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CorbinFisher: Philip Fucks Mason

Philip Fucks Mason at CorbinFisher

Philip Fucks Mason at CorbinFisher

Philip Fucks Mason at CorbinFisher

Philip Fucks Mason at CorbinFisher

Philip Fucks Mason at CorbinFisher

Philip Fucks Mason at CorbinFisher

Watch Philip Fucks Mason at

Philip and Mason are both extremely sensual guys. In fact, I’m a little surprised I haven’t paired them up before. Mason loves to be naked and has really taken to being a bottom. Philip is always up for anything, so this was a shoot I was looking forward to!

The guys kiss passionately. Philip asks Mason if he’s ready to get fucked. He can’t wait! First, Philip kisses his way down Mason’s tight body, and sucks his cock. Mason smiles and moans with pleasure.

Philip swallows Mason’s shaft all the way down. He licks the head and sucks Mason’s nuts. He comes back up to kiss Mason, and grinds his cock against Mason’s rock-hard dick.

Mason sucks Philip’s big cock, getting it wet and ready to go inside him. Philip jerks Mason’s cock as Mason blows him.

Philip lays on top of Mason and rubs against Mason’s cock. He sucks Mason’s dick again. The two guys move into a 69, Mason lifting his head up to take all of Philip’s cock. Both guys are loving it, but now Mason wants Philip to sit on his face.

Mason eats out Philip’s ass. Philip sticks his tongue deep into Mason’s hole. Both of them are enjoying the intense rim jobs. Philip goes a step further and starts shoving his finger into Mason’s ass. He tells him how good he’s going to fuck him.

Philip jerks Mason’s cock some more. Then, its time to get down to business. Mason climbs up on Philip’s dick and rides him. Mason likes being fucked in a reverse-cowboy. Philip drills him deep from underneath.

Mason moans in ecstasy as Philip’s dick plugs him fast and hard. Mason’s cock bounces as he gets pounded. He tells Philip, “You’re fucking me so good.”

Philip gets Mason on his side and slams into him from behind. The guys kiss as Philip continues to fuck Mason harder. They move into a doggy-style.

Mason looks back as Philip smacks his ass and fucks him so hard the bed shakes. Mason is loving the way Philip tops him. Finally, he can’t hold back anymore. He shoots a thick load on the bed.

Philip keeps pounding away at Mason’s ass. He pulls out and blows his load all over Mason’s ass and back. The cum just keeps spraying out of his cock!

The guys kiss and head to the shower. Philip soaps Mason up. Philip’s cock is still semi-hard. Mason tells Philip what an awesome top he is. Looks like these two really connected. I’ll have to see what else I can come up with for these guys!

Watch Philip Fucks Mason at

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  • Chuliaka

    Why Philip again and again?
    I’m so fucking sick of him.

  • Neobamboom

    Waste of an update

    • Fazz

      Yup. :(

  • porndog

    Have we seen every combination of the short list of guys CF has yet? Because I would like to move on to where they actually bring in someone new. Otherwise, they’re recycling the same shit in different ways.

    We just saw Philip last week. I don’t even anticipate new updates from CF anymore. And this one looks boring and stale.

  • King Henry VIII

    MY MASON is back YAY!!!!! ;) Even though Mason is back still have whiny ……… complaining. Just can’t stay please everyone these days.

    • KingSize

      Or maybe people are tired of seeing the same 6 models every week doing the same damn thing.

  • kinezo

    love mason and philip, yum. shame there was no cumming in mouth followed by kissing though.

  • KingSize


  • Jazz

    WTF!!! Why Philip AGAIN? Where the fuck is my sexy ass Jarrett?!?!?!?!!!

  • Effie

    I’m definitely with ereryone here. Philip isn’t the most hideous guy but something about him bothers me. Mason I can deal with though. Still looks like a shitty update

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Shit + FUGLY genetic mistakes = CF. Fail as usual! Philip is DISGUSTING! Mason = FUGLY!

  • WeaponX

    I suspect Philip works for very little money, because he’s been in like 5 of the last 6 updates. Eek and no thanks

  • jag2power

    Such loveliness.

  • Neo

    What’s the word? Mediocre

  • Jonny Marzetti

    With all that income streaming into CF from suing everything that moves, subscribers have been flung into the back seat. Why bother trying to please subscribers when it’s so much easier, ego-pleasing and profitable to focus all your energies on legal maneuvers instead of hot content?

  • ep808

    better cum face this time for philip lol.. he is cute but not very convincing as a top (cause hes a flamer;) mason has that cute stoner look- he should be the one doing the fucking..

  • louie

    March 22nd and 4 times for Phillip this month! WTF? And he tops in each scene…does CF comprehend the word variety?

  • danni

    i love phillip
    just wish there was some cum swapping

  • kd

    pretty piss poor; reminds me of many of CFs early videos that are still on the site. These guys are not unattractive but they are clearly not that hot to be considered porn “stars”. I don’t know what has happened to the site but the glory days are long gone. I really don’t know why I am keeping my membership up, but I don’t think I will much longer.

  • Kane

    I hate Philip, he’s ugly as fuck and looks like a zombie. Waste of time.

  • bubblebut

    mason is my favorite bottom of all the time, he’s so adorable. instead of picking philip as top, cf should pick a better one { jarret, dru, cain or glen}

  • bubblebut

    jarret,glen tag mason, that would be HOT

  • Info

    “MY MASON is back YAY!!!!! ;) Even though Mason is back still have whiny ……… complaining. Just can’t stay please everyone these days.”

    Mason is back…from WHERE exactly? He was just in an update two weeks ago.

    Do you exclaim “You’re back! YAY!!!!” to your friends when they return from the restroom?

    As for “can’t stay please everyone,” Corbin Fisher doesn’t seem to be trying to please ANYONE these days, save those who are easily entertained.

    I mean, really. Is this CF or the CW? The site has basically become 90210 or Gossip Girl. The same group of attractive (and some not so attractive) white people playing musical beds with each other. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    • King Henry VIII

      Masons’ work on CF’s other sites DO NOT COUNT TO ME CAUSE FEMALE IN PICTURE. Thank-You

    • Ricardo27

      HAHA Info! Great response! :D

  • Jasmé

    I never saw mason in action, but i like his look. And philip is quite interesting to watch…
    for me this one has potential :D

  • AaronJL

    Yum and Yum. Yeah, Philip is now appearing too regularly but that’s what CF does. All his imagination goes into stupid stuff on and outside the site. The site owners could be wealthy beyond their dreams if they just did something right for a change.

  • floodboy

    So so. Blah. Whatever.

  • aggielover

    I am tired of seeing Phillip and Travis ALL THE TIME in the last few weeks…

  • sliderboi

    philip is hot.

    mason is not. might help if he lost the stupid goatee.

  • Daniel


  • Established One

    Hot! Totally Hot. I say YES!

  • LiveAndBeGay

    Two nothings doing nothing out of the ordinary. Yawn.

  • HKguy

    Mason is so cute, And what the fuck is going on at Corbin Fisher? Seriously with Phillip? He must be sucking Corbin Fishers dick. ENOUGH with this guy already!

  • Ricardo27

    So TIRED of seeing twinks on Corbin Fisher all.the.time.

  • Sushi

    Like both these guys, but especially MASON! Philip has been used a lot, but in shit updates with girls and fug Kenny. Finally we get Mason getting fucked by someone hot. Can’t wait to watch and save this vid!