SeanCody: Colby (II)

Colby II at SeanCody

Colby II at SeanCody

Colby II at SeanCody

Colby II at SeanCody

Colby II at SeanCody

Colby II at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Colby just turned eighteen a few months ago and is very confident for his age. He attributes that confidence to his commitment to a structured workout routine that he has been on for the past two years, which has given his chest and body a remarkable build.

He’s a corn-fed boy from the suburban Midwest who’s never traveled away from home. He was fascinated with beach life, the surfers, and of course, the girls. It turns out the place he wants to visit most is Australia and all the interesting things it has to offer.

There’s definitely something to be said about a guy who’ll try anything at least once. Colby has a very fearless nature. Although he has been a bit sheltered in the suburbs, he wants to explore and try everything, from bungee jumping to sky diving to piloting planes to, well… being naked!

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  • Vegasrich

    Are they sure he is only 18 for I’m sure we’ve seen him before here at Sean Cody. Oh wait this is a different clone.

  • Riley

    YUMMY!!!! ;)

  • Bob-omb

    Colby the 1st set too high of a standard. Mmmm, Colby Keller.

    • Blackwatch

      Cute! But there is only one Colby this guy isn’t him. I hope they bring back Landon to top him.

    • Mike

      Mmmmmmmmm…Landon! :P

  • Riley

    What I wanna know from the mid-western guys who post here is how cab you not travl outside of the Mid-west? I know elsewhere someone from the Mid-west said you guyss have everything in he Mid-West. I just wanna know. And if any future Guys from the Mid-West who are Sean Cody guys are looking or need a tour guide!!!!! ;) or just plain HOT guys from the Mid-West period who need a tour guide.

    • Prancer

      I highly doubt this is true for most midwest folks, and I’m from Iowa..this is kinda true for me though I’ve never been to the east coast or down south. I have been to the west coast, and my fam moved to Cali for a short period of time, but everything in the west happen when I was a small kid. I’m going back to Cali for college though.

      Btw, SC and others should know calling someone from the midwest or otherwise “corn-fed” is rather insulting, because along with the word muscluar in the definition are the words “often lacks intelligence or sophistication”..So call me crazy, but you wont be calling this midwest boy that term, so how about that.

  • elmtree

    Colby is adorable and cute but I’m not sure he’s porn sexy…

    • Mike

      I think he’s porn sexy. Like Steven and Charlie.

    • NJS

      Speaking of Charlie.. Where is the freckled fucker? I miss him… and Jamie

  • Daniel


  • scottnyer

    I don’t know. I’m digging him. He’s got a great body and great smile. I can’t believe he’s 18 tho, or more like dayumn, what a hottie for 18 yrs old.

  • Auggy

    He’s kind of adorable. Best feature is that ass, no doubt. :P And I think I have a tan line fetish…every since Preston came around I’ve loved the color constrast. ;)

  • FeydRautha

    He’s alright, I guess. Cute, no glaringly obvious flaws. And with that said, he probably won’t be back.

  • Info

    Sean Cody really needs to live a little. There are tons of hot men in this world who don’t look exactly like ever other model on this site.

    • Ryder25

      I’ve never heard it put quite like that, but you’re absolutely right! Sean is stuck on one thing, and it has really gotten predictable and SO boring.

    • Slavek

      I actually think that Sean keeps looking for another model who — in his eyes — will replace Danny, possibly the most successful SC model ever. Sean’s infatuation with him came through quite clearly in the videos, and I’m pretty sure Sean misses him as much as Danny’s most devoted fans do. That’s why every so often another model comes along with the same “background”, same body and face types, same wide-eyed adorableness. If Colby can be the one that becomes “Danny II” remains to be seen, but no-one has come close so far…

  • humanoid

    i thought dawson moved on to SC….

  • Fazz

    They gave him the name “Colby” and yet he reminds me of “Chet”, one of SC’s former models.

    Ahhh, to see chet again. *nostalgic*
    Back in the day when Sc was still new, he was one of the more adventurous guys. He had this thing where you could see both pain and extreme pleasure in his face while he got plowed, and plowed hard by some of the other guys, i mean the guy looked like he was actually about to faint a couple of times. Imagine that.
    A lot of the tops, were clearly straight, but questioning; their sexuality that is.

    Plus back then you could actually believe SC when they said a guy was straight or gay.
    Wonder when that changed.

  • WeaponX

    Very nice body, cute face, I do hope he comes back and spreads those sweet cheeks for someone hot…

  • Sushi

    Cute boy with an ass that’s made to be fucked. Hard.

    Hopefully all those rear shots are giving us a hint at the future. Mmmmm.

    • Mike

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Sushi

      Looks a lot like Heath Ledger too.

  • Joc

    id fuck him, the boy is very cute 8/10

  • Joc

    Hot boy 8/10

  • LJ

    His hair is receding/thinning. If he really is 18, he should enjoy himself now because he’s probably looking at a shaved head/cue ball look in a couple years.

  • bluedog101

    A hot body but uninteresting dick.

  • Aries16

    Colby has a Sheer Perfect BODY!!!!!!!!!!! A real life Statue of David… SEAN Bring Him Back to Top Jamie, Charlie, or Jonothan. Or bottoming for my Calvin!!!!!! Colby is a Mack and Danny combined!!!!! CUTE and SEXY Perfect combo…