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AmateurCollegeSex: Jackie Rides Sean

Jackie Rides Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Jackie Rides Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Jackie Rides Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Jackie Rides Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Jackie Rides Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Jackie Rides Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Jackie & Sean at

ACS wrote:

Handsome new freshman Sean and gorgeous new coed Jackie are a perfect match for each other physically. You never know until you get a guy and a girl together if the chemistry is going to spark. And in their case, it definitely did!

Sean and Jackie kiss and are instantly all over each other. Sean wastes no time in getting Jackie’s pants off and eating her out. She’s almost as quick in getting his pants off so she can suck his cock.

Jackie goes all the way down on Sean’s dick, sucking him hard and deep. Sean lays down so she can 69 him. She shoves his big cock down her throat and he licks and teases her wet pussy with his tongue.

Sean flips her over, and kisses his way up to Jackie’s lips. He spits on his hand to lube up his dick before sliding it into her. She moans with pleasure as he penetrates her. Jackie yelps as Sean grinds his cock even deeper inside her.

Sean pulls Jackie on top of him so she can ride his cock. She bounces up and down. He squeezes her perfect ass, then smacks it as he drills up into her.

Jackie whimpers with pleasure as she enjoys every inch of Sean’s cock. She gets in a reverse cowgirl and lays all the way back on top of him. Sean stuffs his cock all the way inside her.

Sean gets Jackie into a doggy-style position. Pulling her back by the shoulder, he pounds her from behind. He pulls one of her legs high up into the air and slams his cock into her from the side.

Jackie gets fucked facedown on the mattress. Sean shoves his dick into her faster and faster. Moving back into doggy-style, he fucks her harder. Sean pulls out just in time to blast a huge load of cum all over her back and ass.

Watch Jackie & Sean at

  • kinezo

    this guy is yum. get one of the guys to service him until he explodes in their mouth followed by hot passionate kissing =)

  • Riley

    Well at least we know who came to dinner at that dinner table in unlimited 1 uhhh. has any one seen my barf bag anyone? Sean needs to be on the guy side of things ASAP he will def. look better.Here it just looks like…….

    Why do some guys if not all pull hair? i don’t get that . Don’t he know he could have pulled some…… Never mind

  • Riley

    When is going to do guys for petes sake?

  • MarhVehl

    Bitch gotta shave.

    • littlebird

      I second that. I thought she had a squirrel hanging out of there.

    • whitestealth

      Oh, PLEASE!!!! Can’t you let us have ONE good looking guy who hasn’t shaved? What are you people anyway? Afraid of a little hair.

      Damn you to hell for even suggesting it! Leave this perfection alone!

    • Ricardo27

      Umm.. they’re talking about the girl.

    • jake


  • littlebird

    First of all, she has no damn breasts, save for her vagina, I would have never known it was a female.

    Secondly, this was predictable. Get a hot guy, he fucks a girl, even though he states he’s bi, so you’ve basically got a green light on pairing him with one of the guys already there.

    This is a fail x184938240932. What the hell is up at CF, they’re just on a shitty roll this week.

    As far as we know we’ll get Delila and Valerie in a scene tomorrow.

    • Riley

      Nope The Hulk Aiden and Connor is the ACM update.

    • whitestealth

      The still pix alone of this stunner were worth the update. For all I care he could have done a farrowing pig.

      CF has to keep ACS supplied, too, you know. He’ll be with guys soon enough, so stop commplaining.

    • littlebird

      When something is not to your taste, you can say what you please, and I will do that same.

  • Jazz

    If you think this is bad, next he’ll probably get fucked by Dawson. Then I’ll be totally DONE!

    • 007james

      ha…Jazz you are too funny!

  • BrianRatliff

    Sean is tainted merchandise now…proceed with extreme caution. That said, nice vagina bush.

  • scottnyer

    sean is really very GQ hot. He should try real modeling and not porn.

    jackie is sort of pretty but I do enjoy seeing a woman with bigger boobs.

    • whitestealth

      Sean is hot enough for real modelling. Although there is a lot of competition. And though his teeth seem OK to me, someone did make a comment about them.

      I hope he stays with CF to give us a few memorable scenes, anyway.

  • KingSize

    Jackie is cute but Jesus where is her boobs! Get my Val back pronto!!!!

  • porndog

    The new girl is closer to a dude. Maybe that’s a plus for a bi-guy! She is pretty flat-chested and not curvy at all. Now that the preliminaries are over, we can get to the real show.

    • FeydRautha

      Michael Lucas once interviewed this bisexual for one of his audition videos and he asked, “So what do you fantasize about? Trannies? Hermaphrodites?” LOL!

  • Auggy

    Aww…Jackie is cute, I like her a lot, but seriously her body at on point reminded me some much of Justin. Especially when Sean was fucking her in the “flying fish sandwich” position (6th picture from the bottom).

  • FeydRautha

    *averts eyes while scrolling down, catches a glimpse, vomits violently*

    Now get him with the guys where he belongs!!

    Anyone got any tips on cleaning puke from a keyboard?

  • Bradster

    Saw this update.

    He’s by far the hottest guy on the site. I just pray he’s not paired up with Dawson, Quinn, or Kenny.

    • Ricardo27

      You’re asking for too much lol

    • whitestealth

      Don’t know why people hate Dawson so much. He has been around for a while, but he has REALLY kept himself in shape. And I don’t think he is as full of himself as Connor is.

      As for Kenny or Quinn, if he stays around a while, he’ll get to the good ones, whomever that is for you, no matter who he starts with.

    • clusterfuck

      Dawson doesn’t belong to a porn website that advertises itself as straight college men.

      (1) Dawson’s had more sex with men than some gays on here (not me, though lol). Dawson str8?!? Hahaha!!!

      (2) Dawson’s been in “college” so long he should have a PhD in sucking young guys’ toes by now

      (3) If I want to watch intergenerational porn, I’ll go to Jake Cruise. Dawson, even with his hair plugs and shell necklaces, doesn’t belong with the real college age guys on CF.

      At least Connor hasn’t been around as long and as overexposed as Dawson. Plus, Connor actually has a dick for porn. Only Dawson’s forehead is bigger.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Is this garbage supposed to make me MORE interested in Sean? Instead it had the opposite effect.

    Apparently they’ve abandoned the one good idea they had — exiling the het shit to Corbin’s Coeds and the bi stuff to Guys Gone Bi. Par for the course.

    For anyone who hasn’t noticed, the ACM update is already posted: “Connor Takes All of Aiden.”

  • IMnotJazmineIMAladdin

    Lucky b**ch

  • Amnesia

    Disgusting tbh.But still better than being paired with Dawson.

  • Effie

    So glad he’s back even if it means it involves some vagina. Aiden and Austin next please!!!!’

  • fresero_abre_culos

    What the fuck is straight porn doing in a gay blog! This is disgusting!

    • whitestealth

      I am sure that is what the Southern Baptists are saying too! lol!

    • FeydRautha


      WTF is that supposed to mean?! If this were a straight porn blog, posting gay porn WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED! I suppose you’ll say that’s coz they’re not as enlightened as we are or some such shit…

      But you’re 35+, so I guess you’re used to acquiescing to straights…

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @FeydRautha Why deflate a point about tolerance by throwing in an ageist stereotype?

  • twinkemopunk808

    sean is really one of the best looking dudes on here recently- however ive said it before and it is real clear in the 1st pic. his eyebrows are way overdone! id still ride him too tho..

  • Hunter

    You gotta admit it. Gay porn is the only time you would be able to get away with showing the other side of a performers sexual encounters to only promote the performers.

    Never the less, he looks good. But to who said he was the hottest on the site. Man, Cain/ Aiden has it ALL your looking for in the male body. They have the face, body AND cock. Best over all bottom, Austin, nice, EVERYTHING.I even like those little eyes on him.

  • whitestealth

    Man, Sean’s face is dreamy! Love those green eyes. Don’t think his eyebrows are over done. I remember David White in a Playgirl issue in 1978 with those kind of eyebrows. Took my breath away. Of course, I was a virgin then. lol

  • mf1

    She is more physically matched with jake cruise. God why don’t these girls do some more to get in shape. I know how a beautiful hot girl looks like!
    Feel bad for sean. He just needs some hot guy to fuck!

  • Res1

    The photoshop makes him cute just like it does Brad Pitt.

  • Daniel

    Can’t wait for Sean to get off his training wheels.

  • jake

    Ok I’m not the one to dis, but the guy said he’s gay and you give him a hairy, titless, no assed girl. I mean,this is sad. Like her hair though

  • Established One

    Wow, Sean is so damn hot and sexy. I love everything about him. I’d love to see him and Cain together. It’s a definite YES for me.

  • ei8htinches

    he’s hot, but his face looks like the girl from twilight hahahaha

    • Flavian

      You might have ruined him for me cause I hate that bitch from Twilight.

    • frankenstein

      i think he looks more like penn badgley.

  • Mik

    Sean’s chest is bigger than her boobs.

  • Bobo

    Oh my god he does look like the bella chick off twilight. Ur sooo right!!

    • ventrue

      It’s proved again,the gorgeous men having female feature face. lol

  • mf1

    Bella looked boyish anyway

  • Daniel91

    I noticed something about him who ins’t perfect… Do you guys didn’t notice he doens’t smile too much? Look his last movie and pay attention to his teeth… ;)

  • Daniel91

    pay attention to his smile on the end of the solo movie… he ins’t perfect… =/

  • gello

    hello do you know where can i download the video?any links there or torrent?thanks…

  • gello

    hello guys…do you have a link for this video?or torrent?thanks very much…:)