CorbinFisher: Aiden Fucks Dru

Aiden Fucks Dru at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Dru at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Dru at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Dru at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Dru at CorbinFisher

Aiden Fucks Dru at CorbinFisher

Watch Aiden Fucks Dru at

CorbinFisher wrote:

Pete distracts Dru so he can sneak up behind our “gentle giant,” Aiden, and tackle him to the bed. Both guys are so sexual and so playful, that there’s no doubt this scene is going to be hot and fun!

Dru kisses Aiden’s stomach and tells him he’s going to suck his cock before Aiden fucks him. He smacks Aiden’s ass and pushes him flat onto the bed. Aiden laughs and says that he likes that Dru is taking control.

Aiden gets goosebumps from all of Dru’s attention to his sensitive nipples. Dru has Aiden flex those incredible biceps for him. Dru kisses his way down Aiden’s muscled arms … but then, wouldn’t you?

Dru’s heard about Aiden’s giant cock. When it comes out from Aiden’s jeans, Dru can’t wait to get to work sucking it. He worships Aiden’s cock with his mouth, licking the shaft and swallowing the head.

Aiden wants to suck Dru’s long cock as well. First Dru feeds him his fingers. That makes Aiden long for Dru’s dick even more.

Switching positions, Aiden goes down on Dru. But Dru needs more of Aiden’s huge cock – and almost pulls him off the bed to get to it!

Aiden moans with ecstasy as Dru sucks him. The guys kiss. Aiden fingers Dru’s tight hole, ready to give Dru every inch of his cock.

Dru gets on the edge of the couch. Aiden slides his massive cock into Dru. It’s incredibly hot to see the leaner Dru take all of Aiden. Dru’s cock is rock-hard as Aiden thrusts inside him.

The guys move to the bed, where Aiden enjoys watching himself fucking Dru in the mirror. Dru tells Aiden to flex while he fucks him. There’ve been many amazing moments in my career filming these guys … but that moment was sure to bump something out of the top ten. Until Dru climbs on top of Aiden’s huge dick and rides it. That bumps the last moment out of the top ten! The sheer ecstasy in Dru’s voice as he takes Aiden so deeply for the first time is one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. Dru watches himself get fucked and Aiden is almost delirious with pleasure.

Dru is close to coming and Aiden tells him to shoot on his chest. Dru shoots a massive load all over Aiden! Then Aiden shoots … and continues to shoot … his own monster load up and over his chest.

Aiden’s muscled body is drenched in cum. The guys kiss and head to the shower. Dru says he hasn’t come that hard in months. He suggests next time Aiden keep his mouth open and catch his own cum.

Dru starts kissing Aiden and they make out in the shower. It’s clear these two have a definite chemistry – and I’m thrilled we caught it all on camera!

Watch Aiden Fucks Dru at

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  • ludafatjoe

    fuck both of these guys are so hot, id do both of them anytime no matter what, would love to be sandwiched between them

    • Neobamboom

      yeah hot and he actually wore a condom this time

    • Neobamboom

      NVM it’s bareback with a condom ring

    • DaSizzer

      Hahaha they almost had us this time, until they changed views for the cum shot, sneaky sneaky ;-)

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Neobamboom, I wish you were right, but beautiful Aiden is wearing a condom, not just a ring. You’ll note this update isn’t marked “Bareback Zone.” Any time Waybig is alerted to the fact that they left out that descriptor, they revise it if the scene is in fact bareback.

    • mar.ble

      johnny, that is actually not correct. see the updates where dawson fucks preston and where dawson fucks justin (again). i think we can agree that the condom there was broken. but waybig didn’t tag it as “bareback zone”. ;)

      in my opinion the condom is here broken, too. watch the scene, especially when dru rides aiden. why should there be such a big rubber ring at the base of aiden’s dick when the condom is not broken? :)

    • Fazz

      CF condoms are really tricky ;)

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Or is it that CF is really tricky?

  • jugde6

    Really early, but hot as hell

    • King Henry VIII

      CF actually posted late last night early morn. But you are right HOT as HELL!!!

  • King Henry VIII

    HOT and YAY!!!!

  • arthurdentt

    finally dru become bottom like it

  • King Henry VIII

    And MY DRU finally back where he belongs!!!! On Bottom!!!
    :) I hope CF doesn’t wear out MY AIDEN or people here and elsewhere will get tired of him.

    • moycock

      i really like dru but when he is bottom
      i love it :)

  • King Henry VIII

    Can’t wait to see natas response he/she called this one. Hopefully their prediction about Aiden and Connor is right around the corner!!!!

    • louie

      What was the predicktion? I missed it.

    • King Henry VIII

      Nata said in their post of Aiden and Cain that they wanted to see Aiden and Dru together and Aiden and Connor together.

    • nata

      Damn! HOT! HOT!
      It was fragmentary but hot! Aiden has all data to become good top. I love Dru.
      I was so much glad to see this connection
      But I very much want to see Connor-Aiden.
      Coonor is beautiful and experienced, Aiden is beautiful and hot. Between them there was a chemistry
      It promises to be very much, very interesting and hot

      When Aiden will receive rimming?

  • tyler

    good to see the nordic blonde top dru topple more like he did on sc… wonder when aiden will.. because he no doubt will [with how sensitive his ass is]- the boy loves being rimmed he will take it to the limit pretty soon.

    • bud


    • bud

      SC? Where did drew bottom before?

    • Mike

      Dru was Dakota on SC.

    • Fazz

      SC = Sean Cody

    • Mike

      The SC vid where Cole serviced (sucked and rimmed) Roman (Aiden) was one of SC’s hottest vids. And Roman/Aiden did love getting rimmed.

    • porndog

      No one has rimmed Aiden on CF…yet. I find that very strange.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Yes, if anything deserves a licking it’s Aidens’s muscle buns!

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    This is enough to make me want to join CF. Aiden is just beyond hot.

  • dio

    really don’t get all thew ‘OMG, Aiden’s sooo gorgeous!’ sentiment I’m always seeing. His face looks too small for his head and his body is just… gross when he’s not FLEXING. *rollseyes* It’s not solid, or anything aside from his arms. Everything else looks like it’s ‘in process’ to development. LOL

    anyway… REALLY, do not get any of it. *shrug*

  • LGC

    I’m not big into anal, but I’d loooove to see Aidan get fucked. :P

  • Fazz

    Now that’s how I like to see Dru. As a submissive bottom taking it hard up the ass. I hope he stays there.

    Aiden is doing a great job as a top, he fucks these CF guys silly, and his cum shots are just about as epic as I have ever seen a cumshot be.

    This scene makes me hard as a rock. :D

  • 007james

    Why does Aiden think he looks good all puffed up like he had an allergic reaction to bee stings? Too many steroids! Someone ought to to tell him he really is becoming less attractive (my opinion). Roids abuse is not sexy. He had a better defined bod’ last year- went away for a month or two, came back as the incredible bulk. …shame

  • Mike

    I prefer Dru as a bottom.

    Although I’m happy to see he’s kissing, fucking, and sucking, Aiden doesn’t really appeal to me. I don’t like his bulkiness. Thought he was hot as Roman on SC—though that was almost four years ago. And hotter than now when he reappeared on CF last fall.

  • danni

    i like this update
    nice cum shots!

  • Guy

    He’ll yes. I love Dru any way I can get him, but on the bottom is definitely where he belongs, taking it like the bitch that he is.

    I am not that much into Aiden, but he does look good and makes a nice contrast to Dru, looks like he gives it to him good also. I definitely want to check this out. Hope it’s as good as the pics.

  • Sushi

    It’s been so long since he’s been fucked, that it’s actually hot seeing it again! Yes, “Dru” as the born-again virgin.

    And Aiden is on hot guy, that’s for sure. I’ll definitely get pleasure out of this video. Gee, I only had to wait 2 or 3 months for a decent update. What value for money!

    NEXT needs to be Aiden taking it though. Come on!

  • Nick Minaj

    I have never care for Aiden, and he’s not hot to me what so ever. Yes, I said that shit. I also have never been a Dru fan on CF or no more needs to be on this.

    Give me Rudy already. That’s what I cant stand about this site, you already know from jump, you’re not seeing guy on guy from a new model until they hit the puss. SC cooks up crap with the “straight” this and that, but atleast he doesn’t go overboard like CF trying to prove the shit. I also still find it funny CF is so full of himself and his material that he has the nerve to have the highest membership price out of anyone.

  • Martin97

    Mmmm Aiden should pair with one of CF’s cum addicts next. Maybe Derek now that he’s back? Aiden’s big loads shouldn’t be wasted!

  • AaronJL

    Dru makes me tingle. Top or bottom, I love/lust him. Aiden is okay. Not a bad pairing.

    My fantasy says a heading of “Aaron Fucks Dru” would be hotter. Can dream, right? ;-)

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Not bad, but it’s time that Aiden gets his ass fucked in front of the camera.

    • porndog

      Don’t hold your breath.

  • porndog

    Like everyone else, glad to see Dru bottoming again. Next on my list would be Aiden to top Austin, then Connor. But seriously, I still wouldn’t join CF until they can show some consistency in bringing hot models for hot action scenes. I don’t think the bb will happen on CF so I’m less inclined to hold out for that to happen. But I can wait. Their vids will still be there when I decide.

    • Elmtree

      Aiden topping Austin…wow that would be crazy hot. Make it happen CF

  • Effie

    This looks so hot! Wish Aiden’s gorgeous ass was rimmmed. I’m waiting for the day Austin. Is paired with Aiden. I might just be willing to pay for a trial subscription. Can’t wait to view this!

  • muffintop

    I guess I’m alone when I say I’m not happy to see Dru at all, top or bottom. I like Aiden, he looks really hot with a cock in his mouth. He just needs to be careful about getting too big; it’d be okay if he stays the size he is now although that’s already pushing it.

  • Jazz

    This is hot and all but where oh where is my Jarrett! He is so HOT!

  • humanoid

    aiden is a hybrid of a blowfish and a gorilla….

    but so glad to see dru’s ass getting plowed senseless once again!

    • Jonny Marzetti

      You’re saying Aiden is a go fish? When *I* go fish beautiful Aiden is what I wanna draw!!

  • Ryder25

    More steroid abuse.

  • brandon85

    Both Aiden and Dru should fuck Derek. Also Connor should fuck Derek and Aiden.

  • Established One

    Yeah, this looks hot. But I’m guessing that Aiden will never bottom. I’m surprised it took him this long to even pair up with another guy. I guess there is a price tag for what one will and won’t do.

    • Elmtree

      What do you mean took this long? This is, I think, the third time Aiden has been paired with a guy including one bb bi scene.

    • Established One

      Well until he came to CF, he didn’t dare do a duo with a guy. When he was Gage at CM, he only did solos and never got ‘serviced’ there. So then he went MIA and years later appeared on CF about 6 months ago.

  • seymour dix

    It’s sort of hot, because Dru is very hot, but the big guy, meh

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Per the writeup: “Dru says he hasn’t come that hard in months. He suggests next time Aiden keep his mouth open and catch his own cum.”

    Why not Dru catching Aiden’s cum and/or Aiden catching Dru’s cum. Either would be more exciting than Aiden catching his own,

    • porndog

      I seriously doubt Aiden would eat anyone’s cum. His own, maybe, but he is too skittish. Not to psycho-analyze, but guys who work on their body to get as big as they can are trying to address some need to prove affirm their masculinity.

      It may be a matter of Aiden becoming more confident in his sexuality and more comfortable in front of the camera before he goes any further than he has. I recall Derek being freaked out (in his CM days) about doing anything anal. It was quite a while before he acclimated, and was pretty much ready and more open when he joined CF.

    • dio

      @ porndog er, huh? Maybe, I have the wrong Derek, but when CF’s Derek was at CM he came across as being VERY open to anal. LOL The 2 duo performances he did there were prob. some of his best, most passionate work. Seriously, if you look at his CF work and then his 2 CM vids, you’d think the CM vids came AFTER.

    • porndog

      I know it looks that way, but if you read the comments from Bryan in Derek’s early vids on CM, Bryan clearly states that Derek initially had a problem doing anal. Altho I suspect, not as much as Aiden did.

    • dio

      hmm, I never take write-ups seriously, least of all CM’s. I’ve seen some that go on and on about how much chemistry the guys have and how into it they are, yet they look like a robot fucking a copse. LOL

      now, I have no idea the validity of Bryan’s comments on Derek, but I think in this industry there’s a LOT of BS as far as whatever image the site runners want their models to portray… again, what I got from the clips: dood seems pretty into it.

  • cdman

    So glad to see Dru bottoming again! It’s been way too long since he’s gotten fucked. Now it’s Aiden’s turn….may I suggest Kellan to be the first one to pop Aiden’s cherry?

  • coolcoolboy

    I watched the whole scene on CF, and even though I find both guys incredibly hot (and prefer Dru as a bottom), I was very disappointed. There was no energy, no chemistry between them, and Dru did a terrible job of riding Aiden’s dick – not even taking half. At least I still have a download of Aiden fucking the hell out of Travis – now THAT was some serious man-sex!

    • mtali

      I cannot agree with you more!! Dru is lame during the entire scene. and he keeps watching himself in the mirror while riding Aiden’s cock. SO NOT focusing on his partner!

  • luci

    my week is complete, Aiden just ended it w/ a bang, it would have been better if Connor make an appearance, thank u CF

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Judging from the pix, it looks like Connor’s hottest appearance of late (hi-energy, bareback, and with a sexy partner) is fucking Trey in the latest update at Judging from the description and the pix, the girl just watches and isn’t visible. (Sorry for repeating myself, I know I’m prone to that.)

  • NineHorseTop

    I swear some of y’all seriously analyze the fuck outta shit too fuckin’ much… ie: why a person bodybuilds=to affirm their masculinity (oh yeah-thats truly the reason), why he doesnt eat cum, why his hair swirls from left to right, why he wipes his ass from top to bottom, etc…

    And oh, I forgot another example, people analyzing why Miley Cyrus stumbled.

    Maybe because she has feet. Or because she just found out Aiden has masculinity issues and works out to get bigger to cope with his sexual escapades.

    Miss Swan, what do you think?
    “Yea, ok. Ay-done. Gay. Wipe ass, up-down, no down-up. Oooo-kay.”

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Good point. Let’s investigate the psychosexual underpinnings of this rampant compulsion to over-analyze such things, shall we? One possibility is that that the intense peniloid insecurity which drives…oops, there’s the doorbell, gotta go.

    • porndog

      LOL!!! But seriously, for me, I find it intriguing that str8 guys will have gay sex in the first place, and what’s involved in their thinking. People like me enjoy porn but are interested in the models in the same way that people are interested in celebs; what they’re like, who they love, what they do, what they’re thinking. I don’t find it strange to analyze, because I do it in all aspects of life. If you don’t, then good for you! Life must be very simple for you.

  • kd

    VERY HOT! Aiden stayed hard the whole time and Dru took it like a champ. I thought there was lots of chemistry between the two of them and I really liked the shower scene at the end. I love Aiden’s ass and it will be so hot to see it rimmed; hopefully soon. Dru is not one of my favorites but he is a good performer and I loved the way he had his legs spread waiting to be penetrated at the start of the fucking. Looks like I will be keeping my membership for a while longer.

  • elendil316

    Aiden is hot; he should flip flop with Connor. Love seeing Dru as a bottom; ’tis where he should be! Would love to see Derek get fucked by Aiden or Jarret fuck Cain!!! Love that Derek is back; he’s amazing as the moaning bottom…

    Wish Jake would return to SC! Jake fucks Calvin would be hot!! Love Calvin as a bottom!! He looks so hot as he concentrates on getting reamed… Makes me jealous…lol…

    P.S. What happened to Jaime? (what an amazing ass and unrelenting cocklust he displays on camera. Wish we could see more of his perfect backside…) And Jonathan is a hot bottom too? Love the slim runner’s body getting stuffed repeatedly… Always hot…

    Lastly: Bring back Esteban! He’s a great top and he’s so hot as a bottom also! Esteban and Max would be hot!!! Also Max and anyone with a long/huge one. Max looks like he enjoys it so much…

  • james08908

    This is hot!!!…I am waiting if Brady and Aiden can be paired…would be awesome!!

  • ep808

    aiden’s cumshots are the best- huge thick loads! he has to fuck connor next.. there is definitely some sexual tension between them..

  • BladeX

    This should have been much better. I think Aiden must have been just to much for Dru to handle, because Dru would not let Aiden more than half way inside of him. Aiden was barely penetrating Dru a little more than the tip of his penis. I know Dru enjoys bottoming from his previous updates. I guess Aiden is just too much man for him to handle. Very bizarre.
    Aiden was once again the stand out in this update.

  • DevilInSide

    Aiden you are so beautiful and nice cock to match that body and face.

  • nata

    Aiden reacts to touches, on kisses very sensitively.
    Probably it is time to it to try a role bottom. Connor may be fucks Aiden, there is definitely some sexual tension between them…

  • inigozuniga

    Well,little bit dissapointed. Dru didn´t get Aiden’s cock all the way down. It was more like teassing Dru or something like that. But still hot.
    I amn´t Dru’s fan but he can return the favor to Aiden whenever he wants. It will be worth to watch

    • jimmymack

      CF needs to stop trying to sell Dru as a top….his dick stays harder when he is being fucked than it EVER DOES when he is attempting to fuck someone. Even though it never went more than half the way in….it was obvious that it is “his thing”. If we have to see him, then let’s see him with a hard dick while being fucked.