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DirtyTony: Anthony Rex Fucks Billy Santoro

Anthony Rex Fucks Billy Santoro at DirtyTony

Anthony Rex has decided he wants to get into yoga, and Billy Santoro is just the man to give him some proper instruction. Billy starts off, as all good yoga instructors would, showing his new pupil proper stretching and breathing.

DirtyTony: Liam Santiago Fucks Reid Hartley

Liam Santiago Fucks Reid Hartley at DirtyTony

Liam Santiago’s favorite pastime is talking about how much he can lift. This giant is twice Reid Hartley’s size and he is ready to compare. In fact, Reid is just the right size for Liam to lift for a little exercise. He grabs the smaller Latino in a bridal carry and tosses him up in the air a couple times.

DirtyTony: Conor Michaels (Casting Couch)

Conor Michaels (Casting Couch) at DirtyTony

Conor Michaels has done some dancing at a few night clubs. But this is his first experience with porn. He loved all the attention he was getting from the girls when he was on stage. Sometimes thousands of them. One time, after putting on a private show, a girl from the audience gave him a blow job right in the open at the restaurant.

DirtyTony: Brennan Malak (Gets A Hand)

Brennan Malak (Gets A Hand) at DirtyTony

Brennan Malak is a good ol’ boy from the hill country of Texas. He says people tell him that he sounds gay all the time because of his voice and his accent. He even admits, “Maybe I am gay, and I just don’t know it yet”. He’s had a couple blowjobs from guys, but never has gone any further than that. He’s telling me his stories, but I’m distracted by his hairy legs and forearms, and his big white smile.

DirtyTony: Tripp (Casting Couch)

Tripp (Casting Couch) at DirtyTony

Tripp thinks he’s qualified to do porn because he’s in great shape from lifting and swimming. He’s pretty horny today because he never jerks off. The only time he cums is when he’s having sex with a “pretty lady”. As soon as I give him the go ahead, he’s pawing at his zipper like a bear trying to get at a picnic basket.

Watch Tripp at DirtyTony

DirtyTony: Dayton O’Connor, Colton Long & Adrian

Dayton O'Connor, Colton Long & Adrian at DirtyTony

Dayton O’Connor is entertaining two new boys in my living room today. He comes up with a game of strip poker that moves a little faster. As the boys draw cards, they strip off item after item until Adrian is completely naked and his big uncut boner is out for all to admire. Colton Long pulls off his underwear next, revealing and equally long schlong.

Watch Dayton O’Connor, Colton Long & Adrian at

DirtyTony: Damian North (Casting Couch)

Damian North (Casting Couch) at DirtyTony

Damian North spends his days surfing the Southern California Coast and his nights bartending in a local bar. He gets laid more often than not, since he’s got access to lots of lovely ladies every night of the week.

Watch Damian North at

DirtyTony: Caleb Colton Fucks George Glass

Caleb Colton Fucks George Glass at DirtyTony

George gets on all fours, offering his ass from behind to Caleb – still wearing the jockstrap. Caleb jams his member into George, grabbing the jockstrap for traction…

Watch Caleb Colton Fucks George Glass at

DirtyTony: Joey Rico Fucks Jordan Thomas

Joey Rico Fucks Jordan Thomas at DirtyTony

Jordan starts kissing Joey’s ribbed tan stomach, then pulls his shirt up more to get to the rock hard tattooed pecs. As Jordan works his way closer to Joey’s fly, something starts to swell in Joey’s jeans…

Watch Joey Rico Fucks Jordan Thomas at

DirtyTony: Joe Gets Dirty

Joe Gets Dirty at DirtyTony

When I first laid eyes on Joe, I immediately got a boner. He’s got the look of a guy who keeps in shape by spending a lot of time outdoors and playing sports. His muscular body is covered with tattoos…

Watch Joe Gets Dirty at

DirtyTony: Joey Rico (Casting Couch)

Joey Rico (Casting Couch) at DirtyTony

Joey Rico is a sexy tattooed latino from San Diego. He was the kind of guy who was popular with the girls in high school. But he’s been popular with the guys since he got out…

Watch Joey Rico (Casting Couch) at

DirtyTony: America Fucks Caleb Colton

America Fucks Caleb Coltonat DirtyTony

When he finds out that America’s cock is too big for his girlfriend to suck, Caleb is all about finding a solution…

Watch America Fucks Caleb Colton at

DirtyTony: Timo Swift Tags Trent Atkins

Timo Swift Tags Trent Atkins at DirtyTony

Timo Swift and Trent Atkins are two super sexy ripped studs, that just couldn’t wait to meet. Both are athletes, both have big blue eyes and are stunning to look at, but I’m not quite sure which one of them has the bigger libido!

Watch Timo Swift Tags Trent Atkins at

DirtyTony: Francisco Fucks Blake Bjorn

Francisco Fucks Blake Bjorn at DirtyTony

Blake and Francisco are sitting in my bedroom, waiting to go hit the town for the night. Since they have a little time to kill, they decide to play a little game Blake learned with his college buddies. Needless to say, it involves cards and taking clothes off. Before long, Francisco’s stiff uncut dick is sliding down Blake’s ready throat.

Watch Francisco & Blake Bjorn at

DirtyTony: Timo Swift Fucks Max Morgan

Timo Swift Fucks Max Morgan at DirtyTony

Timo shuts off the shower and Max wastes no time going down onto the hardened pecker before him. Timo moans out loud while Max deep throats his penis and pushes his head down hard. Timo bends over and Max rims him a bit before collecting his reward; Timo’s mouth! Timo sucks and slurps on Max’s hard-on before they take off for the bedroom. Max heads to the bed and Timo pushes him face down and spits on Max’s boy hole before jamming his mile long dong into him

Watch Timo Swift Fucks Max Morgan at DirtyTony

DirtyTony: Ryan Lynch Fucks Anthony Rex

Ryan Lynch Fucks Anthony Rex at DirtyTony

Ryan Lynch and Anthony Rex are young, horny, and full of cum! Ryan is a sharp young man with a quick sense of humor and a huge libido to match the size of his monster cock…

Watch Ryan Lynch Fucks Anthony Rex at DirtyTony

DirtyTony: Conner Chesney Nails Clayton Archer

Conner Chesney Nails Clayton Archer at DirtyTony

Clayton and Conner get some good chatting in, learning about what they each like to do. It happens to be that they share an interest in motorcycles. The boys get up and decide to get measurements of their bodies and compare with each other…

Watch Conner Chesney Nails Clayton Archer at DirtyTony

DirtyTony: Bradley Rose Meets Dustin Wyler

Bradley Rose Meets Dustin Wyler at DirtyTony

They don’t waste any time in getting each others shirts off and Dustin licks and kisses Bradley’s chisled hairy chest while unbuckling his belt. He pulls out his dick and starts sucking and swallowing Bradley’s hard cock…

Watch Bradley Rose Meets Dustin Wyler at DirtyTony

DirtyTony: Dustin Wyler (Casting Couch)

Dustin Wyler (Casting Couch) at DirtyTony

Dustin Wyler is one ambitious young man. A very broke, straight, handsome, young man (my favorite kind). He knows what he wants and will do just about anything to get it. Anything. He tried the gay for pay thing once before about five years ago, and decided he was ready to give it another shot…

Watch Dustin Wyler at DirtyTony