American College Sex: Cain Stuffs Jackie

Cain Stuffs Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

Cain Stuffs Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

Cain Stuffs Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

Cain Stuffs Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

Cain Stuffs Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

Cain’s gotten to play with Jackie during some tag team action. But now, the buff bodybuilder takes his turn with her alone – and gets to go wild with our newest coed!

Alone in the den, Cain kisses Jackie and picks her up, then lays her on the sofa. He quickly starts undressing her. She laughs, saying he can’t wait to get down to business. It’s true, but his mouth is too full of her perky nipple to answer!

Cain fingers her hot pussy, making her moan with pleasure. Jackie squeals with delight. Cain pulls out his fat, uncut dick and makes Jackie deepthroat it.

Jackie swallows his cock hungrily. Now it’s Cain’s turn to moan with pleasure. He slaps her tits with his dick, then spits on her pussy to get it ready for his cock.

Cain teases Jackie with the head of his cock. Then, he stuffs it deep into her. He jackhammers her, then gets her up on all fours.

Jackie takes Cain’s cock doggy-style. Jackie shows how much she likes it, when she yelps out in ecstasy as he drills into her even harder. He lays back so she can climb on top of his dick. She grinds hard down on his cock.

Cain gets her on her stomach. He pounds her pussy and smacks her ass, then pulls her head up by her hair. Jackie’s even more turned on by how hard Cain fucks her.

Cain pulls out and blasts a huge load all over her back. Jackie can’t stop grinning after the amazing fuck she just enjoyed!

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  • tyler

    CAIN is a truly beautiful man. That second photo of his wet torso makes me weak. Fuck me. Please?

    • AaronJL

      Before the rest of the detractors arrive, now there’s an offer Cain couldn’t pass on. Assuming he has a brain anyway.

  • AaronJL

    I’d rather he stuff me. Sigh.

  • Jazz

    I love the new “professional images” from CF. Cain looks positively delicious!

  • brandon85

    Cain needs to be stuffing a man or better yet stuffed by a man.

    • porndog

      I thought he was…okay that was mean.

  • twinkemopunk808

    cain is FINE! that ass & his face omg! sexy!

  • moondoggy

    This guy’s got everything I want. Or rather, that chick is getting everything I want!!! Geez. Cain is so fucking hot.

  • Established One

    Yeah, Cain is definitely hot…and sexy. I love him. It’s a YES for me!

  • Phillip

    His shoot in the shower with this girl, parallels, almost perfectly, Dawson’s with his girl. Variety, pl0x.

  • Daniel

    He looks so hot in that duo of pictures third from the top!

  • porndog

    The 1st pics are stunningly beautiful. The camera loves him as do I.

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    Ohhh Wow…another one to add to my Best of Cain Compilation!!! This guys just screams HOT!!!!

  • Res1

    I must admit, he looks pretty damn fuckable on a few of these pics. I almost got the urge to right-click and save. ALMOST!

  • topher

    Last week we got over-exposed Dawson fucking Jackie. This week we get over-exposed Cain fucking Jackie. No matter what CF writes, there is nothing remotely sexy about Jackie, unless you’re into unattractive females who look like they had a sex change operation, and are still waiting to get their breasts. As for the guys: Cain is hot, and is the type who will probably still be hot after he turns 40. Unfortunately Dawson is a twink type, with a small dick, trying to stave off being too old for this site by spending too much time working out. Dawson’s body might be buff for his age, but facially, he’s looking like an over the hill twink. Non-twink types, like Austin and Cain, can still be hot as they age. But, a guy like Dawson, with a twink type body, a small dick, and an aging face is sad. Dawson has nowhere to go after CF. Someone else commenting on CF’s decline wrote: (paraphrase) If I wanted the same sex month after month with the same person, I might as well get married. Cain: 43 CF videos since 1/10 Dawson: 142 CF videos since 9/05. Cain should be used sparingly, like Austin, and Dawson should be gone. If CF has to make m/f videos, the women should at least be hot…

    • topher

      my bad! I didn’t realize that CF mixed the bi and m/m videos at the main site. Dawson has done a total 109 CF videos since 10/18/05. Cain has done a total of 34 CF videos since 1/25/10.

  • NotSoMuch

    At least bring a girl with nice boobs.. Cain is smokin’ as always.

  • zemyazem





  • humanoid

    cain is shorter than the girl.

  • LGC

    The girl is ugly! Why do they always choose ugly girls? :( But Cain is outstanding and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve loved him since the beginning. But he’s starting to bulk up a little too much… I hope he doesn’t over do it…

  • janderson11

    Yeah! Corbin only needs like one really smokin hot girl and get rid of these other tranny looking hoes. Ughh everytime i see jackie naked i cringe