DirtyTony: Clayton Archer Humps Glen Woods

Clayton Archer Humps Glen Woods at DirtyTony

Clayton Archer Humps Glen Woods at DirtyTony

Clayton Archer Humps Glen Woods at DirtyTony

Clayton Archer Humps Glen Woods at DirtyTony

Clayton Archer Humps Glen Woods at DirtyTony

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DirtyTony wrote:

Super cute and slender bi-curious blonde, Glen Woods, is here in the studio today to get violated by our DT veteran, muscle-bound and ultra-tanned, Clayton Archer, a private meating between Texans. The two begin by filling out each other’s sexual survey, discovering that they share similar beliefs about kissing men, disliking watersports and not really comprehending the point of armpit worship. Glen leans in first and starts tenderly kissing Clayton, as his hands find themselves gently rubbing his legs, steadily making their way toward the throbbing bulge about a foot away. Clayton squirms as he really gets into making out with Glen. He pulls his face away quickly to get a good look at Glen’s adorable face before taking the plunge again, passionately locking lips and tasting the inside of his soft pink mouth. Unable to keeps his hands off of Glen, Clayton unbuttons his shirt and pulls his shorts down to swallow that hot cock all the way to his lightly colored bush. Expertly working his dick until most of the blood in his body occupies it, Clayton speeds up his pace shoving Glen closer and closer to busting his salty load down the back of his snug throat. Avoiding the collision of orgasm and tonsils like an expert racecar driver, Glen swerves away at the last second and instead unleashes Clayton’s thick pulsating cock from his shorts, quickly shoving it as far into his face as he can fit it. After receiving a thorough throating, Clayton asks if Glen is ready to get fucked, to which the only reply was a smirk as Glen leans back on the sofa and puts his legs over Clayton’s shoulders, granting silent access to enter his sweet straight-guy hole. Clayton immediately goes to work fucking Glen every way from Sunday, really hitting his insanely sensitive prostate and thoroughly showing him all of the reasons he truly loves getting fucked up the ass. Next, Clayton turns Glen’s legs to the side and squeezes them together making his manhole even tighter to squeeze his swollen hard cock in and out of, as Glen lets out uncontrolled moan after moan and Clayton leans in to make out with him some more. Finally, Clayton pushes Glen down into doggy and really lays into him like a wrecking ball, knocking out all of the support beams and leveling both of their pleasure centers. For the final act of corruption, Clayton pulls his thick meat out Glen’s gasping rectum and launches what looks like at least 3 pints of pearly white man juice all over Glen’s pretty mouth. God sure did bless Texas!

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  • Jazz

    Glen Woods is such a cutie and I would love to fuck him!

    • ei8htinches

      i’ll second that

  • tyler

    Glen makes me wanna Top. Clayton makes me glad i am a bottom.

    • beirut

      and you are cute as hell ;) (excuse the sleaziness of the comment :P)

  • elmtree

    I enjoy Clayton more as a bottom but I’ll take him any way I can get him…yum!

    • LA Clergy

      Totally agree here. Clayton is hotter as a bottom. Glen on the other hand is an amazing bottom. I’d love to top him. He has been in my fantasies for awhile.

  • dio

    good pairing. Both guys have always seemed into their scenes, so I can only assume they’d be scorching 2gether.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Glenn Woods is “all woman” and yet i find him so sleazy and hot! This is a hot dirty scene!

  • FeydRautha

    Bi-curious?! How many guys do you gotta get fucked by before you’ve satisfied your curiosity?

    • porndog

      LOL!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

  • Flavian

    I Fucking love Glenn Woods! Anything with him is hot

  • Mike

    Love Glen Woods. Nothing much I wouldn’t do with him/to him.

  • danni

    sweet cum shot

  • Established One

    Not bad…not bad at all.

  • porndog

    Nothing to add. Glen Woods is a dream. Clayton is hot! The last shower pic of Glen he looks like a little boy (not hot).

  • Neo


  • Daniel

    Two hotties here – tick!

  • MaV

    Glen Woods is my favorite new model on Dirty Tony, love blonde and hairy guys!