SeanCody: Jeffrey & Lance

Jeffrey & Lance at SeanCody

Jeffrey & Lance at SeanCody

Jeffrey & Lance at SeanCody

Jeffrey & Lance at SeanCody

Jeffrey & Lance at SeanCody

Jeffrey & Lance at SeanCody

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Sean Cody wrote:

Lance has always admitted to being a bit wild when it comes to sex, and well, he always looks great with a fat dick in his mouth and and in his ass. It didn’t hit me at first, but he is a few years older than Jeffrey. Lance enjoys the extra experience that comes with age and I thought that he would really enjoy Jeffrey!

There really was no sign that there was an age difference at all. In fact, I think that Jeffrey liked the fact that he was about to fuck someone a few years older so that he could show him what he was capable of. He couldn’t even wait to pop his balls into Lance’s mouth!

And it was on from there. Lance worked on Jeffrey’s cock and balls — in what I would say was an interesting position. Then once Lance was ready to take it, Jeffrey didn’t hold back. He fucked Lance’s hairy hole hard and deep, teasing him with slow strokes and then really pounding into him.

Lance couldn’t stop moaning as he was getting fucked over the weight bench. But Jeffrey likes sucking on a dick too, so he put those skills to work before finally spreading Lance open again, fucking the cum right out of him…

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clusterfuck says:

I guess I’ll download this to listen to Lance beg for cock, even if it’s attached to Jeffrey.

I Am Jake says:

I’ll wait for the mashup — where they mix Lance’s begging with some Gaga and cut Jeffrey out and replace him papa smurf in the video.

nudediver says:

Although I prefer Jeffrey as a bottom, this video is much better than the pictures suggest. The scenes of his thick dick burying it self in & out of Lance’s ass are hot.

dio says:

Jeffrey never fails to looks like an awkward mess topping a dood. LOL I dunno if it’s on account he’s shaken # doing another dood or not, but I’mma guess it’s because he’s used to receiving.

but, Lance plays cockstarved like a pro.

FeydRautha says:

Well, anything was bound to disappoint after Jake & Calvin, but Sean Cody could’ve tried at least. Alas, it’s back to the same old tired (skinny/lanky) tops and worn-out (comparatively large/fat-ass) bottoms. Geez, the faces Lance makes are almost as annoying as Jake Lyons. No, it’s worse; Jake L. is sometimes watchable.

Jazz says:

Well it is unfortunate to have to follow Jake & Calvin.

Nate says:

Wow what a step down from jake/calvin. I can’t even begin to be excited for this. It isnt that they are ugly or horrible performers really its just this pairing isnt interesting at all imo.

Jonny Marzetti says:

Wow, I let my subscription to Sean Cody expire just in time. Is skinny Jeffrey supposed to be porn material? This is just awful. Sean Cody should pay subscribers for watching it, rather than vv.

Fazz says:

I like Jeffrey more and more for every day that goes by.

I didnt really think about this, earlier but he’s very cute. I love his body, his face, his gorgeous eyes and his beautiful penis.

However i do wish that he bottomed again. Loved that video.

effierum says:

I love Lance! Yay for another update with him! Jeffrey is okay but I’ll focus on the other when I get to this video

Auggy says:

Jeffrey is just adorable man. :) I don’t think he’s too skinny or lanky at all — unlike guys like Aaron and Johnny who are practically emaciated — his body has nice balance to it. The issue I have with this update is that Jeff has topped quite a few times, I would’ve preferred if Sean Cody had released another update featuring him bottoming again.

As far as whether this should’ve been released before or after Calvin and Jake? Would it really have mattered. You guys would have still complained about Jeffrey and Lance, either way. Lol. :P

I Am Jake says:

Nope – he’s not too skinny. He’s too EMACIATED.

Ryder25 says:

Very few people look good with a shaved head. This boy is not one of them.

I Am Jake says:

Very exceedingly few guys look good as skin wrapped around small bones. This boy is not one of them.

chewbacca says:

Jeffrey have nice hole. Me want.

samtomez says:

Really? The close-up looks straight out of a science fiction movie.

FeydRautha says:

Jeffrey’s the top, yet it’s his hole getting rimmed/showcased. Ridiculous.

They should’ve had Nolan or Jess fuck him. Kick off a “round-robin” where all the strict tops lose it to each another. Ya hearin’ me, SC?? Get on it!

tyler says:

2 handsome hot guys
if you cant see that youre retarded
jeffrey has an awesome cock and one doesnt have to be hugely buff to be sexy you limited old dweebs

porndog says:

Agreed. In fact, this was so hot, I’ll be watching it again!

FeydRautha says:

Retarded? Limited old dweebs? Name-calling from Pollyanna? What’s the world coming to?

Chuliaka says:

Jeffrey should get fucked.
He got such a beautiful asshole.

DorothyZbornak says:

There’s something off here…. since Donny was fucked by Jeffrey, we’ve had at least 2 Jeffrey vids and none from Donny!!! And the way the camera/editing focuses on Jeffrey despite the fact that he is no adonis leads me to believe that he is the bo of someone in the production staff.

brandon85 says:

I know I actually enjoyed Donny hope he didnt get freaked out by how great it was. BTW I want Richard back bottoming.

AaronJL says:

LOL Tyler. Tellin’ it like it is. I agree. Lance is in my top 10 favorite Sean Cody guys. Jeffrey is in the top 6. Once again, two guys into what they’re doing, and a good pairing.

I agree that Jake & Calvin was a really good update, but comparing apples and oranges is too weird. I bet it’d be a hot foursome though.

porndog says:

Actually, I think Jeffrey is quite cute, too, even tho I really did not like him with Donny. And Lance is a fav as well. Let’s hope Jeffrey bottoms next time by one our fav tops.

AaronJL says:

A side note, to the guys who engaged that ‘creature feature’ in last night’s cat fight:

You gave her WAAAY too much air time. She must have had like 20 orgasms with y’all feeding the frenzy. I didn’t read any of it, but I did notice that it went on forever. Lame. Ignore the bitch and you’ll eventually find peace in Happy Valley again.

SuperDuper says:

LOL. I looked at the response, and it’s definitely the longest I’ve seen on this site. But yeah, I’m always in Happy Valley. :D I can’t take someone like that seriously. I honestly laugh at his comebacks toward others because they’re very comical for sure but all and all over the top.

Torrie says:

Are you fucking kidding me?

P.S. I miss my Jess! :(

Mike says:

Love Lance. So much that I even watched this. Once. I hate the weight room vids, and there’s nothing in this that makes it special.

Jeffrey does nothing for me. (I do like his cock.) But after seeing Brodie fuck him around the room—and seeing those loving closeups of his asshole—I can’t see him as anything as a bottom.

Still…not a keeper.

SuperDuper says:

I really like Lance. He’s funny, and he seems to love cock, so that’s a great thing because me and him seem to have something in common. LOL

Jeffrey is a cutie IMO. He has a nice body. Not buff, but definitely not too skinny, but after seeing him bottom, I only wish he would have done so again. Maybe next time. I might just check this scene out otherwise. Looks like it should be a good one.^^

anoir says:

It does not matter how hot the guys are. The tired old Sean Cody formula just kills the urge to jackoff to excessively produced/edited 200MB clips. Always a rush job to show a little of this and a little of that.

I wish they would just let cameras roll and let the guys do their thing naturally…It would be hotter than anything else Sean Cody is doing these days.

Sushi says:

Lance has done way to many videos, and they should have left him in the “gone but not forgotten” pile. Jeffrey can be gone and forgotten.

After the AWESOMENESS of Jake and Calvin, this is a definite fail.

porndog says:

When I first saw the update yesterday, I was disappointed; not necessarily because of the Jeff and Lance, I was just hoping the next Jeffrey appearance would be as bottom.

But having watched the vid, it was scorchingly hot! Lance is just a cutey and I find his dark looks very sexy, not to mention he can take a pounding with the best of ’em. Jeffrey’s cock never looked better. His dick was granite the entire video, and it was nice seeing him get rimmed; this is rare for Sean Cody these days having the top get rimmed. There was this frenetic chemistry, like they were trying to devour each other. Lance was enthusiastic as usual, and a wonderful performance. This was definitely bone-inspiring!

So, yeah, Sean Cody seems to rush thru the scene with the editing, and this is really becoming a problem. I honestly don’t know what the payoff of doing this is, but they need to stop it. And yes, Jeffrey is rather wooden and reserved, which is why I like him bottoming because he really comes to life.

But this was a hot video from start to finish.

fresero_abre_culos says:


Phillip says:

There’s no way they could have topped Jake and Calvin. Anything after it would have looked like a sack of shit. And that’s exactly what this is… but only compared to Jake and Calvin.

Dave says:

Please, don’t hold back!

Shack of shit… LOL I love it!

brandon85 says:

All this video needs is a top. It has two of Sean Cody best bottoms throw in Jake or Jess and it’d be great.

whitestealth says:

What happened to Donny? He is a good top (and bottom). And Ethan needs to top more, although I suppose most are concerned about his size.

Jeffrey simply does not have the looks for porn…

I want to eat Jeffrey’s super clean hole before he fucks me.