SeanCody: Lance & Ethan

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

Lance & Ethan at SeanCody

Watch Lance & Ethan at

SeanCody wrote:

I don’t think that most people break in a new couch with two guys fucking on it. I also don’t think that most people have their ass broken in with a near 10-inch dick! Well, Lance noticed a trend here. For some reason I didn’t realize that he has been on the receiving end of some of our more endowed guys — Jess and Jonathan. I guess he’s just lucky?

“When I work with you guys, you guys put ‘ginormous’ things in my ass… so maybe that’s my skill?” he joked after hearing the rumor that Ethan was like a “tripod”.

“We put ginormous things in your ass? Or you… you feel we encourage it?”

“Yeah.. .well HE puts ginormous things…” he laughed as he pointed to Ethan.

Ethan sat there with a huge grin on his face, looking at Lance like had no idea what he was in for. To break the anticipation up a bit, they played a game of bean-bag toss. Frankly, the stakes didn’t matter. Ethan knew that he was going to be fucking Lance. I think Lance really got into the challenge of sucking such a big dick, prepping it before getting fucked by it.

Seeing Ethan’s dick open Lance up was a sight to see. There had to have been spots inside of Lance that hadn’t ever been touched by a dick so big! The moans, grunts and the punching of the furniture said it all. At one point his legs even started shaking. But he took it. And took it all until he shot his load over his head as Ethan fucked him. I guess he was right about his particular skill set after all!

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Mean Gene says:

Damn, Lance is soaked!

Aries16 says:


Dustin says:

Calm down, bro.

poison824 says:

lmao love the enthusiasm

FTLRSW says:

Hey, does anyone know where they find these guys? Are they all gay for pay?

Res1 says:

A gay bar.

ranbi says:

ugly annoying JESS:gay for pay

zeekthegeek says:

could not have said it better…he has the personality of a plank of wood.

Aries16 says:

ok ok but who cares about Joker Face Jess… Guys we have been given a gift from Sean Cody… lets talk about ETHAN’s Beautiful, Scrumcilicious, Succulent, Massive Cock. ETHAN IS A PERFECT 10 All The Way… HE IS THE FACE OF Sean Cody website Happy New Year Everyone This is truely the best way to end it this year 2010 with the 10 of ETHAN!!!!

seymour dix says:

The guys are beautiful, let’s just face it

zeekthegeek says:

Oh my…what a pairing this is….sooooooo hot, beautiful, and would love to have that cock in me.

geoffy23 says:

Lance’s cumshot was like fireworks…Happy New Year!

Res1 says:

I’m surprised Lance came back after being fucked so good and hard by Jess. His eyes were rolling in the back of his head like he was going in shock. But I’m sure he felt the pleasure, thus his return.

poison824 says:

wasnt a fan of lance until i saw this cumshot… hugeeee. and ethan is impressive as always. he has a huge cock and fucks hard, unlike the other guys.

clusterfuck says:

Ethan’s cock was pushing the right buttons judging by Lance’s cumshot.

Mike says:

What a great cum shot!

elmtree says:

Gotta agree with most posts so far. This was a pretty hot paring. I enjoy Ethan more and more with each vid he’s in. He seems to enjoy what he’s doing. The sex in this vid didn’t really take off until the last position on the couch where Ethan really fucked Lance good and hard. And Lance’s cum shot…trust me, the above pics don’t do it justice. Damn!

Alex S says:

Ethan is hot, there is no arguing that point but, Sean Cody’s videos are so heavily edited and lack any spontaneity they leave me cold. I wish he would drop the oh, ah, um’s and let the guys speak, show some real emotion, and fuck with passion. Until then they are just more formulaic crap.

ChicagoBoyRN says:

Totally agree with you Alex!!! Like…damn, you’re so tight, you like me inside huh?, i know u have been waiting for this type of talk!!!

Would be such a turn on…really!!!

Mike says:

I agree. Love to hear talking.

AshBry says:

you all are right. Sean Cody needs to allow a more natural progression to sex scenes and talk

Josh J. says:

Definitely agree with you. It was cool, but not as hot as others hyped it up to be. I have no issues with either guy. If everything was more natural and not scripted or edited so much, the video could’ve been 100 times hotter than it actually was. With that said, I’m hoping for bigger and better things from Sean Cody in 2011. I definitely wanna see something new, something fresh, something hot that’ll keep me coming back for more.

Anton says:

I do agree with you as well, Alex S. As much as I LOVE Ethan, and feel that he will probably become one of SC’s most popular new performers, SC’s directing tends to get in the way to where you can’t enjoy the performance. They should take note from a site such as Suite703 where there’s long takes and a lot of dirty taunting between the performers. SC’s videos are starting to become more like RB: processed and canned like an assembly line product.

Which is a shame because with hot guys like Ethan there should be no reason for a video to feel so stale and passionless.

Vegasrich says:

I’ve been bitching and moaning about the processed goo Sean Cody has been pumping out for over a year now. I was about to cancel my subscription when they brought on Ethan.
It seems every time I get close to canceling. They bring someone hot on and my hopes go up.
Unfortunately, like you guys have said they still continue muting their actors and over staging sex scenes.

riko says:

Ohhhh ethan! <3 were getting married

ChicagoBoyRN says:

I haven’t seen the video yet, but judging by people’s enthusiasm here…now i can’t wait to do so!!!

ChicagoBoyRN says:

What a way to end the year!!! Happy New Year to all!!!

jazz says:

JACKPOT! This is WONDERFUL! Great pairing SC! I wish there was a way to bring back “Jonah” so that Ethan could fuck him…that would be amazing. Let’s also have Ethan and Jess do a flip flop!

Mike says:

I love Lance. He is so hot! He doesn’t show up very often, which makes me appreciate him all the more.

Ethan is a great find! Good on Jess, if the story is true. Versatile right out of the box, and he seems to enjoy being there. I hope Ethan is the one to top Jess.

But why would you waste even a minute of precious vid time playing beanbag?

FFVIIMidgar says:

Ethan is so fucking hot. Amazing top! I must have this video.

Adam2005 says:

Does anybody knows if Ethan is gay or straight????

RYK101 says:


ethan returned!!!!! he’s soooooooo hot
love him
drool for him
god ethan please take me with you
i’ll be your slave
just fuck me every other day

brandon85 says:

Ethan is an amazing top with a big dick but I really want to see him bottom more.

Fitttaayyy says:

How do you watch the video?
Do you have to be a member of SC? :)

kokes says:

looks like a good scene but i just don’t like lance. ethan however; what a hottie!
re fitttaayyy: joining seancody is an option but i imagine some of us also use downloading systems.

scottnyer says:

wow. Lance, sure can take those big dicks. I dig his him. This looks hot, can’t wait to see it.

Nate says:

This is HOT. I like both guys and Sean Cody has winners in both. It was hot, they were hard, not fake hard, it had huge cumshots, this is what i’m talking bout!

Established One says:

I totally agree. Ethan has a nice big massive dick. Knows how to use it and put it to good use. Lance takes it well like a champ. It’s a total YES for me!

Chuliaka says:

Really fucking hot!!!!

ei8htinches says:

the only thing i dont like about ethan is his urethra its kinda funny looking but other than that wow i’d do him or vice versa any day

Auggy says:

Ethan and his hideously, grotesque cockhead are awesome. I just can’t watch him get a blowjob, lol, grosses me out a bit. :) I hope he maintains his versatility at Sean Cody and bottoms as much as he tops.

jag2power says:

Um…these guys are fine and all, but where’s the beef? I like them a little more stocky. What’s aretha got to do w/it? Kidding.

brandon85 says:

lol Aretha is stocky. When so say stocky do you mean like Patrick was or like Zeb Atlas?

jag2power says:

Check out RB’s Bryce Tucker update. Now, that’s what I’m talkin about.

Frosty Fagtown says:

I think Sean Cody has found the new “Parker”!

P.s., Ei8htinches avatar is awesome! L-U-R-V-E IT!

ei8htinches says:

thanks :D

muffintop says:

WTF? Where did all this Lance love come from? I thought people said he was boring/ugly/forgettable? Maybe Ethan’s hotness spilled over and is making Lance look better here. Still not a fan of Lance…

Mike says:

Nope. Always loved Lance. :P

Daniel says:

Lance loves the cock.

Anton says:

Lance = young Alain Delon.

ranbi says:

Alain Delon=Brian Joubert

ChicagoBoyRN says:

Finally saw the video- just two words CUM GALORE!!!

Damn…talk about fireworks here. The chemistry of both guys compliments each other. Like i said on my previous post, i just wish they do more talking and conversation than oohhh, aaaahhhh, yeahhhhh….make it more au naturale… Much of a turn on to be honest with ya…

NJS says:

See for me I hate talking. I hate it. Don’t ask me if its good, if I like it..etc. Shut the hell up.

Plus, I feel like if you are fucking someone good they should not be able to talk or think straight, they should just be enjoying..period.

brandon85 says:

Talking is good but sometimes they can be comical. I’ve found myself laughing at some of the porn banter

irishdave says:

Two extremely hot them both and I want to see a full update of Ethan as a bottom please..Sean Cody has whipped Corbin Fishers ass in 2010!!

Jazz says:

I agree with Irish Dave…..Sean Cody has put Corbin Fisher to shame this year!

NJS says:

Lance killed this update for me… Nice personality but just not attractive to me plus he has some ugly fuck faces…He is what I would call a ‘paper bag light switch special’…

Mike says:

I feel exactly the opposite. Lance is a hot bottom, and I would definitely keep the lights on.

whitestealth says:

The best update of 2010!

Aries16 says:

I keep coming back to this Video and Ethan you Should have been the face of 2011 this video just oozes sex appeal I hope they pair ethan with Colby, Vince, Oliver, Ewan, Charlie, Jonathan, Esteban, Jamie, Jess as a bottom though and Dennis!!!

cartrack says:

Ethan has a great personality! dick is too big and uncut but nothing beats that personality!