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CocksureMen: Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio

Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio at

Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio at

Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio at

Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio at

Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio at

Watch Guy Jones & Ari Sylvio at

CocksureMen wrote:

Guy Jones and Ari Sylvio possess the good looks and sexual cockiness that can lead to only one result: hot, passionate sex! The action gets off to a promising start with both guys plunging their tongues down each other’s throats. Ari peels off Guy’s shirt, revealing the compact, tatted up body that gets pulses racing. Both studs are so into making each other feel good, it’s hard to know where to look. From the 69ing to butt play, it’s all a prelude to the moment Ari sticks his ample dick inside Guy’s perfectly formed muscle butt.

  • elmtree

    Guy Jones is actually pretty hot. Love his “perfectly formed muscle butt”! Its made for rimming and fucking…yum!

    • Neobamboom

      GUY JONES IS FUCKING HOT! I wish he’d come back for more because I still haven’t made it the end of this video.

  • czpep

    Guy Jones is…wow!

  • I lobed the cum kiss in the end!

  • I loved the cum kiss in the end!

  • AshBry

    Hmmm……….. Pass

  • danieldenial

    Guy Jones is f’ing hot.. the other guy not so much

  • baz

    While I’m always appreciative of versatile guys, Ari Sylvio (as my current favourite bottom of choice) is too good a bottom for me to want to see him top. Damn my gay porn hypocrisy.

    But I’ll watch this just to see how he does.

  • tyler

    buy a camera that can flatter models you fucking dumb ass

  • AaronJL

    Yuv Juy Gones! (Oops, had my mouth full of a tuna sandwich). Trying again. LOVE Guy Jones. (Wonder if he’d loved me back. Yeah, probably.) ;-)

    And what Tyler said. CSM is a Jake Cruise site no? I don’t know who else Tyler would call a fucking dumb ass. Has to be Mr. Fugly.

  • Mike

    I’m glad Guy Jones is with a guy this time out—and bottoming. Very hot.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Damn hairy ass largely ruins this one.

  • FeydRautha

    Another straight guy who can’t get it up to fuck. It looks like the only time he’s even semi is during the blowjob. His cumshot was probably staged, with Ari waiting in the other room ’til he got himself close. Ugh. Enough with these straight guys already!

  • porndog

    I think I figured out why JC hasn’t spent the money to re-do the set. He’s too busy trying to keep Bo Dean’s career going and paying models to have sex with him.

  • Established One

    Yep, this is pretty damn hot. I say YES!

  • muffintop

    I really like Guy Jones. Wish it was a different top though. And if a guy is *never* able to cum while getting fucked it pretty much ruins him as a bottom. Hope to see more of Guy in the future and see how he does…

  • seymour dix


  • Anton

    This would have been hot if the camera work (per usual with an Orca-run site) wasn’t so poor. Even a sensational CSM model like uber-hot Kevin Crowes couldn’t cave the video from being average to downright pitiful. Here is one of the rare times you see a well-known power bottom Ari Sylvio topping, and Orca screws that up by not shooting and editing the damn session right! Poor, grainy lighting, low volume to the point where you can even hear the performers moaning and grunting, unnecessary cuts and dissolves. Say what you will about SC and CF, but they know that putting hot performers in front of the camera isn’t the sole recipe of making a great porn video.

    Orca: Spend more time putting money into your productions than shelling money out to one of your latest escorts that’s desperate enough to fuck you on camera.

  • Chuliaka

    Guy Jones is so hot.

  • Ted

    What can I say? I’m surprised 2 times over, first that they actually got this Guy back (holds for pun reaction) for man on man action, second is to see Ari Sylvio actually top a guy! Good job cocksure men!

  • Orion Hunter

    I usually try not to pigeonhole guys as either strictly “top” or “bottom.” But for some reason I’m having a very hard time imagining Ari Sylvio as an effective or compelling top.

    And I’m noncommittal about Guy Jones for now. So I guess that makes this update a great big question mark in my mind.


  • Daniel

    Only good thing is the end.

    • sliderboi

      well, the first pic is quite hot… and it got you to check out the rest, right? ;-) but the rest is totally lacking in heat.

  • Neo

    Hot fucking video. Great pairing.

  • blackchub

    Wow yes, very hot pairing. I’m definately on the Guy Jones fan wagon