CocksureMen: Brady Jensen & Spencer Reed

Brady Jensen & Spencer Reed at

Brady Jensen & Spencer Reed at

Brady Jensen & Spencer Reed at

Brady Jensen & Spencer Reed at

Brady Jensen & Spencer Reed at

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CocksureMen wrote:

Brady Jensen and Spencer Reed are two hot studs meeting up for the first time. The action starts on a black leather sofa, both men locked in passionate, deep-throated kissing. The animal attraction is hard to ignore. When Spencer moans, “you are so fucking sexy,” as Brady chows down on his thick piece of meat, we couldn’t agree more. The sight of Brady’s muscle butt flexing as he face fucks Spencer is adult entertainment at its best. Lucky for us, these boys are just getting started. The erotica menu also includes Brady getting rimmed by a clearly delighted Spencer who then jackets up before thrusting his cock deep into Brady’s waiting ass. Versatility is one of Brady’s greatest assets and he lets Spencer fuck him every which way. By the time are finished, a huge pool of both guys’ cum is dripping all over Brady’s gorgeous six-pack.

  • Riley

    YUMMY and HOT!!!!! ;)

  • RYK101

    this looks hot, brady is hot and so is spencer, but it’s nothing awesome

    and i feel since brady left seancody he looks a bit trashy, not his looks, but the way he dresses

    anyway, can someone reply my comment in the “SeanCody: Ethan III” post? please someone answer that question! lol

    • RYK101

      it’s the last comment! about something he said in the video

    • porndog

      To answer your question, yeah he does say, “…it’s gross” but can’t say that means he won’t be back. We’ll see if the money is persuasive enough, lol!

    • RYK101

      aaaa it’s sad he said that
      i’m drooling over him! seriously i LOVE him, i would happily become his slave! lol

      why do you think he said so? so he isn’t even bisexual?

      i LOOOOOOVE him to death

  • baz

    Brady and Spencer Reed. i can hear Brady moaning already, lol.

    Oh, and I like Brady on CSM far more than SC. The CSM peopel don’t basically sanitize the scene down to the point of it becoming basically non-arousing.

  • brandon85

    What’s with my Spencer he looks kind of bloated?

  • Established One

    Damn, Brady has a nice ass. YES!

    • Mike

      Have you seen the Gabe/Jonah (Brady) vid on SC? It’s one of my favorites. Gabe pays a lot of attention to that ass.

  • tyler

    SPENCER has moved into the Bear role that usually takes a sexy young pornstar Top a decade.
    BRADY is a fairly butch pretty boy blonde and i love how Cocksure uses him as this bottom slut for big men.

    • porndog

      Agreed, Tyler, and few do it successfully, as Spencer has. And I also think you’ve described Brady perfectly. While pretty, he is able to maintain a masculine, butch persona which is enhanced by that deep, sexy voice of his; something else that’s rare and not easily attained.

    • elmtree

      TY and porndog, you both are so right bout both Spencer and Brady. I think they are both hot in their own way. And, yes Ty, I too luv how Brady is being used at CS, and how often…yum!

  • Daniel

    Spencer is SO BLOATED! I miss his hot days.

  • cdman

    I like both these guys, both are very hot. But the positions are very predictable, with Brady bottoming and Spencer topping (Has he EVER bottomed?). Haven’t seen it yet, but the pics alone are pretty hot. Especially love the pics of Brady bent over while getting fucked…yum yum yum!!!!

    • Vegasrich

      Spencer has bottomed only once that I know of. On Suite 703 there is a video with Spencer from a couple of years ago where he bottomed for some nondescript guy. I guess he decided after that to only top. I’m hoping he’ll bottom again for he is getting a little predictable as a top. Would jave loved to have seen a flip-flop here.

  • humanoid

    yep this is a x-gen video…. not-so-hot bearish father fucking a dashing very hot young son….

  • Fazz

    Not too bad. I suppose.

  • markjohnson200947

    Not a good partner for Brady… not at all…