CocksureMen: Brady Jensen and Heath Jordan

Brady Jensen and Heath Jordan at

Brady Jensen and Heath Jordan at

Brady Jensen and Heath Jordan at

Brady Jensen and Heath Jordan at

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CocksureMen wrote:

Heads up, guys! Brady Jensen and Heath Jordan are hooking up and they are not about to rush things. Seated on a leather sofa, these two hunks savor every kiss and every stroke. The contrast between Brady’s blond hair and smooth body and Heath’s dark hair and furry torso is a major turn-on. Brady (a Cocksure Men exclusive) gets between Heath’s muscular thighs and goes to town on that big, thick pole. Heath returns the favor as Brady stands above him, moaning with pleasure. The black leather is an especially nice backdrop while Brady’s on his back having his hole eaten out. And just wait until you see Heath’s ass flex as he straddles Brady while getting fucked. All that white jizz shows up nicely against Heath’s hairy six-pack.

  • Brian_26

    Love seeing a beefy, hairy guy getting fucked! YUMMMMM!

    • Fazz

      hear hear!!

  • Axon

    Sick of seeing Brady as a top. When is going to give it up again?

    • jazz

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • porndog

    Good to see Heath again. That is one sexy bear! Oh, and love Brady as usual, altho this would’ve been hotter as a flip.

  • Elmtree

    Damn, Heath is one hot, hairy, beefy power bottom and I like him more and more with each vid. I would luv to fuck him!

    Brady is…well, he’s Brady

  • kdogg

    Holy shit… Heath is so damn hot. The other guy, what’s his name, isn’t really ringing my bell.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Brady is one over used whore! The other guy is cute.

  • Heath should always top. He’s doesn’t look right on the bottom.

  • Daniel


  • Established One

    Heath is nice….I’ll pass on Brady.

  • Ted

    The bottom is really hot, but why did they have to pair him with some kind of crazy super sayan? :P

  • Fazz

    Fuck this looks really hot. I’m glad some of you are starting to see how hot Heath is.

    Love seeing him getting fucked.

  • alias74

    I’m joining the “Heath looks so hot getting fucked” club…

  • twinkemopunk808

    bradys chest is getting way too big! just look at pic the 5th pic up from the bottom- i still think hes hot tho.. now he just needs to get it. too much topping = boring..

  • Blogger

    If your in love with Heath, Trophy says that he gets full coverage on their site. I personally rather see Brady.

    Read it and see.

  • effierum

    I’m With Fazz. I’m glad more people are finding Heath cute now. Something about him is just too cute. Does anyone know whether or not he’s gay for pay and whether or not Brady still claims that he is as well?

    • baz

      Heath used to date Kyle King, so I think it’s safe to say he is in no way gay for pay (which enhances his appeal for me about a thousandfold). As for Brady, I don’t know whether he claims straightness or not.

    • effierum

      Thanks! A scene with Kyle and Heath would be hot! I’m pretty sure Heath has done scenes outside of CSM.

    • von schlomo

      I cannot remember what Brady (Jonah) said when he was at Sean Cody, but I remember reading in several places people saying he’s gay, or at least into dudes in his personal life. The fact he’s never appeared on SG4GE fucking a chic further demonstrates that.

    • Fazz

      I’ve seen on Jensen’s twitter that he identifies him self as Bi… and I’m fine with that.. I mean it really does make him hotter, since he doesn’t seem to front with the whole straight thing since his SC days.

      And Effierum I’m really glad I can count you in on the Heath fan posse ;)

      As you say there is that something about him, that is hard to identify at first glance, but that certain something makes him very appealing.

      For me, it’s the mix of a masculine face, a hairy body, a gorgeous package, and now that I know he’s gay well that just makes his hotness jump just about 1000 points.. So awesome with “out” performers in porn.
      Makes the sex more enjoyable to watch when you know that both parties are enjoying the act without having to use blue pills, or having to imagine them selves fucking a sloppy vagina.

    • effierum

      @von schlomo, I always thought Brady was gay just cause he seemed very into his scene partners but I recently watched his “losing bottom virginity” with Gabe from SC (who I must add was a total dorky hottie) and that was the first time I found out he claimed to be straight.

      As for Heath, I couldn’t agree with you more, Fazz. I wasn’t really into him as first but the more I saw him, the more attractive he gets! He reminds me of a much hotter and thicker Conner Habib

  • muffintop

    Wow, they are REALLY pushing Brady as a top. I’m probably alone in this but I don’t find Brady attractive and he’s boring.