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MenAtPlay: Harry Louis (One to One)

Harry Louis (One to One) on MenAtPlay

Harry Louis (One to One) on MenAtPlay

Harry Louis (One to One) on MenAtPlay

Harry Louis makes a very welcome return to Menatplay and this time we get up close and intimate with this young heartbreaker. Ever since his first appearance in 2007 Harry has been the object of many men’s obsessions all over the world. Whether its his sensual come to bed eyes, his playful innocence or his delicious monster cock, there is one thing that we always hear from our members… ‘More Harry Please!’ Well here he is in a private One To One for you, playing with his fat, beautiful cock, teasing us with his tight ass and of course giving us one of his famous geyser cumshots. So close you can almost taste it!

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  • AaronJL

    {Picking my jaw off the desk} man is he BEAUTIFUL!

    I don’t usually go for guys in suits (uniforms are another thing) but even as a solo this is nice. Woof!

    • Dave

      I’m with you, he’s absolutely dazzling!
      Although, I do go for men in suits.(it’s why I love working in downtown)

  • AaronJL

    I just went back to look at his duo scene.

    Must be the photography of this that makes it stand out. I wouldn’t have give a second look at the duo. Weird (me, not the scene).

  • Fazz

    GAH DAMN! :o *drool*

  • Trepakprince

    That man is sex on legs!

  • clusterfuck

    Beautiful cock.

  • Vic

    This is ONE gorgeous fucking man, in EVERY sense of the word! Have ALWAYS loved him!

  • Bradster

    So hot. Love this guy.

  • luv2suk

    That cock is perfection.

  • Jazz

    Simply beautiful

  • Res1

    He gives me Al Pacino sometimes.

    • Res1

      I meant to say Robert De niro.

  • Elmtree

    I agree he is near flawless (any deficiency is made up for with that cock!). However not sure about the point of this update. He’s already been on this site and others (including a hot flip-flop in a Michael Lucas vid) so what’s the point of a solo?

    • porndog

      Agreed. And he’s done a 100% bottoming scene with two hung dudes in a 3-way over at UKNakedmen. Looks very hot!

    • versuader

      Why not a solo?..He’s got a new hair style for a start! Lol…or….a solo maybe to highlight what a beautiful man he is?

    • Daniel

      Don’t like the new hair :(

    • coolcoolboy

      Hi Porndog,
      Where is this Harry Louis bottoming scene you mentioned? I checked UKNM, and all those scenes are top scenes. I also thought Harry’s 1st bottoming scene was in a Michel Lucas video, “Trapped in the Game.” But if he is in another bottoming scene, please provide details. This guy is too hot for words. Thanks!

    • porndog

      I saw a clip of the bottoming scene which referenced it was on UKNakedmen. But I don’t remember where I saw it. You may find info on it on his website

    • coolcoolboy

      Thx Porndog. Went to the Harry Louis site and got all the details. Will definitely sign on with UKNM just to download that scene- it looks amazing!

  • Established One

    Nice fat dick…and that’a about it.

  • Established One

    Nice fat dick…and that’s about it.

  • Nate

    He is absolutely delicious

  • pubert

    It’s as big around as his wrist. Fun to play with, but I doubt it would fit very easily or comfortably in any hole.

    • EmpireState

      That’s what Crisco is for!

  • douwd20

    That is one flat ass

  • Timah

    His concave sternum scares me

  • J

    If you’re ever in London he escorts and well worth the price

  • markjohnson200947


  • Matt rodriguez

    I want you beautiful, big, awesome COCK!!

  • Matt rodriguez

    I want your beautiful, big, awesome COCK!!

  • humanoid

    he has already been fucked twice on camera… such a hot guy…