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Blake Autry Busts A Nut at

Blake Autry Busts A Nut at

Blake Autry Busts A Nut at

Blake Autry Busts A Nut at

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CollegeDudes wrote:

Blake Autry shows his stuff this week – starting with his incredible body-builder frame, nice long dick, fuckable ass, and very open attitude. Blake confesses in his vid that he has a high sex drive and is very interested in trying out man-on-man action. Maybe this is what he is thinking about as he works up his dick and strokes it. He gives us a nice view of his body, which is remarkably muscular for a teenager, and after he has pleasured himself enough, he gushes a lava-like flow of hot jizz all down his dick and hands. Hot stuff!

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  • Neobamboom

    Mmm beefy

    • Beef it’s whats for dinner…

    • Riley

      and dessert TOO ;)

    • Auggy

      Mmmhhmmmm thick and very delicious…. ;)

  • Riley

    Hell,Yes I’ll take two of Blake to go for the holidays!!
    Nothing like a Beefy Hunk to throw you on the bed and have his way with you f’n HOT MORE of MY BLAKE HOT college wrestler looking MOFO!!!!! ;) Man Blake has Dumb Jock*DJ*
    written all over HIM and that’s a good thing and I WANT HIM HOT!!!!! ;)

  • elmtree

    Yes indeed, that is a VERY fuckable ass…more then enuf for Thanksgiving dinner and multiple leftovers! Yum!

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    way toooo bulky for me taste…

  • Established One

    Me likey….Me say YES! Very Hot! Sexy too. And beefy as well.

  • muffintop

    I think people got it right with ‘beefy’. It’s a yes from me. Would love to see that hairy hole invaded by Eric Clayton.

  • jmdrwac

    Not bad – from the neck down.

  • porndog

    Autry. Aw shucks what a name. Love it! This is a nice portion of beef and he wears it well! Can’t wait to see that ass with a face in it.

  • Orion Hunter

    Usually like ’em on the thin or medium side but every now and again the thick’uns make me weak in the knees.

    *crumples to the floor*

  • fabrice


    Fantstic body — beefy all over, but not overly so. Nothing wrong with that face either. In fact, that’s the look you want from a guy with that type of body. If he was too pretty, I wouldn’t be as interested.

  • moondoggy

    Love love love it. I knew from the first picture that this was a winner, but both he and the photography exceeded my initial expectations. Those legs slay me.

  • Daniel

    Errr no.

    • fabrice

      You obviously don’t like guys with bigger builds, so why even click on this thread?!

    • wuddup

      cuz, fabrice, he’s a fucking little cunt who subsists on negative porn critiques.

  • wetjock

    damn, just watched this dudes vid. HOT AS HELL. thick and cute and that ass. grrrrr

  • FFVIIMidgar

    MMMMMMMMMMM love this beefy stud!

  • Anonomus

    Whoa….. I know this guy in real life…

  • AmMale1234

    I Want Him In My Bed And I Want Him Now !!!!!!
    I Would Suck-Start Him Any Day !!!!!!
    And I Would Love To Run My Tongue Through
    That Ass !!!!!!
    Blake Autry Is Beautiful !!!!!!