Amateur College Sex: Aiden & Ashley

Ryan & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Ryan & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Ryan & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Ryan & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Ryan & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

Ryan & Ashley at AmateurCollegeSex

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ACS wrote:

If you thought our new hunk Aiden’s solo was hot … be careful. Watching him fuck Ashley could give your hands blisters from jerking too much!

Aiden’s extremely verbal during sex. And Ashley doesn’t have any problem telling a guy what she wants, either. Add to that the instant chemistry these two have and well, I think we have an instant classic on our hands.

Ashley teases Aiden as they kiss. She tells him she’s going to make him work for it. She kisses and rubs his hard, muscular body. Aiden says he loves her boobs. He continues to compliment her as they kiss each other all over. Ashley tells him she wants to taste him.

She sucks his thick tool. Aiden’s cock stiffens in her mouth. He can’t stop moaning and telling Ashley how amazing she is. “Suck my balls, please,” he asks. She does.

“You have such a pretty pussy,” Aiden says. He ravenously eats her out. She tells him to be gentle, to tease her. Aiden slows down. Ashley writhes in sheer ecstasy. He knows exactly what hits her spot – and right now its his tongue and fingers!

Ashley tells him she wants to enjoy every moment with him. I don’t blame her! Aiden is like some kind of sexual god, who instinctively knows how to drive her crazy. Ashley gets on her hands and knees and Aiden makes her tell him how bad she wants his cock.

She begs for it and Aiden shoves his massive dick inside her. He groans, loving the feel of her lips tightening around his cock. “You give me chills,” Ashley says as he pounds her. She grabs onto the edge of the bed. There is serious chemistry here. As we’re filming it, we’re all a little excited to see what will happen next.

The veins in Aiden’s muscular torso bulge and his abs ripple as he fucks her. He tells her to play with his nuts. Aiden spanks Ashley’s ass. She definitely feels every inch of his long dick. “You fill me up so tight,” she says.

Ashley climbs on top of him. She bounces up and down, sliding all the way down Aiden’s huge cock. He drills her from below, and she goes crazy. He kisses her tits, then rolls her into the missionary position.

She yells from sheer delight. He’s fucking her like an animal now. “I fucking love your pussy!” he shouts. He slams balls-deep inside her. “You’ve got to come for me,” she moans, barely able to breathe. “Oh my god, I want you to come!”

An insane thick load rockets out of his cockhead. Aiden yells. His whole body shakes as he orgasms. His cum sprays all over Ashley’s stomach. She strokes every last drop from his cock. Aiden kisses her and tells her again how “absolutely amazing” she is.

  • Will

    Glad that isn’t Ashley with him in the first pic.

    • seymour dix

      LOL, but she’s still a “dog”

    • King Henry VIII

      Careful Seymour you don’t want My Boy Ashbry coming in here and getting on you for talking about the ladies who perform with these guys NOW DO YOU.
      Hey ASHBRY :)

    • AshBry

      Gotta respect the Women King Henry VIII, is all I’m sayin ;) If someone wants to compare them to a dog, they should fuck a dog, and then have credibility in saying it.

  • Dave1896

    I love Roman/whatever his name is now. But I want to see him fuck a man… Austin or Cain.

    • moondoggy

      “Aiden and Cain Tease Ashley” would get my vote!! Because you know what that would mean … skin to skin. Ooh, just noticed Neobamboom has the same idea further down, as did geoffy23 — filthy minds think alike.


    Nice….I hope they put him with a guy soon…. very nice!!

    • ChicagoBoyRN

      Introducing him to the Corbin Fisher rooster ever soooooo slowly…

    • Neobamboom

      I hope they get him to fuck a guy maybe even a teasing video. Maybe then ppl will stop saying that he’s a hungry opportunist feeding off the insecurities of gay closeted men.

    • Info

      First he does a scene with the Corbin Fisher dog, then the Corbin Fisher rooster. What’s next for this sick fuck?!

  • Established One

    I see they wasted not time getting Aiden (Roman/Gage) laid with a girl. And yes, I’d love to see him pair up with Austin or Cain. Hot! It’s a YES for me!

  • Jared

    He’s jumped from site to site always stopping short of real guy on guy action. I doubt he’ll start now. It’s the same old story. I can’t recall a model who’s ever jump sites w/o doing a hardcore gay scene all of a sudden switching it up for CF.

  • scottnyer

    That dog in the first pic is really cute.

    I didn’t think Aiden’s dick was that fat from the solo. But it looks really nice and fat here. Hot stuff! I’m digging this scene.

  • cdman

    Like this guy alot. I just hope and pray he’s with a guy next time. This move of him going from a solo to a vid with a girl is predictable, considering his site jumping and the fact he has yet to have full-on sex with a guy. Keeping my fingers crossed for his next vid. I wonder if CF is planning to do with Aiden what SC is doing with Brodie – slowly breaking him into man-on-man action? Guess we’ll see.

    • whitestealth

      Travis must be itching for this guy! But I would like to see him do Brodie as well!

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Wow…the most talk about model ever in Corbin Fisher has certainly been busy this past few days…2 vids within a one week span.

    I normally don’t like bulked up bodies but i’ll make an exception this time. He really has a nice well defined body that is not so much hurting to look at. Now we see him with a girl….perhaps next week with a guy….I wanna see him with my fave Caine flip flop fuck each others off until they ran out of steroids!!!

    • Pinky

      You may have to wait on a Aiden/Cain scene for awhile. In the latetest Pete’s Attic they mentioned Cain being in a minor fender-bender, though ok, left him pretty banged up & bruised. But that we will see “a lot of” Aiden and Pete even went as far calling him Dean List worthy. I think it is safe to assume he has entered the realm of M/M action.

    • elmtree

      Great news Pinky. Can’t wait to see him in man action! Should be hot.

    • Riley

      DAMMIT Pinky stealing MY THUNDER I wanted to break the news to everyone about MY CAIN and etc…..

  • Mike

    “You have such a pretty pussy.” Made me laugh.

    Well, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. Me, I’m waiting for the “tag-team” with Justin and Delila. We know Aiden/Gage/Roman has been blown and rimmed by a guy. Now we just have to see if he’ll kiss, suck, and fuck one. If he won’t he should hit the road.

  • poison824

    he’s still as hot as before. glad to see him finally fuck something :) i love it when he orgasms, seems so intense.

  • MikeinNYC

    Yes! Next I want him getting rimmed with his ankles around his ears like he did at SC. Then ….well… you know!

  • geoffy23

    want him to fuck travis/josh/ raw!!!

  • bob80

    I don’t mind seeing him with a girl… as long as she’s wearing a 15 inch strapon and fucking the hell out of him.

    • My Other Car’s the Tardis

      That would be hot!

  • Ryder25

    All I see here is a guy on steroids.

  • rjrtist

    Got to love a guy with a dog.

  • brandon85

    Does anyone else fond vaginas hideous? Penises are beautiful but vagina look like someone took a saw to them.

  • Daniel


  • AshBry

    I am Hot for this update, and Yeah I know I wasn’t into him and all the hype for his solo, but damn this guy fucks good and the chemistry is smokin!!!!! ;) Now I wanna see a bi-tag team, maybe with Connor teasing Delila. I predict Aiden will become a regular.

  • alias74

    I hate that I am such a superficial homo…I may have to end my self imposed Corbin Fisher boycott if Aiden (AKA Gage/Roman as per Chaosmen and Sean Cody) takes the leap to hardcore…

    PS the Boycott ends SOONER if he a) bottoms and/or b) goes bareback…

  • poison824

    ashley is fugly. she looks old and flabby. ive seen so many better female porn actresses than her, she’s like a reject. and she started laughing during aidens orgasm which totally ruined the best part for me. she should be fired.

    • JC2010

      I couldnt agree more

  • Riley

    WOW poison824 no love lost between you and Ashley is there?
    And the claws are out?

    • poison824

      lol she ruined the video for me with that laughing

  • Riley

    What I don’t get is why veryone is building Aiden up just so they can tear him down l8ter. ;(

    @ Dave1896,moondoggy,FTLRSW,ChicagoBoyRN,geoffy23,
    Neobamboom,Established One,cdman,whitestealth,alias74,and last but certainly not least :)elmtree:) Hey elmtree!!!. I Hope that you guys don’t get tred of Aiden the way that some here got tired of :)MY CAIN:) because he was in film after the film. You guys have to blame CF for that not :)MY AIDEN
    :) . But we shall see whether Aiden can rack up five pages of movies like CAIN !!!! ? is will the same ones heaping praise and accolades on Aiden NOW be turning their backs on him because of CF scheduling and him *Aiden* being in movie after movie after movie. Only time will tell.
    Will Aiden also make the same faux pas as Preston did in his 1st guy-on-guy video and turn those who liked him in the beginning against him. I Hope NOT.

    That’s all I had to say was be careful what you ask for ChicagoBoyRN and others cause when you get it and keep getting it you get tired and bored with it and want to throw it away or wish it would take a loooooooooong vacation. I’m just saying*borrowed from AshBry ;) *.

    I LOVE :)MY AIDEN:) And it was good to know that he will be doing guy-on-guy stuff soon and I can’t wait!!!! ;) As always Ashley you rock girrrrr!!! MORE of MY AIDEN and soon and I waana see him do any and everything to all the newbies and a few of the *regulars* at the CF compound!!
    Luv Ya Aiden :)

    HOPE that :) MY CAIN ;) Heals soon and is well again!!! :) Yeah i know i should not get wrapped up in their lives outside of CF so sue me. CAIN is MY BABY!!! ;) Hope that he is back in the saddle and soon!!!! ;) Luv Ya Cain :)

    • whitestealth

      I did build up Aiden, based on SC on CM. But I don’t usually criticize. Rather leave that to the rest of you. However, no one has said he was SOFT through most of this ACS video. Based on his own stories of his ‘conquests’, I did not expect that. What a disappointment.

      And yes Riley, this time I am ‘tearing him down’. However, he has been so apparently over confident that it bears mention. Maybe it was his first time on camera actually doing it with anyone?

  • JC2010

    I really wish Corbin Fisher would get rid of Ashley she is old, ugly and does not have a good body. Look at her she has an extremely large head, a body with out definition, and what is that mark on her leg? I don’t mean to say people who have “beauty” marks shouldn’t model but this thing is far from beautiful it’s actually close to being simply gross. Look these guys are hot and I know the scene is about the guys but you could at least give them a girl that’s just as hot. Why not? It’s not such a bad concept considering we watch this type of porn not just for the sex but for what’s aesthetically pleasing. If it was just about the sex and a warm hole for the guy to stick it in he should’ve fucked the dog because compared to Ashley it’s the same thing. Get rid of this woman!

    • AshBry

      I’m not attacking your opinion on Ashley, it is your right to make it. But I’d like to more clearly validate what I think is wrong with general comments made on women who are considered apparently below the standard of ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and thereby deserving of ferrocious and crude remarks thrown at them.
      Firstly, I want to emphasize that the majority of men used by CF are in fact straight/ bi and would probably not get it up for a guy as quickly (if at all)in the absence of a women, particularly if they’re just starting off. These women relax and prep the men for more hardcore action.
      Secondly, you want very hot women in porn? Why would a gorgeous young female with a great body, tight ass, perky breasts and flawless skin enter the porn industry when she could be doing editorials, catwalks etc and be paid threefold,for jobs don’t require her to suck and take dick and strip down for the world to see? Don’t care how many times Corbin has to validates that his models love all the sexual experimentation and ‘education’ they can get, cause truth be told more than half of those models are in there for the quick money, and money only!
      Thirdly, tho you may not care or even allow it to come to your attention, it’s likely that some models do and often so – come to these sites. To read superficial and harsh commentary about themselves is not only esteem killing, but humiliating and serves to undermine the actor’s work efforts, ability, image; causing defamation.
      Y’all that say the HOT guys need women just as hot, should give yourselves a reality slap and realize that the gf’s/ bf’s of the male models are also imperfect, have flaws, maybe scars, burns, and average-bodies. CF uses Ashley because she’s available, good at what she does, reliable, and an asset to his company. I’m sure that if he could recruit from Elite, IMG, Wilhelmina, Ford, Next etc, he would, but then again think of how skinny his wallet would be if he cashed out on just a handful of them ;)

  • hollydick

    It’s a YES only if he fucks raw Austin ☺☺☺

  • LiquidPaper

    He’s Roman from SC. And he said he didn’t want to have gay sex.

  • TaterTot

    He needs to trim his talons.

  • SexyKid

    Is he ever going to hookup with a dude? He hasn’t been in the last few updates?

  • lanztn

    Aiden is sexxxxy!

  • tlevesoor

    Aiden does it great – either with a girl or with a guy. I’d love to see idol Aiden paired with Gabe, flip-flop. I just can’t imagine two hung hunks bangin’ each other.