HotJocksNiceCocks: Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels at HotJocksNiceCocks

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels at HotJocksNiceCocks

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels at HotJocksNiceCocks

Cliff Jensen & Ridge Michaels at HotJocksNiceCocks

Cliff is upset he lost his boxing match today. He’s been practicing and doing so well that he was sure he would win. Ridge comes by the locker room to check in on Cliff and be the supportive friend he is. While talking Ridge starts to massage Cliff’s shoulders and as one thing leads to the next, Cliff gets one more round to get lucky.

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tadnarsa says:

the one with the tats looks pretty cute, closer to the young twink types i like. The other one is too old/ill for my taste.

phunky says:

Cliff Jensen is hot as hell, and has an amazing thick cock, but he’s gay for pay. I hate this gay for pay crap. He’s probably just a closet case anyway.

FeydRautha says:

Let’s not be too hasty. CircleJerkBoys has him down as “bisexual”. While he probably is just plain gay, that’s about as close as you’ll get to an admission considering the state of gay porn these days.

iwipmydickbackandfourth says:

cliff is hot, the bottom ridge michaels is absolutely not. his old sickly face and soup can body ruins a would be hot scene.

tyler says:

fuck me CLIFF!

cdman says:

I think Cliff is long overdue for some bottoming. I was beyond happy to see him top Mr. Brad Star when he returned to the biz a few months ago, but now it’s Cliff’s turn to take one for the team.

Rictor says:

Agreed. Cliff needs to bottom soon!

LA Clergy says:

You guys talk as if bottoming is a sacrifice to endure.

For most of us sex is great and there is no hint of sacrifice involved. Just pleasure. Perhaps you guys have not had the right kind of top.

tyler says:

no, CLIFF, don’t bottom.
you suck a mean cock and you rim a sweet ass.
Stay a Top-only!
keep your cherry!

Established One says:

Damn, Cliff Jensen is so damn hot!

cdman says:

LA Clergy – I wasn’t saying it’s a sacrifice to endure. I meant that performers like Cliff who only top or only bottom get a bit monotonous after awhile. It’s becoming predictable for Cliff to top because that’s all he’s ever done so far, much like Jess from SC.

Daniel says:

Cliff is so fugly