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NextDoorBuddies: Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero

Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero at Next Door Buddies

Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero at Next Door Buddies

Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero at Next Door Buddies

Watch Kevin Crows & Anthony Romero at

Next Door Buddies wrote:

Anthony Romero & Kevin Crows are showing off their best assets in this photo shoot gone wild. They’ve got some hot bodies, and some smoking machines between their legs. But it isn’t the ATVs that are revvin’ to go. Let the two of them show you their big boy toys, as they go from riding machines to riding each other in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!

  • AaronJL

    NDB runs hot or cold (IMHO). I knew this was coming because I saw it on another blog, though I didn’t read comments.

    Overall, it works. The ‘almost bottom’ Anthony does look like a guy next door, down the block a bit.

    Kevin Crows does things that makes me get warm all over despite that HUGE tat on his back. I’d have to do him missionary I guess :-D and he just have to do me. Yup, fantasy gene is working today. Whoo hoo!

  • porndog

    I don’t care where he is, I’ll follow Kevin Crows. I’m glad we won’t be seeing him with Jakey; he really dodged a bullet! Anyway, Romero is Austin Wilde’s bf and a beauty. This looks like a hot scene!

    Any votes for Kevin getting his own site at ND?

  • effierum

    Finally this is posted! No complaints here! Both men are totally hot especially Kevin. Thank goodness he’s free from that trollface hag’s website! And Yes he deserves his own site on NDB. Cancel Cody Cummings and Samuel O’Toole’s site (although he is a hot guy, he’s just never fully hard in his scenes) and give their spots to Mr. Crows please!

  • twinkemopunk808

    both are hot & i am in love with kevin’s cumshots.. i think we all are ;)

  • Jazz

    This is so hot that I may just join the site to see this. Btw, what blog do you guys see info on these scenes?

    • jazz


  • Elmtree

    Looks like a hot pairing. Anthony definitely has a nice fuckable ass. And Kevin…well, he’s just near perfection so I’m already hard :)

  • muffintop

    This was hot until they had to finish by jerking themselves off. Very disappointing ending.

    • Daniel

      Say it isn’t so!

  • Established One

    Looks kinda hot.

  • Fazz

    Oh Kebin Crows the things you do to me! *sigh* :D

  • Jared

    I never got the appeal of Anthony Romero. He has an ok face, and ok body, and just an ok performer. I guess b/c his bf is Austin Wilde. But his ass is overrated too. Their scene together was pretty lackluster.

  • mat

    photoshoot looks very hot but the scene is indeed boring and i blame crows; romero is very good in everything he does.very disapponted by the end.

    • elmtree

      I’m going to have to agree with you even tho I LOVE Kevin and think Anthony is pretty hot as well. I just watched this scene and it was a major let down. There was only 4 minutes of actual fucking in the 20 minute video and this 4 minutes was the most boring of the entire film. No insertion shots, a lot of rubber banding, and little to NO shots of Kevin’s cock actually moving in and out of Anthony’s ass. Very lame…

  • pubert

    Kevin really needs to grow some body hair. SOMEWHERE. Not even women are naturally that bald below the neck. Put the fucking razor away and be a man.