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Fratmen.TV: Fratmen’s Greatest Shots 4

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 4 at

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 4 at

Fratmen's Greatest Shots 4 at

The cum shot collections have always been a member favorite at Fratmen. Here’s the fourth version of the collection.

Watch Fratmen’s Greatest Shots 4 at Fratmen.TV

  • Bradster

    What is up with this site’s love affair with compilations? Rehashing old clips into a new update is a really lazy way to run a website.

    • moondoggy

      At least they don’t frame it with the fratmen sitting around the kitchen table reminiscing about their favorite scenes over slices of cheesecake. I wouldn’t jack off to that with Bea Arthur’s dick.

    • Bradster

      Can you imagine if we combined CF’s ineptitude with FM’s crappy work ethics?

      It’ll be a constant flow of updates like “Grandma Dawson’s Greatest Fake Orgasmic Seizures” and “Grandma Dawson’s Greatest Foot Licking”

  • Jazz

    I think Fratmen is done. They just need to pack it up.


    The guys are so hott….I wish they’d do more.

  • cheng1989

    I see shay, isn’t he perfect?!

    • Fazz

      He really is!!!

  • Jazz

    Shay was the best thing to happen to Fratmen. I wish he would go to another site so we could see him in some hardcore action.

    • Nate

      Preach it! I been praying for him to breakaway and do hardcore mansex somewhere he is delicious

  • scottnyer

    i like the 4 man on a bed shot. It’s interesting. They look like statues.

    • FeydRautha

      That’s cuz they’re concentrating on the straight porn that’s playing on the widescreen in front of them…

      Yes, even the gay twin. Sicko… :P

  • fresero_abre_culos

    It’s like when you open a garbage can and you look inside it! Meh! Waste of time. The guys are hot and have good bodies but if they are “straight” and they don’t have any action, what’s the point? Meh!

  • von schlomo

    Yeah, with the barrage of compilations and rehashed footage from the Pad I’m wondering what’s up with the site’s management. Did ole John sell it or something? It’s never been this bad.

    OTOH, yeah, Shay is perfection, especially before he turned into metrosexual Shay. LOL Best Fratmen or FratPad video ever is Shay’s PPV Pad video with Diego, another near perfect Fratmen dude. Anyone around here seen it?

    • marcus carls

      Yes, that was a good one! If I recall, Shay came twice in that scene. Fucking owned Diego.

  • Mike

    Wow. Didn’t realize how fast Gavin Waters got used up.

  • Established One

    Very nice.

  • Daniel

    The first picture scared the crap out of me.

  • pubert

    The second picture isn’t bad. I subscribed to this site long ago before I knew what a waste of money that would be. The videos were so boring I had to keep fast forwarding to stay awake.

  • Effie

    Only really good looking guy I see is the one with the Justin Bieber hair. Too bad he isn’t on another site. Wouldve been lovely seeing him in some man to man action

  • bmg

    Who’s the tan/blond/blue guy three pics after the red bull?

  • ei8htinches

    this is amazing