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SeanCody: Amos & Brodie

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Amos & Brodie at SeanCody

Watch Amos & Brodie at

Sean wrote:

There was no doubt that Amos would be coming back after his intense massage session with Calvin. I remember the smile on his face afterward and knew that any reservations he had before, well, they were completely gone. Now it was just a question of who was next to fuck that perfect muscled butt of his…

Then I remembered he was very enthused when he spoke of his fitness routine and his body. I wanted someone else that shared that same energy. Brodie was first to come to mind! He definitely has a perfect muscled body and those nipples just seem to pull you in even more every time he shows them off! The thought of both these guys and their hard bodies sweating and slapping against each other was all I needed to get things going!

They were supposed to just go to the closet and pick out some shorts to go out and shoot some scenes at the beach, but once Amos took a look at Brodie and his chiseled body, he was insistent that we get the show rolling. There is something about watching a big macho muscled stud like Amos do a complete 180-degree turn in behavior and become a total cock hound that moans with every inch of dick he is given. The look on his face of complete submission to the bigger man was priceless. This was a total muscle fuck-fest!

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  • dio

    um… WOW. Didn’t really want/think of this pairing, but gawddamn if Amos doesn’t BRING IT. Brodie is always nice to see, so long as the guy he’s fucking isn’t too much of a turn off.

    • dio

      say what you want about Brodie not sucking dick, but he sure does throw himself into the kissage. *thumbs up*

    • Trepakprince

      This looks really hot, but enough with cumming on the stomach, I want to see eyes blinded!!!

  • Yes, first!!
    I don’t guys, am not feeling this update!

  • EmpireState

    If this is what closing time at Abercrombie & Fitch looks like, count me it. The two guys are hot as fuck and they’ve got great physical chemistry.

    • mchg48

      haha funny you’d say that! Brodie is wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt at the beginning… I work at Abercrombie though, I wish closing was like this! haha very hott

    • Riley

      @ mchg48 maybe it DOES HAPPEN just not at your branch of Abercrombie & Fitch. :) no wonder I LOVE AMOS he is a dream come true. Hell I wish this was closing time at Hollisteer/American Eagle/and Aber & Fitch all rolled into one!!!

    • mchg48

      Maybe you’re right Riley haha I should make it start happening at mine too ;)

  • cdman

    This looks like a real good one. Nothing new from our man Brodie in the way of trying anything other than his usual, but it still looks really hot from just the pics here alone. Good one, SC! (And Amos is really starting to become a great bottom!)

  • kdogg

    I say this is a go. Brodies nipps are like (not so) little cones, though.

  • Ryder25

    Looks hot, but Brodie’s face (which I love) looks like he’s wearing too much make-up. That’s my only complaint. I still love him.

    • Jared

      I think it’s just a lot of tanning tbh. Some people tan and burn at the smae time so it kinda makes them look like theyre wearing makeup.

  • porndog

    Is it just me or is it strange that the entire scene happens in a corner, LOL? Well, at least it’s a change in scenery to what we’ve been seeing. I had pictured these two together from the moment I saw Amos, but didn’t think SC would actually put two muscle guys together. Good for him that he saw the potential. Both guys are very hot, but I’m still hoping Brodie will put a dick in his mouth. But SC does not require their models to do this apparently.

    • Riley

      I know PD it is like they kept the SEX conifined to one corner of the closet. HELL if you gonna have sex in a closet at least make sure it is A DAMN WALK-IN like Karen Walkers’…. This is still HOT THOUGH!!!!! ;)

  • Vegasrich

    I was instantly in love with both these guys when they soloed. Now together they are on fire. I would love more versatility in both of them but I’m happy for now with what I get. And Amos’ moans. Well they elevate him to my favorite model right now. It’s a shame SC won’t let them speak once the action gets going.

  • BladeX

    Really disappointed that Amos is becoming just another muscle bottom only guy on Sean Cody. I was hoping for another muscle top or at least some versatility. Still am not really a fan of Brodie, but will have to see the update and maybe I will change my mind.

    I guess versatile hunks like Danny, Gage, Ford, Kurt, and Mitch of that era are gone. I really hope this year that we get a group of models that are not so clearly defined as tops and bottoms. I really couldn’t wait for update with those guys because the guessing game of who was going to top or bottom or maybe even a flip flop made it not so predictable. Now most of the update are plain boring. Oh well, at least I get some muscle with muscle.

  • Alejandro

    Brodie looks like Ronnie from Jersey Shore lol

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    I’m not really a Brodie fan but, man….can he performed…Look at picture # 8, 9, 13, and 14. The way he interacts with his partner- you just don’t see that romanticism anymore.

    The 33rd pic- Amos riding him while holding hands with Brodie- that’s just a major turn on.. Wish more guys are more romantic while having sex.

    I’m slowly becoming a fan of Brodie.

    • NotSoMuch

      I absolutely agree on everything you said, except that I AM a Brodie fan already.

  • kokes

    glad to see Amos back. I like his “turnaround” so much that I’d even consider a pairing with uninteresting Brodie a good thing.

  • Daniel

    Brodie needs to be raped. Hard. Stat.

  • jag2power

    Hot!! Muscle hunks doing the nasty. What’s not to like?

    • elmtree

      Well said and so true. Great pairing…I was hoping for this. Yum!

  • clusterfuck

    When meatheads collide… me likey!

  • Aries16


    as for Gorilla Limp Dick….No Comments

    saw video and all the moaning and nuanced gestures from AMOS can’t save this video from brodie!!!!

    N E X T !

    • KURT10677

      Yeah there is just something about Brodie I dont find hot.I like Amos and if it wouldve been anyone else topping I would have enjoyed this boring as shit.PASS

  • Mike

    Didn’t care for this vid. To me, Amos is one of the least attractive models SC has used. What makes him hot is his all-consuming desire to get fucked. I liked Amos in his vid with Calvin because of this and the wait Calvin then put him through.

    Here the guys start out with heavy kissing and still come out of their pants soft, and it takes a while for them to get hard. For once, it didn’t bother me that Brodie didn’t suck dick. I’m not that interested in Amos’s dick. And I don’t Amos can get (and keep) his small dick hard enough to top someone.

    But Brodie’s nipples were outrageous. The best part of this vid.

    • porndog

      Have to agree with you there. I hate it when there’s passionate kissing only to find limp dicks when the pants come off…WTF? Who does that? It says they’re not really into it and are just acting, because if it wasn’t they’d be hard as wood str8 out of the gate.

    • moondoggy

      I loved these pics, haven’t seen the video (and probably won’t), so I don’t know if I agree with Mike completely or not. But the substance of what he (and porndog) said is pure gospel. It’s all the more true with younger guys who should be hard the second they lay eyes on someone they like. At that age, NOT being hard is more work.

      One of those 80s directors, I think it was John Travis, had a rule that no one was to appear flaccid in his movies, period. Setting that up is so easy, and the fact that they don’t do it is pure laziness.

    • porndog

      Moondoggy, you took the words right out of my mouth. The fact that a porn director allows any portion of the video to show a flaccid dick only shows how unprofessional they are. I find myself fast-fowarding to get to a hard cock. That shouldn’t have to happen, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time and money.

    • Vegasrich

      Sean Cody takes 8 hours to make a 20 minute video. In their inefficient well-choreographed theater I am not surprised they show flaccid penises. I actually don’t mind it sometimes for I like to watch them grow. But SC skips over that process ALL the time. Like their magic condoms, they also have the magic erections.

  • Sushi

    I’m sure it’ll be fun watching this vid—the pics are hot.

    Brodie’s nipples are strangely huge and cone-like. Is that from steroids or what? And yeah, Amos ain’t the prettiest boy ever, but his love of getting fucked and his passion make up for it (at least until he’s overused).

    I wish Brodie would suck cock though. Why is an asshole OK but a dick isn’t?

    • cutlass

      Because unlike kissing a guy and eating his ass, sucking his dick would make you a REAL fag. LOL

    • LJ

      Yes Sushi, enlarged nipples are a side effect of steroid use. So is acne (checkout Amos’ facial cheeks).

  • brandon85

    This video is hot. I don’t think Ive ever been more turned on by a pornstar as I am for Amos. I LOVE the way he moans and the way his toes curl up. And his ass is even hotter than Brodies. I really want see him.take a huge dick. Even though I love Amos I gotta say brodies nips are divine and its time for that ass to be eaten. It’s fine if he doesn’t bottom but he needs his ass eaten. I’ll volunteer.

  • nata

    I like it!
    Nipples are dream for gourmet… mmmmYUM!!!

  • riko

    I like. Brodys ass looks niccce I wouldn’t mind tappin that ass ;)

  • Amos is super bottom!@@

  • Alex S

    Brodie is hot but, his limitations hurt every video he’s in. This one should have been great but, Brodie, once again, seemed like he was just going through the motions. Amos, isn’t pretty but, has the potential to be one of the best (see his scene with Calvin). Just put him with a partner that isn’t holding back or one that isn’t worried about appearing to “gay”.

  • Mike

    I had forgotten that Brodie has a spectacular ass. It’s his best feature and SC’s best untouched asset. I can’t figure out why he doesn’t at the least let someone eat it.

    And what’s the idea behind him shaving it? SC? Girlfriend? Since no one comes close to it, what’s the point?

  • Established One

    Another hot update by Sean Cody. Brodie is becomming a real fan favorite. YES!

  • Ike

    Brodie is the hottest guy ever to come out of any of these amateur websites. IMHO

    Love da man.

  • fukit

    Brodie’s nips are OUT OF CONTROL

  • rimmin69

    I agree with the majority Brodie has a nice ass; but I would like to see it eaten or something. Also, his face looks different in this update; in some of the pics it looks smoother than others.

  • NotSoMuch

    I could spend an entire day just cuddling and making out with Brodie.

  • DevilInSide

    Beautiful! Just beautiful muscle and skin! Thank you Sean Cody!

  • Olicoop

    I watched the video and Brodie’s gigantic pointy nipples are a distraction. It is very weird looking.