RandyBlue: Patrick O’Brian 2

Patrick O'Brien 2 at Randy Blue

Patrick O'Brien 2 at Randy Blue

Patrick O'Brien 2 at Randy Blue

Patrick OBrien in a super hot bonus set.


  • dio

    so rare to have all 4 points checked:

    [x] face
    [x] body
    [x] d!ck
    [x] ass

    i’m awed.

    • I Am Jake

      He looked better in his Men At Play photos — personally his body is average for porn, as is his dick and ass. What he does have is a nice face. However, this is his fourth solo scene, so it’s pretty obvious he’s not going to put out — unless Randy Blue’s trying to see how many hits/downloads this gets to up his price to get him to “allow” his dick to be sucked off.

      I’m going to sit here holding my breath waiting for the “great” event.

    • dio

      LMAO @ average body + ass + dick (btw, the rating isn’t for size, it’s for how nice looking the dick is :-P)… VERY FEW male models, let alone nude modes have abs even remotely close to looking as chiseled as this dudes, and he has just the riiiiiiiight amt. of hair sprinkled in certain… places to looks oozes masculine/rugged w/o coming off dirty-looking. It all comes together (face + body + dick + ass) to make a FAR above average, very attractive package.

      i’m not gonna comment on dood’s lack of ‘action’ vids, but speaking strictly wrt. the guy’s looks: he’s top of the top tier. And one of the few dood’s I can say is worth a little straight-guy cock/body worship… makes Cody Cummings look like a back alley trick.

    • Elmtree

      I agree Dio, if this is an “average” body and ass for porn then I must be watching the wrong porn. Damn he’s near flawless imo, particularly his legs and ass. Yum!

      Unfortunately, based on past history, I don’t think we’ll see more from him…too bad.

    • moondoggy

      There’s a fifth point, which I would also check:

      [x] photography

      Beautiful, beautiful post.

  • AaronJL


    Dio, cool rating method. :-)

    I would add:

    [x] sensual
    [x] sexual
    [x] needs to top a hot guy

  • Chuliaka

    No sex?
    Just go away

  • Jazz

    Call me when he has some hot man on man sex!

  • scottnyer

    you guys forgot

    hairy legs
    hairy butt
    nice treasure trail
    nice muscular body

    this dude is HOT!!!

  • baz

    God is this guy STILL being milked for sites without any form of sexual contact with another guy?

    Whatever. Not interested in another Cody Cummings.

  • porndog

    Hot, yes. But he needs to sh**t or get off the pot. He does professional modeling as well. He may as well go to Playgirl and pose for them if he doesn’t want to do gay sex. Otherwise, not interested.

  • danni

    wow, those are some mouth watering hairy legs(cock, too)

  • fresero_abre_culos

    can’t stand parasites like him that live off the money that gays pay. Besides, he is hot but not that much to just look at him, he doesn’t hold a candle against the models during Milan, Paris or London fashion week…

    • Droc

      What a miserable person.

    • fresero_abre_culos

      you? i’m sure you are…

  • EmpireState

    The photos are pretty and all, but where’s the actual porn or sex act here? Gimme!

  • manu

    I love this guy , he is so lively and genuine in interviews , he may not want to do anything with guys at the moment and I respect that , but he did a dildo video on Englishlads which is really good! He said he likes being submissive with girls , I’d like to see that.

  • floodboy

    Oh My God! I die!

  • Fazz


    – Franken Thumb

  • Orion Hunter

    RB continues its winning streak of introducing (or in this case, re-introducing) its audience to beautiful men culled from a broad spectrum of shapes, colors and sizes (or at least broader than most mainstream sites).

    Patrick is yet one more fine specimen added to an already impressive roster. I somehow overlooked or missed his earlier work for RB but I’m certainly on the case now.

    I’d like to see him with Gabe Cross, Carlos Ventura, Richard Pierce or Ash Taylor (is he still around??).

  • pubert

    If someone didn’t point out dat thumb he’d be damn near perfect.

    Now I’m repulsed.

  • Tom

    I like his sexy body and that wrestling singlet suits him ! :-P
    What I dislike lil are his miens in this shooting which express excessive narcissism for me.
    But I guess he was asked for that.

  • Phillip


  • dio

    i’m not as against (the tasteful placement of) tats as most, but it is pretty darn amazing that dood’s epic body isn’t marred by any… fear of needles, perhaps? LOL

  • Guy

    So is this guy going to make a career out of stroking his meat? He’s hot and nice looking and all but come on…….

  • Res1

    His body IS hot. It’s his face (his cheek and jaw area is fat) and thumb that doesn’t do it for me.

    • Redboy

      “Jaw area is fat” and his thumb?! I can only assume you are writing this from Mount Olympus where you and the other gods of perfection look down on the common man.

  • Redboy

    WHAT A MAN, what a man, what a mighty good man. All you haters are CRAZY. Not only is this guy perfection, the photography and set are a nice break from the blah-ness of the beach house/suburban motel photos.

  • muffintop

    He’s literally perfect in my eyes. Sensual, handsome face, amazing body, thick, mushroom headed cock, the right amount of body hair in the right places, the list just goes on. I honestly don’t see anything horribly deformed about his thumb. I didn’t notice anything before and I still don’t see anything now.

    I don’t know why this is featured here though. It’s just some bonus photos from his earlier solo. There’s no video accompanying it or anything.

  • Auggy

    Damn. This photoset is amazing.

  • effierum

    Wow he is hot! too bad he’s with RB! Please pair him with Kurt Madison, Chip Tanner, Brent Swanson and Porter Wescott. Those asses needs this dick inside of them!

    • cdman

      I’d suggest pairing him up with Chris Rockway first. Since Rockway rarely bottoms, it’d be cool to see him get pounded (and hear his trademark moaning while bottoming) by a stud like this. He also has a small resembleance to Rockway.

  • hotslimeuroguy

    Can you be any hotter? And yes agree with the pairing up with Chris Rockway… Flip flop would be awesome… Is there any vid of this guy in action?!

    • hotslimeuroguy

      unfortunately, looking at his englishlads profile, it looks like he is straight and won’t do anything with any guy… Hopefully, he will.

  • Twinkwhore

    Wow, love the wrestling gear, very sexy! The first shot alone was enough to turn me on.

  • Daniel

    He looks much better in this set.

  • Established One

    Totally hot…totally YES!

  • Ricku

    I want to see him in action, it will be a blast if i see him do a scene with a guy or maybe a chick i dont care i just want to see him fuck someone its boring if you see him just jerking off

  • Brian_26

    FUCK ME! Please! WOW I love this guy he’s so fucking hot! I’d watch him stand there naked and read the phone book.

  • Neo

    Another solo from this guy?

    Bored now

  • Timah

    Yes we know you can look sexy in a photo, do some man-on-man action or GTFO my porn

    • Neo


      my thoughts exactly

      do some porn or GTFOH

      don’t wanna see no more lame ass photos bitch

  • J

    What’s up with his feet? The look like theyve been burnt

  • 1989

    Where’s the sex, won’t even download this for free

    • Mean Gene

      “Download for free” Do you mean steal?

  • ei8htinches

    wow.. what a nice.. everything.

  • tyler

    i cant get over this guy and his delicious cock head and yummy abs and sweet smattering of hair. fuck me daddy

    • Hotslimeuroguy

      Sure Tyler. :)

    • Hotslimeuroguy

      Sure Tyler. :)
      You would be a nice couple.

  • fyrefly

    God did good–this man is perfection.

  • kiu

    wow k rico eres el mas sexi papito sigue asi bn bn besos komo me gustaria tenerte en la kama

  • CasslovesDean

    i hope his first time is with Kurt. they are so hot !

  • WDave

    At least a dildo. Come onnnn.