching bots. lol You execute your programming flawlessly.

      Straight to gay is easy, routine and assembly line.

      The reverse is much, much more rare and finding quality is rarer still. I have not seen the Daigle scene but feared that it would suck ass from a poor performance.

    • CHrisx

      Hmm…Robert did gay porn before ever working for Jake Cruise AND he has done many Transsexual videos.

      Steven Daigle is such a Blah Bigoted Jackass. I don’t want to see him in anything.

    • Fireball

      Oh my God, I need to find these scenes! Does he have a different name in them?

    • CHrisx

      He did a lot of scenes with Kimber James (tranny)and try menofporn for gay titles.

  • fabrice

    But what if the’re bi and like being with men and women. There’s nothing wrong with it — as long as they use protection.

    • FeydRautha

      Ugh. Here we go again. Bisexuals should do bisexual porn. And bisexual porn should not appear on a GAY PORN BLOG.


      Bisexual. Bicurious. Heteroflexible. Why isn’t okay just to be GAY?

    • Fazz

      I totally agree fabrice. Don’t listen to Feyd he’s a narrow-minded bigot :)

    • FeydRautha


      Ah, and here you are again, my ever-present shadow! Look, I was flattered the first few times, but now you’re becoming a nuisance.

    • Fazz

      @ Fayd! Babe I’m like Herpes! You’ll never be rid of me as long as you keep being an ass chump!

    • FeydRautha

      What did I say that was so wrong?! That bisexuals should do bi porn, and that said porn should be featured elsewhere? Is it so wrong to have a site that caters strictly to gay men?

    • Fazz

      To conclude this argument.

      You said that being bisexual was a preference and not a sexual orientation. That people who are bi choose to be so, and are not born that way. That’s what I had a problem with. You were also fairly hateful towards bisexuals. I dont care what Waybig chooses to post.

      My initial comment was:

      “It’s called being Bi-sexual!

      We’re here we’re Bi get used to it!”

      Your Quotes below:

      “Comment on the guys or hide back in your hetero shadow and look at vagina porn.” (FeydRautha)

      “Being gay is neither a choice nor a disease. Bisexuality, on the other hand, is all about choice, isn’t it? That’s why I refer to it as a sexual preference not a sexual orientation. I am gay; that is my sexual orientation. I am a versatile bottom; that’s a sexual preference.” (FeydRautha)

      I’m not going to argue with you any more, there is no point to it.

    • FeydRautha

      Okay, that first quote isn’t mine. You’re right in that I don’t believe people are born bisexual. It’s not a certainty that all homosexuals are born gay either. That doesn’t make bisexuality inferior. It doesn’t make it any less legitimate. It doesn’t make a close-minded bigot. I mean, there have been notable cases of women “waking up” to their homosexuality later in life (science has shown female sexuality to be more elastic). It doesn’t stop those women from being some of the most vocal supporters for gay rights.

      While that first quote isn’t attributable to me, I do agree with the spirit of it. This is a GAY porn blog; I think bisexuals should be more mindful of that. “That guy’s fugly. I’d rather have the girl.” If you’re that into the girls, why don’t you go look at one of the numerous straight porn sites out there? Us, gay men, don’t have that option. It’s bad enough that most gay porn is performed by ostensibly straight men and often has them engaging in straight sex. They’ve even got some of the gay ones fucking women!

      I’m done with arguing if you are. You’ve your views and I have mine. I doubt either of us are going to change our minds.

  • elmtree

    Looks pretty hot…


    Nice…..Peace and Harmony Rocks!!!

  • porndog

    Hot scene! However, from what I’ve seen of Robert Axel, he’s a beautiful man, but has erection problems big time! I’m surprised he was able to get it up for the flip-flop.

    I love Brady, but wish he’d do something ELSE with his hair. Sorry, but I feel bitchy tonight.

    • VegasRich

      He still had problems. His cock was quite wobbly. Two very hot guys in a flip flop should have been a slam dunk. This wasn’t. Next to all those condoms Jake supplies you would think he would be passing out blue pills to his straight actors.

  • Daniel


  • Established One

    Well I am glad it’s a flip-flop.

  • Anton

    Wow! Props to WASPY Jonah/Brady doing an interracial flip flop video! If only he done a flip flop with Landon while he was at SeanCody!

  • Sushi

    Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony……

  • Neo

    The pairing is just weird. No chemistry. Brady topping Robert I just wasn’t feelin it. I wasn’t feelin Robert topping Brady either. I don’t see either as a top or even vers. Two bottoms.