RandyBlue: Bryce Tucker

Bryce Tucker at Randy Blue

Bryce Tucker at Randy Blue

Bryce Tucker at Randy Blue

Bryce Tucker at Randy Blue

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RandyBlue wrote:

You can’t help see those big hulking muscles when Bryce Tucker walks in the room. He smiles that big toothy grin of his and you’re not sure if he’s going to wrap those big guns around you, fuck you, or pound you into the dirt. Strangely enough, I know people who’d be into all three. This smooth muscular jock Works out seven times a week and it gets him a body that looks like chiseled marble but with a nice surfer’s tan. All that big hard muscle is one thing but you gotta see the dick on this guy. Big, thick and meaty, just the way I like it. And his ass, you just want to dive face first into it before you even think about fucking it. He really got off on showing it to our cameras. You can tell because of the way his hungry hole puckers every time he strokes his cock. He likes to be in control and loves smaller guys that he can toss around a bit. Yes, this stud likes it rough. And when he works his big fucking dick he shoots his thick load all over his smooth chiseled abs and then rubs it in for good measure.

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  • bob80

    What a hunk!

  • ysk

    extremely hot. but why do they all like tattoo? it is definitely turn off.

    • LA Clergy

      I totally agree with you there!!!! The tats cheapens it. With a body like that he had no need for anything else on it.

  • jazz

    Wow this is the BEST I’ve seen from Randy Blue in a long while! Kudos RB…great find!

  • elmtree

    A little severe in the face but…damn, he sure knows how to wear a plaid swimsuit. And those ass shots…wow, perfection! Feel free to toww me around any time Bryce!

    • elmtree

      Oops, that should of been “toss” me around…

      Guess I got SO excited at the thought! :)

  • Fazz

    *clasps Pearls* Oh Gosh what an absolute Hunk! :o

    For once RB had got it right! Good job on finding this one Randy!

    That Chiseled body and perfectly symmetric face is seems to me a gift from on high.

    The slight issue i do have with him is, the tattoos.
    Dear God; I will never understand why so many hot men insist on tainting their beauty with horrendous, scarring, life long tattoos.

    He also slightly reminds me of the general from Avatar, but I can get past that ;)

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!! I want this fucking hunk NOW! *swoons*

  • porndog

    All I can say is WOOF!!! Where has this guy been? I’m just sad it’s RB, and I may have to reconsider subscribing. I can’t find a single flaw. And who cares he’s got ink on his back.

  • Bradster

    I like it. He looks like a manly man. I don’t know why they keep insisting that models wear the girliest underwear.

  • LA Clergy

    WOW that is way too good for RB. Normally their updates are so so. The has an amazing ass there. I hope he uses it a lot on cam. He is the bottom that every top wants.

    • Jay

      I agree! That ass is to die for, but knowing randyblue, it’ll probably hardly ever get used appropriatley :-(

  • clusterfuck

    What a shame he’s on Randy Blue.

  • tyler

    Daddy may I please lick you Sir?

  • kdogg

    Godawful tats but that’s only a light switch away. Otherwise a total stud. Wonder how they’re gonna ruin this one.

    • Trepakprince

      I agree he looks like he could slip a couple roofies in your drink take you back to your place fuck the hell out of you and then just leave you with your ass in the air and your pants around your ankles…

    • elmtree

      Trepakprince…Bryce wouldn’t need to use roofies to make the rest of your comments happen with me. Sounds hot! :)

    • Grant Urwish

      I agree with elmtree. All I want stud to do is turn off the lights when he leaves.

  • Rictor

    Tattoos??? Girlie underwear??? Where??? All I notice is his perfect body and handsome face. And his cock. Can’t miss THAT one!!!

    • Jay

      And his beautiful ass waving in the air! Did you miss that one? Lol

  • Timah

    Wow that body is crazy, that ass makes me drool.

  • brad323

    His face is not photogenic in some of those shots. Good bod. Awful tats.

  • Trepakprince

    Can’t wait til he tops and bottoms. Hopefully he gets sandwiched between Chris and reeves

  • Established One

    Not that impressive to me.

  • NJS

    Eh.. I guess. He looks super douchey…

    • ei8htinches

      agreed. not my type of guy at all… yet i’m here looking at the pictures.

    • kdogg

      Super douchey? What could possibly make you think that? Oh wait, let me get my list out. Lol totally agree with u though.

    • NJS

      Haha. He is not a bad looking guy, not my thing, but not bad. He looks like Drill Sargent. He better have a hell of a personality though, because if he is how he looks…… negative.

  • Ryan–

    Would need to agree with ei8thinches, not my type, yet not denying the fact that he is really hot. Super hunky!

    • Guy

      Like a few people here, hate the tattoos, agree that he is douchy looking, but fuck he is hot.

  • jag2power

    Jesus. Him be all I need. Amen.

  • muffintop

    Mmmm total hunk. Beautiful body, chiseled handsome face, great smile, all with a nice cock and yummy butt. Wonder if he’ll be back…

  • Mike

    Love his ass, crack, and taint, but he kind of creeps me out.

  • AshBry

    Gotta give him credit for that chiseled body. The muscular build and definition is damn sexy on him!

  • Rictor

    Now that I’ve had my chance to check out his tats, they reveal perhaps a much more sentimental side to him. On one forearm it reads, “i am my beloved’s” while the other has “my beloved is mine.”

    Then we have his upper back: “Nemo Nisi Mors,” Latin for “nobody/no one except Death” (can part us). A vow of fidelity???

    I wonder if his beloved approves of his appearance on RB.

  • humanoid

    this guy looks like a porn actor from the 80’s – the tan, the blond, the hairless body, the rugged face… everything about him kinda old-fashioned… plus those ugly tattoos…

    he’s not that hot anyway….

  • EmpireState

    Great quality pics and video for a great quality man!

  • Daniel

    I’m scared.

  • hollyboy

    Great looking and appears very masculine. Certainly a highly-experienced bottom as the STRETCH MARKS on his man hole can attest to. Reminds me of Falcon star Chris Wide — very masculine but is very much into bottoming.

    • jag2power

      Well, IMO, that’s a good thing!!

  • fyrefly

    at first i was like…his face is too…what happens when a man has too low bodyfat percentage (gets too haggardy looking) but his ass and the small fuzz on it and thereafter…i was like OMG I LOVE IT…and im bottom…but not for this guy….and on a second look his face is gorgeos too…just needs to be a little less lean so his face doesnt look creepy when he smiles.

    • fyrefly

      h and by saying im a bottom , not for this guy…i mean i would top him too. totally flip flop this stud lol.

  • pubert

    He’s a little too bulky and hairless IMO. He has that generic porn star look.

  • Jay

    He looks yummy! But seriously the tats are over the top, just give him a big dicked model, about two hours, with no fake facial expressions or sounds; then we have got ourselves a good movie!!! :-D

  • tog16

    I hope he tops or bottoms on RB!

  • Ike

    Too Chuck Connors for me… I keep hearing Johnny Crawford calling “Pa!! Pa!!!”