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SeanCody: Jarek & Jamie

Jarek & Jamie at SeanCody

Jarek & Jamie at SeanCody

Jarek & Jamie at SeanCody

Jarek & Jamie at SeanCody

Jarek & Jamie at SeanCody

Watch Jarek & Jamie at

SeanCody wrote:

There is absolutely no holding Jamie back! I remember when I first met him and thought to myself, “I can’t wait to see what else he will be open to…” Mostly because it seemed that he was one with a bit of a wild streak in him. Boy, little did I know what surprises Jamie would have in store!

The same can be said for Jarek and his big uncut dick. He’s been off having some racing adventures and came back hotter and hairier that ever! Their chemistry was instant. Two hot, muscled, semi-hairy guys who get an adrenaline rush out of taking a walk on the wild side…

There was an aggressiveness to both of them — almost as if they were respectively saying “I’m going to fuck you good” and “I’m going to take it and love it.” Jamie was quick to choke on Jarek’s cock to the point where tears came out of his eyes. He was clearly enjoying the face fuck!

There was a lot of rough grabbing and kissing but one thing was for sure — the instant Jamie put his hairy ass in the air it was clear that he wanted it and he wanted it rough! And Jarek’s huge cock did not disappoint. The sight of it plunging in and out of Jamie’s hole was priceless!

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  • David

    Why do they pair Jamie with the average guys so much?

    They need to do a Jamie/Brodie/Dennis 3way. Or at least a Jamie and Brodie
    movie. Whether you like Brodie or
    not, it’s undeniable that he enjoys the sex!

    • I agree with you 100%!
      I really want to see Jamie&Brodie!

  • effierum

    I agree. Jamie’s scenes are always effortless while his partners always lack natural enthusiasm. Brodie and Jamie would be hot. Has he ever been paired with Jess? Better yet, how about a threeway with those 3?!!!

    • Kelo

      Jamie has been paired with Jess but never with Brodie, which I want to see soooo badly. SC better make that happen ASAP.

    • NJS

      Brodie and Jamie WOULD BE nice! Calvin and Jamie should have happened without any unworthy distractions. Still upset about that.

  • Kelo

    I actually screamed “You betta werk, Jamie” while scrolling through these pics. Ugh, I’m such a fangirl. It’s sad.


    • Dave


  • kainne

    jarek and jamie
    aka lame top meets worn out bottom

    … anyone else notice how sc tries reallly hard in the write up to sell this dullfest?

  • I Am Jake

    Yawn. At least Jarek’s hair isn’t AS distracting. I think I’ll wait to download this one too. Maybe while I’m sleeping tonight….

  • Sushi

    “Lame top meets worn out bottom”

    110% correct! Why bring back this fucking tool Jarek, who won’t even suck cock. And why oh why oh why oh why do we need to see Jamie’s stretched out hole again?????

    What is the fucking sense of posting new guys week after week when we only get updates from guys first introduced years ago!!

    A complete waste of time.

    • GAZZAQ

      Absolutley agree with ‘posting new guys week after week when we only get updates from guys first introduced years ago’

      But still loving Jamies he’s Hot…

      Sean get the new guys paired up and soon and I may resume my subscription…

  • anoir

    at first glance on the new update I thought, “didn’t we already see these 2 fuck before?”….

    ….meh whatever, i still love what a cock loving slut jamie is.

  • Phillip

    In contrast to what everyone else has been saying, I enjoyed both Jarek and Jamie. Another good update from SeanCody, in my opinion.

  • samtomez

    Deja vu! Where are the new models?

  • AaronJL

    This is like deja vu all over again. Kinda like how it is when I get home in the morning from work (the first few pics anyway).

    Love Love Love Jamie. Jarek seems pretty into it. Certainly is well equipped.

    I’ll agree wholeheartedly about a duo/3way including Brodie.

  • porndog

    As long as there’s chemistry going, I don’t mind this pairing. Many have been happy about Jamie’s return, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing him on the regular. I don’t mind Jarek either (that much), and it looks like this is a good match-up.

    But like everyone else, I’m eager to see the new guys in action rather than two regulars together, and at least a top who’ll suck dick. I expect the weekend update to be awesome rather than just alright.

    In conclusion, we’d better be seeing some new talent soon or I’ll have to cancel my membership…yet again.

    • FeydRautha

      There’s no chemistry. Just look at Jarek’s closed-mouth kissing. I hate watching his scenes; the camera’s constantly shifting because he can’t keep it up for more than two minutes at a time. Sends me into an epileptic fit.

    • Info

      Have you seen this video, Feyd?

    • porndog

      OK, having watched the vid, there is def chemistry. And Jarek’s kissing was very passionate and not closed-mouth. Who could with Jamie? These two were totally into it.

  • Guy

    I think this looks hot. I’ll be checking it out. Not the freshest newest pairing, but both guys are on game, so nothing to complain about in my opinion.

  • fresero_abre_culos


    • AaronJL


    • fresero_abre_culos


    • Phillip

      Lol, dick.

    • humanoid

      hehehehehe… meow!

    • fresero_abre_culos

      We all now that that is what you like up the ass Phillip, don’t have to write about it…

    • sliderboi

      fresero is either a frustrated old queen who’s totally lost her looks and has to rely on money to get anything to mount her (shame she doesn’t actually have much money) *OR* she is a teenaged girl. judging by her last comment, i am tending to think it’s the latter.

      whatever it is, it can’t type either. “i GUES”.

      it sure is fun rattling her cage though.

  • twinkemopunk808

    jarek is really hot and sexy and fine! words just cant describe how hot he is lol

  • Ryder25

    This is like opening the refrigerator and seeing nothing in there but a hunk of cheese that has mold all over it. Tired.

  • Established One

    Very hot update. I gotta say that Jarek is a good power fuck. Jamie as always is a very good bottom.

  • Fazz

    I’m sad that such a cute, voracious bottom like Jamie is bottoming for this douche ass bag ( Jarek )……

    I cant stand his face, i cant stand his body language and i certainly cant stand his “I’m not gay if I don’t suck dick, but i can eat ass cause it’s like a vagina” behavior.

    Not to mention his lackluster sexual performance.

    Usually an update with Jamie would mean an automatic YES but this time there is no way in hell i can give this a passing grade..

    SC NEEEEDS to get rid of Jarek ASAP! *sigh*

  • muffintop

    That’s funny, I was just thinking we haven’t seen Jarek in a long time. I didn’t miss him or anything, I was just wondering if he was gone. This looks pretty hot, at least Jarek fixed his hair. I appreciate the body hair on these guys; I don’t understand why some guys feel the need to shave/wax every last hair follicle below the neck.

  • dio

    i find Jarek to be utterly unattractive, and not befitting the ‘only tops’ title, but damn this update was fucking hawt. LOL

  • humanoid

    i would love to see jamie getting double-fisted one day! such a hot slutty bottom!

  • ricardus

    Jamie is such a hottie great legs and hairy, chest too woof

  • Jerome

    Oh my gawd its Jamie <3 <3 <3

    I could care less about the other person, Im only downloading this video to see Jamie's cute ass get pounded!

    They do need some more tops that are willing to suck dick though.

  • etongg1974

    I missed Jamie, and would love to have my way with him.

  • EmpireState

    Jarek’s backside looks pretty tight in the pic where he’s air-fucking the other guy. I dunno why, but I’ve got some love for the nicely built and equipped dude.

  • brad323

    Jamie is just so trailer park. Jarek is hot.

  • assuk

    Have ever Sean Cody made a condom-free scene? anybody knows?

  • Bradster

    Pairing Jarek up with Jamie just emphasizes how nasty and ugly Jarek is. What a waste of an update. Hope Jamie gets paired up with someone equally as hot soon.

  • Daniel

    Would love to see Jarek fucked.

  • DorothyZbornak

    Really, SC should have saved up the dish from the last few scenes (with and without Jamie) and splurged on a Jamie getting gang banged scene. At least it would be different to see how Jamie handles 4 or 5 cocks at once.

  • Torrie

    I’m so sick of Jamie! Watching him get pounded in the ass over and over again is getting boring. Jarek is boring too. Any top who refuses to suck cock can fuck off.

    And here, you people were calling Jess boring. At least he can suck cock!

  • brandon85

    Anyone as eager as Jaime can keep making videos. As for Jarex this is the best he’s looked but he can’t perform. I know some of yall don’t believe these guys are gay but I think Jarex actually is.

  • Aries16

    JAREK is BACK!!!!

    I got to admit I am always a bit on the side for Jarek but today he did finally get into it fucking the shit out of Jamie, I feel though he should make more noice when the flesh is up on the other flesh I feel he still hold back in the fucking machine mode. I say this cause its JAMIE and he can sure take it!!!!

    Now guys really Brodie Limp, Gorilla loking Brodie, I can think of better muscle guys with JAmie, like Toby, Donovan, Mark, but Brodie come on the guy could barely get a hard on the and the cumshots he give are not that spectacular Brodie should infact only be a go to Bottom!!!! point blank…

    Jarek and Ethan would be great or Jarek and Calvin but both flip-flop none of this horse shit top only!!!

  • Juan Diego

    I think Sean Cody has the hottest gay porn on the net. But it would be perfect if they would have a better web page (like Corbin Fisher’s) and they don’t use condoms (like Chaos men).
    No doubt, their models and the quality of their scenes are the best.

    PD. Since that my face and body don’t fit among porn standards, I would like to work as a fluffer at SC.

  • Mike

    Not interested.

  • Jazz

    This scene is blah. I can’t stand Jaime. The fact that they try to pass him off as straight when he is such a flaming queen dick whore just really annoys me. And Jarek is just ok, I guess.

    • NJS

      I think it is dumb to try and say Jamie is straight. Obviously. But what about him screams flaming queen? I don;t see it

    • Juan Diego

      I would give all my salary to Jamie to make him stay with me. So Jazz wouldn’t have to see him around anymore.

  • NJS

    People, did you see what I saw? This was very hot!!

    -No talking, which I love.
    -No dumb ass icebreakers, ie. ring tosses or booty shakes, which I love.
    -Wall slam during a make out, love.
    -Naked dry humping, love
    -Top picking up a bottom, love.
    -No sharp cuts during a position switch, love.

    This update is an all around win for me.

    • tyler

      totally on the money.
      [except sexy jarek’s load shoulda been swallowed by the uberbabe bottombaby jamie]

    • mat

      WIN x2 nothing to add.

  • hollydick

    I want Jarek back BUT as a bottom !!!!

  • BladeX

    I have a feeling this was made much earlier and was just released now, but still what a pointless update. Literally nothing new. Must have been some bad feedback and that is why a new solo what put up so soon. Total disappointment.

  • littlebird

    As long as Jamie’s in it, I’m completely satisfied.

    • Twinkwhore

      I agree – Jamie is smokin hawt and altho he has been in quite a lot of videos, he is a major power bottom that gets totally in to what he does.

      Long may it continue… :D

  • roddick

    ho is jamei?real name?