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SouthernStrokes: Christian Raynes (Solo)

Christian Raynes (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Christian Raynes (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Christian Raynes (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Christian Raynes (Solo) at Southern Strokes

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Southern Strokes wrote:

Christian Raynes is the latest of a never ending trail of Bi and Gay guys that find their way out of their small Southern town into the ATL. Christian is a really cute 20 year old with dirty blonde hair, green eyes and a hot fit body. Christian is a bi-boy from a small town in Tennessee. I know he said he was Bi but Christian let us know that he prefers having sex with other guys.

Christian has this rugged country boy look to him but he is comfortable with being himself. When he takes off his shirt, your eyes will be fixated on his beautiful big nipples. Once you manage to move on from his nips, feast your eyes on his six-pack. You don’t expect this boy to be as fit as he is but he is all country and he loves to get nasty.

Christian was sharing some of his sex capades when we started talking about how homophobic his small town was. You don’t really find that much in the South at all. In fact, it seems as though most country boys are willing to try just about anything if it feels good. Christian didn’t have to go far to get his rocks off though, he had a fuck buddy in the next town over.

Christian took off his shirt and started to play with his cock through is jeans. He took off his jeans and underwear revealing his 7 inch uncut cock. Christian then spread his legs apart so that we could get a close look at his hair hole. This southern boy is covered with thick blonde hair in all the right places. He also unleashes a gush of creamy hot cum.

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  • Ashtom

    Woof, hot! A bit more hair from the hips down but screw that. He should just rehearse facial expressions in front of the mirror a bit.

  • Southbay

    This guy is hot

  • bob80

    He’s adorable! I want to carry him around in my handbag.

  • Timah

    Attractive boy-nextdoor type

  • porndog

    SS has found yet another hot guy! Hope to see more of him.

  • Bradster

    Very nice update. SS has seriously picked up their game lately. They’ve overtaken Corbinfisher in terms of hot recruits (all their newbies and 4/5 regulars are fug).

  • Sushi

    Total queen, but cute (if hirsute). Should be bottoming in the next vid.

  • AaronJL

    Great start. But I’m greedy, so MORE! Love his eyes. Uncut too–nice!

  • robfwtx

    Wow… uncut & furry below… NICE model!

  • Auggy


  • fresero_abre_culos

    Wow! How cute!

  • brad323

    Hot as hell and even admits he likes guys instead of hiding behind some straight lie. I love him.

  • kewl

    Did you notice his mouth? Those lips would feel so good wrapped around my prong.

  • Kelo

    Very good looking.

  • Daniel


  • elmtree

    I was beginning to think I was the only one who didn’t find this guy to be anything more that average. Hell even Fresero even had positive comments for him.

    What are we missing Daniel?

  • Ike

    Just a question. When someone is so small, don’t you feel like you’re with a very mature minor? I do and it creeps me out.

    • Ashtom

      Not rly. I love short guys, esp if theyre cute.

  • humanoid

    he must be like 5’5″ – a tad too short…