ActiveDuty: Cash, Shawn & Zander

Cash, Shawn & Zander at ActiveDuty

Cash, Shawn & Zander at ActiveDuty

Cash, Shawn & Zander at ActiveDuty

Cash, Shawn & Zander at ActiveDuty

Cash, Shawn & Zander at ActiveDuty

Watch Cash, Shawn & Zander at

ActiveDuty wrote:

We’ve got something extra special in store for you today. I’ve been teasing you up a lot in the War Chest with that sexy devil we recently recruited named Zander and telling you about how he’s been progressing. And tonight you finally get a chance to see some of that play out in our Videos Of The Week section where we’re serving up Zander’s very first threeway with two other hotties. Shawn and Cash come along for the ride as we take an anticipated journey with our man Zander and see just how far he’s willing to go. I think you’ll be as impressed as I was and equally excited to see this hunk jump off in the deep end for the first time and see the mission through to completion. Previously we’ve seen Zander do his own thing in the War Chest and then we spiced things up a little when I just couldn’t resist the invitation to give him a helping hand. It was that moment that I knew we had a wild one on our hands. Zander really wasted no time in taking things to the next level after that helping hand and did it all in a matter of a one week stretch. Come on, let’s take this journey as these three hot hunks unleash themselves on one another.

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Established One says:

Damn, they all are hot. Nice.

King Henry VIII says:

MY CASH is back YAY! ;) And they are all HOT YUMMY!!!! ;)
This is F’N HOT!!! ;) Zander and Shawn also looking F’N HOT!!!! ;)

King Henry VIII says:

Cash is MY FAV even though he often appears Dru-like *down there* in his videos.

chipp says:

— they really are ALL hot. love to be the fourth in this group;! little blonde was a sean cody model for a while

jmdrwac says:

Loving the guy without all the scribbling on his body – especially his nips. Very hot.

porndog says:

Shawn has become quite the go-to bottom over at AD since he left SC. He bottoms in practically every video and he’s in every other one since he’s been there. Definitely getting more work, good for him!

Oh, and love Cash too, although he’s a “reluctant” bottom, but he finally got there after so long as top-only.

Bradster says:

Wooooooohooooooooo Cash is back!

Paschal says:

Seems they’re treating my Cash like a bitch.

Guess he’s not the BMOC at Active Duty anymore.

clusterfuck says:

Mmm I hope to see Cash get spit-roasted more often!!!

sliderboi says:

everybody does it for cash.