RandyBlue: Kurt Madison

Kurt Madison at Randy Blue

Kurt Madison at Randy Blue

Kurt Madison at Randy Blue

Kurt Madison at Randy Blue

Kurt Madison at Randy Blue

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RandyBlue wrote:

The first thing you notice about Kurt Madison is his sexy green eyes. If he looks at you from across a crowded room you’ll forget anyone else is there. His floppy hair and handsome scruffy face show how laid back he is. There is this highly sexualized yet relaxed demeanor about him that draws you in. He’s a dancer and a gymnast, so his body is perfectly sculpted with nice tight muscles, hairy in all the right places. Especially his hairy ass. One could imagine him having lots of gay jock sex, with on other stud or in a big orgy. And all the while totally holding his own. But anything you imagine for this guy is pushed aside the moment he drops his pants and whips out the monster cock that’s hiding in his pants. This delicious hunk of meat is huge. And once you lay eyes on it you’ll want it all for yourself. He’s going to make all the virgin holes nervous and all the ravenous bottoms squeal in piggy delight. And not only is he bringing a big gun but he knows how to work it like a charm until it finally shoots and covers his treasure trail in thick creamy jizz.

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  • Ike

    First. Guess that means he’s mine!

    • danni

      sexy version of james blunt

  • Yum

    He’s hot!

  • Timrod

    Nice body. Great cock.

    Rather effeminate in vid. Certainly eager. Total bottom.

  • KingSize

    SWEET LAWD HES HOT!!!!! Just ugh…rather girly…can we get some testosterone on aisle 5 please? lol Either way PLEASE lets see him in some action!!!!

  • DGrayson

    we is… beautiful.
    i definitely want to see more of this fellow.

    p.s. love the heteronormativity of these comments, guys. real progressive thinking.

  • jayjay27

    This guy is hot. Would love to see him with his hairstyle short like a buzz. Cant wait to see where he goes from here!

  • custard

    Let’s get those legs up in the air. Like the hungry twat.

  • Elmtree

    Yum! Definitely a keeper. And as nice as his cock is, its that beautiful ass that got my attention…again, yum. And I have a feeling his ass gets more attention then his big cock. Seems more of a bottom to me, but that’s certainly not a complaint.

  • scottnyer

    wow. beautiful face. love the scruff.
    nice body. toned. not overly built.
    hot, hairy, juicy, ass.
    nice big dick.
    great hairy legs.
    man, what’s not to like.
    RB gets the hottest guys.

    • tyler

      exactly my feelings.
      if he is femme as is stated on here- then he will be an awesome bottom!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Urs Jans

    Pretty and pretty queeny. I would pass.

  • Fazz

    Holy shit balls, batman! :o


    Holy frell, I’m loooving this guy.. I just watched the interview and solo,, and it’s awesome. he seems like such a sweetheart.

  • Jared

    I can tell he’s gay but I wouldnt call him queeny. I bet all the guys complaining are so super butch.

    • Fazz

      Not Queeny at all.. you’re completely right on that point.

      I don’t get why some gay men have the need to stereotype against one’s own community, and judge individuals in that community with a somewhat hetero centric point of view. The “butch” gay man fulfills some sort of impossible dream.

      It allows them to fantasize that they are sleeping with or dating, a straight man.
      The need to be “normal” and to act in a manner that conforms with established norms, would seem to be a driving force for these people, as well as shame in the gay lives they lead. For that purpose they see them selves as having the right to impose that norm on other gay men.

      There are feminine gay men, and there are some that are very masculine, very “butch”. That’s what makes our community so amazing, we are people from all walks of life..

      But it often seems that the word “Queeny” is used in a derogatory way.

      It’s about self loathing, and it’s about bigotry.

    • Paschal

      Relax, dude.

      De gustibus non disputatum. Word up.

    • Ryder25

      Let’s keep it real here. This guy is very hot physically, but he IS REALLY QUEENY! There’s nothing wrong with it, but it turns some people off. The effeminate personality ruins the physical attraction for me, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a great guy.

    • jirojiro

      yeah i don’t see any queeny side of him. just a soft spoken-well mannered non butch. smoldering hot guy!!

  • Effie

    Gorgeous man, beautiful eyes and an amazing dick! Hope he goes beyond this solo and fucks the hell out of RB’s big butt power bottom (Chip, Brett & Porter).

  • Auggy

    Definitely a cutie. I love his smile. He has very straight, very white teeth. His eyes are a gorgeous and bright green (and not at all “haunting” like RB said). He’s a dancer and it shows because his body is fit and tight. Yes, he was a little effeminate but it didn’t bother me much. I actually liked his personality, he reminds me a lot of Dru (from CF) because they both have that happy, carefree, and flirtatious aura about them. And Kurt having a donkey-dick is always a plus too. ;) I’m actually anticipating his topping (hopefully) update more than his bottoming though. He could wreak havoc on a lot of the asses at RB. :)

  • porndog

    The guy is gorgeous. There’s nothing about him I don’t like. Yes, there’s a little sugar there, but just the right amount to make him approachable. I just hope the big studios don’t snap him up before he does hot scenes at RB. I really appreciate RB didn’t airbrush, tweeze, and put a ton of makeup on him, and make him look cartoonish as they seem to like doing with their models.

    • FeydRautha

      I’m actually glad to hear there’s “a bit of sugar in the tank.” It tells me that he’s actually going to be into the sex. Much preferable to a straight “fitness model” hopped up on ED meds (see: Ace DeCarlo).

    • porndog

      Too true. As much as str8 guys are a fetish for me, we all know their GFP performances are mostly forced and not hot. Every GFP model should be paired with a gay model to heat things up and keep it real.

  • sliderboi

    obviously someone is listening here at waybig, just a couple of comments about a pornstar, and he appears!

    steaming hot! wish they’d let him keep the nipple ring in. instant boner (and pre-cum) material. just one pic of his anus and i start to drool (from my mouth, too! ;-)).

  • sliderboi

    steaming hot.

  • sliderboi

    i hope he is allowed to keep his nipple ring in for the next shoot.

    instant boner material.

  • dio

    kinda on the feminine side… the way he gasps while jerking it is a little much. I can only guess he’ll be vocal and flail-y. LOL Nice body & d!ck, though I’m iffy about his face… the facial hair + hair make me weary. I’d love to see him paired with Gabriel…! @_@

  • humanoid

    from these tempting photos, i would say he’s the best of the month…. love to see him getting plowed in the ass senseless by some big cocks!!!

  • FeydRautha

    Okay, I just watched the preview to see what the fuss was all about. Talk about blowing things out of proportion! I was expecting a Birkin bag to hit me in the face as soon as he opened his mouth. He’s lispy, but he’s not Chris-Colfer-I-could’ve-sworn-that-was-a-girl bad.

    Wow, that dick!

  • figkikeron


  • limn

    He’s a bit surprisingly feminine but other than that he’s very hot overall.

  • Jazz

    He is fucking gorgeous. Would love to see him in a flip flop with Malachi Marx!!!

    • King Henry VIII

      No Dammit keep that” I’m just doing research overrated
      oldie” away from MY KURT

    • Auggy

      Gotta agree with King Henry. I was never a fan of Marx. The Kurt scenes I’m highly anticipating and praying for involve Andrew/Ty, Brett, Nicco, Nick, Trent, Gabriel, Chris Bines, Riley Price, and Porter’s Boyfriend (I can never remember his name ;) ).

  • moondoggy

    Damn. I don’t care what he sounds or acts like — this is what a man should look like!!!! Yum, yum, yum.

    P.S. Yum.

    • humanoid

      so true.. i wouldn’t fuck a manly man who looks like rush limbaugh anyway!

      and he’s not as girly as Nicco Sky either!

  • kd

    amazing body and good looking. Hopefully RB does not screw up w/ they get him together w/ another guy. No longer a member but when I was I got real disappointed w/ their videos. They get some of the hottest guys but can’t get the videos right.

  • Mike

    No complaints here.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    This guy is SOOO FUGLY! That is one saggy ass! The worst is that he covers his balding combing his long hair over his big ass forehead! Meh! If he would accept the inevitable and buzz cut his hair he would look really cute because he has beautiful eyes!

    • porndog

      Uh, I believe if you look at the pics again, you’ll see one of him holding his hair back FROM his forehead. No receding hairline here.

    • fresero_abre_culos

      That pic shows that he is balding! It doesn’t show the real receding hairline because the pic is air brushed (as usual from RB). If you see the side it shows it clearly!

    • Neo

      You’re whole comment is fuckin stupid. You say he’s FUGLY. Then you say if he had a buzz cut he’d be “really cute.” So it’s hair that you are attracted to and not the person? Fuckin weirdo.

    • humanoid

      fresero sometimes can be very confused – he regurgitates his own vomit too much and too often….

    • Yoyo

      Ur dumb as shit

    • fresero_abre_culos

      Neo: My comment is not stupid you are just mentally challenged so you are unable to understand my point. As is this guy is FUGLY! Only a dumbass like you would not see that the right hair cut can make a person look better or worse.

      Yoyo well not as dumb as your mother who forgot her birth control and ended up knocked up with you!

      Himanoid i’m not even going to bother with it!

    • Neo

      Go play in traffic man. You’re not needed here.

  • Flavian

    Beautiful eyes, Sexy body, This guy is hot!!!

    on mute….

  • jayjay27

    I agree about cutting the hair. Love me a man with a buzz cut and scruff, especially with those looks! Yummy!

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Really cute guy! Actually goes downhill some after he takes off his briefs, especially in the rear.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Oh, and I think his hair is great. Adds to the already-high appeal.

    • Mike

      Strangely enough, I like the ass on this guy. I like the long hair, but I have to admit that he looks the hottest in the pic where he pulled the hair off his forehead.

  • BladeX

    After actually watching the video I really did not get effeminate from him at all. Really nice and sweet, but not “clutch the pearls” as they say:) I am not one that goes for size at all, if fact I prefer average to small, but I have to admit that is one beautiful male appendage. I love how hard he is from the start. I am really looking forward to see him matched will a model with great oral skills.

    I hope he is paired with Diego Sans, Malachi Marx, Reese Rideout, and my all time favorite Nicco Sky. Hopefully he will not be paired with Chris Rockway. Randy Blue continues to have some of the hottest models on the web.

  • twinkemopunk808

    he looks just like one of my exs- minus the beard & fem voice.. i love boys with long hair- fun to rub and pull on..

  • Neo

    I actually don’t even want to see him paired with anyone from RB. He’s just too fuckin hot. Reminds me of my buddy that moved away. Now the negative: He’s just a little too fem, but I’d get over it lmao Oh, and it looks like his ass has taken a few beatings already.

  • hollyboy

    I go to the same gym he does in LA and I and from what I have seen, he is neither effeminate or has a balding hair — and I have some kind of a hawk’s eye.

    • porndog

      Be sure to tell him he’s def appreciated here! lol!

  • Lady GaGa


  • sheesh

    I guarantee the posters on this site who cry the loudest about hating queeny guys have a lot in common with those anti-gay politicians they find traveling around Europe with rentboys or getting handjobs in airport bathrooms.

  • Will

    He’s hot. Love the scruff. I don’t normally like long hair on guys, but the shaggy look works for him. He also has a nice smile and expressive eyes. Beautiful cock, though it seems almost certain he is a bottom (not based on mannerisms, but based on the fact that most of his tats are placed to be viewed from behind).

    Yeah, his voice does sound a little soft and high-pitched on the vid, but it could be nervousness or it could just be the voice nature dealt him. It isn’t like he morphing into Bobby Trendy or shrieking “faaaabulous, guurrrrlfriend.” Lets see and hear him in action before declaring he is the Queen of L.A. based on less than 6 seconds of audio.

  • Effie

    Read through replies and only one negative response (no surprise from the poster though). This man is just gorgeous! Those eyes, the hair, the boyish smile, those legs, those thighs and of course that perfect dick and well defined ass! Please pair him with RB’s resident top bottoms (Chip, Diego, Brett and Porter). I caf decide who he should bottom for though but a flip flop with Johnny Hazzard would be nice

  • Effie

    I meant I can’t decide. Still can’t decide. I feel like RB has more bottom material worthy models than top ones.

  • Guy

    Now this guy is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is pornSTAR material. Face, body, dick, and ass, this guy has it all.

    The hair is perfect BTW.

  • clusterfuck

    Not bad, but he could use wider shoulders.

  • Daniel

    Gorgeous guy.

  • seymour dix

    Beautiful, most of us can agree about this one :)

  • mitsaso

    Woah. Husband material!!!
    Can you just imagine waking up next to THIS every morning? He can sate the needs of every top or bottom I can imagine…

    I hope he does a flip-flop with Diego Sans or Chip Tanner STAT!

  • jirojiro

    Well.really handsome. beautiful eyes. great body. although could buff up a bit, like, REALLY just a bit. and come on guys, i thought he was that effeminate. HE’S JUST FRIENDLY!! according to my list he’s a 9/10 just because i’m not diggin the hairstyle

  • christophere

    I know this dude. He’s “Straight”.

  • eticketridethemovie

    Check Quinn out in the Kickstarter campaign video for his film E Ticket Ride:

    • von schlomo

      Mmmmmmm, I’d hit it!