Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes features hardcore and solo gay porn scenes that focus on models from southern, rural regions of the United States.

Southern Strokes: Grayson Lange is ‘The Perfect Host’

Greyson Lange (The Perfect Host) at Southern Strokes

To ensure that he’ll be the perfect host, Grayson Lange spent days preparing for his backyard BBQ. For the most part, it all went off without a hitch. Except for one belligerent guest. But never fear. Grayson dealt with him with great aplomb.

Southern Strokes: Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan in ‘Helping Hands’

Helping Hands (Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan) at Southern Strokes

While hanging out with their friends, soaking up some rays and enjoying the swimming pool, Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan explore their budding relationship with innocent hand holding and staring deeply into each others eyes. Then they take it a step further.

Southern Strokes: Aiden Ward Fucks Jackson Reed in ‘Training Aiden’

Training Aiden (Aiden Ward Fucks Jackson Reed) at Southern Strokes

Horned up from taking loads all weekend at a sex party, Jackson Reed arrives at Aiden Ward’s place to help him train outdoors in the light of the setting sun. After push ups, leg thrusts and crunches, they take a break and catch up.

Southern Strokes: Aiden Ward and Grayson Lange in ‘Moment of Weakness’

Moment of Weakness (Aiden Ward and Grayson Lange) at Southern Strokes

The one who fuels your desire and makes you spill copious amounts of cum while you fantasize about being his? Grayson Lange is in such a predicament. The trouble is, he’s already had sex with Aiden Ward and has been spoiled for anyone else.

Southern Strokes: Seth Knight’s Sunshine Solo

Seth Knight's Sunshine Solo at Southern Strokes

Aaahhh, the joys of summer, when every young man’s cock seems to be perpetually hard and ready to spring into action. Seth Knight is no different. The luscious tattooed twink-hunk, enjoys the warm, late spring sun while taking a dip in the pool. He does a few laps before coming back out to soak up some rays.

Southern Strokes: Aaron Skyy

Aaron Skyy at Southern Strokes

When I first opened up Aaron Skyy’s model application, I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough to get him up to the house. When I contacted him, he was eager to get in and give it a shot while he was still brave enough. He admitted he likes to show off but inside he can be pretty shy sometimes. He is 20 years old and about to enter college and study engineering.

SouthernStrokes: Alexander (Solo)

Alexander (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Alexander is the hotter of the twins in my book and he also is the most adventurous. He’s a stocky little jock with athletic build, hairy balls and a meaty ass. Alexander brought his brother and a buddy along with him to the lake house.

Southern Strokes: Marcus Steel

Marcus Steel at Southern Strokes

Marcus Steel is 19 years old with dark hair, brown eyes and beautiful smooth olive skin. He is 6′ tall with a gorgeous pair of hairy legs and a hot hairy straight boy hole. Marcus isn’t shy especially when I asked him what his best asset was; His response: My best asset is in my pants.

SouthernStrokes: Gage (Solo)

Gage (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Country boy Gage is 5’5″ tall with a stocky 155 pounds of tatted up southern stud. This straight boy has a thick set of trunks to hold up his most prized ASSet.

SouthernStrokes: Casey (Solo)

Casey (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Collin set me on a ginger tear here at Southern Strokes so we sent back through the archives searching for other country boys sporting the light skin and slaming red hair. Our Lot Lizard Casey lets us all know exactly what happens when a ginger boy gets bored in the country.

Watch Casey at SouthernStrokes

SouthernStrokes: Collin (Solo)

Collin (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Collin is a 24 year old southern ginger with a tall lean build, a big thick cock and a beautiful hairy hole.

Watch Collin at SouthernStrokes

SouthernStrokes: Josh Long (Massaged)

Josh Long (Massaged) at Southern Strokes

You have probably figured out by now that we generally throw in a massage for just about every model that stays at the Ranch so we are bringing you Josh Long’s massage from his first visit to the Ranch. Those of you that love a hot hairy hole, you’re gonna love watching Josh give it up to our hands.

Watch Josh Long at SouthernStrokes

SouthernStrokes: Dodge Fuller (Massage)

Dodge Fuller (Massage) at Southern Strokes

We all have our likes and dislikes but as far as I’m concerned, you give me a nekkid country boy like Dodge Fuller who’s willing to let a pair of unknown hands have their way with his body, gives me a boner every time…

Watch Dodge Fuller (Massage) at SouthernStrokes

Southern Strokes: Brent Tapper

Brent Tapper at Southern Strokes

Brent Tapper is 26 years old Brent is 6’2″ tall, a lean body and a cocky attitude to match.

Watch Brent Tapper at Southern Strokes

SouthernStrokes: Genesis (Massage)

Genesis (Massage) at Southern Strokes

It’s about time that everyone gets a real up close looks at one of our member’s all time favorites; Genesis. We hooked Genesis up with our famous “hands” one afternoon and turned on the cameras and left the room.

Watch Genesis at SouthernStrokes

SouthernStrokes: Kort Matador (Solo)

Kort Matador (Solo) at Southern Strokes

When Kort Matador stepped out of his car, I was shocked that this stud was so damn tall. It’s not often that we get a 6’4″ Country Boy out at the Ranch, especially one with a body like Kort’s. He’s carrying about 7% body fat with beautiful broad shoulders, a big set of pecs and abs the ripple their way down to his manhood.

Watch Kort Matador at SouthernStrokes

SouthernStrokes: David Mulatto (Solo)

David Mulatto (Solo) at Southern Strokes

David Mulatto is a Texas stud and the latest Southern bad boy to make his way on to the Ranch. I happened to be meeting friends in Downtown Dallas when I spotted David and hit him up about modeling for Southern Strokes. David was on his way to the Ranch the next day.

Watch David Multatto at SouthernStrokes

Southern Strokes: Genesis & Jackson Hammer

Genesis & Jackson Hammer at Southern Strokes

Genesis has been on us for weeks to get he and Jackson Hammer up to the Ranch so they could fuck for us on camera. Genesis and Jackson have been dating for a while and they both love to be in front of the cameras so we couldn’t wait to turn them loose.

Watch Genesis & Jackson Hammer at

Southern Strokes: Dodge Fuller (Solo)

Dodge Fuller (Solo) at Southern Strokes

Genesis brought us a nice surprise on his last visit to the Ranch, he brought along his buddy Dodge Fuller with him. As soon as Dodge stepped out of his truck and gave us a “howdy” I just couldn’t wait to get him out of his britches and check out his business.

Watch Dodge Fuller at