ActiveDuty: Nick Gunner & Shawn

Nick Gunner & Shawn at ActiveDuty

Nick Gunner & Shawn at ActiveDuty

Nick Gunner & Shawn at ActiveDuty

Nick Gunner & Shawn at ActiveDuty

Nick Gunner & Shawn at ActiveDuty

Nick Gunner returns in today’s streaming Videos Of The Week paired up with fan-favorite Shawn where Nick Gunner takes things to a whole new level. Previously we’ve seen Nick Gunner get head and get his ass eaten by Fox and we’ve seen quite a bit of him over on My Straight Buddy, but we’ve never seen him suck cock or get that hot little ass fucked proper.

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porndog says:

First off, Shawn has put on some weight, but he’s still cute, altho he has lost his twinkish body. But he is still my fav model, and I prefer seeing him bottom, since he’s so good at it. Second, Nick is kinda hot, and they look good together.

fresero_abre_culos says:

not bad, no bad!

Riley says:

@ porndog Jamie,Pete and Kurt gain muscle and its not okay and Shawn/Glen a former Sean Cody model do it and its ok. Sometimes I doon’t get you guys.

But you are right Glen/Shawn is HOT and SO is NICK!!!!! I wish that WB would have put up the Blake Diego scene cause that is HOT!!!!

Riley says:

I Don’t know it looks like Shawn is gettting that meathead/ no-neck look that some bodybuilders get.

Ashtom says:

Steroids sure r great.

humanoid says:

hairless pubes… no…. the top is ugly anyway.

custard says:

Nick is the cutest little bitch. Perfect bottom material. And love his sexy legs.
Let’s keep Nick on his back!

jag2power says:

I concur. However, Nick looks like he is about fourteen-years-old. What a sweet little ass, though.

Paschal says:

Yeah, I think Nick is sexy.

But I think vid would have been way hotter if we saw Nick’s sweet ass riding the cock. Mmmmm Next time, I hope!

EricJ86 says:

Noooo. What did Shawn do to himself! ugh. One of my few complaints about AD guys is when they roid it up… gah what a waste.

AaronJL says:

I still wish AD would use a better camera, or learn to use one at all. The quality of this, as usual, is pure crap. I dunno if he’s trying to be an amateur but amateur stuff is often even better than this.

I’m glad there are better updates to look at today. Disappointing all around, and I agree with all the criticism too. C- at best.

porndog says:

Just watched the vid, and Nick is indeed a cutie! Shawn, OTOH was good as usual, but he should stick to bottoming. His dick was having an off day, to say the least. It made what would have been a hot scene pretty lukewarm without a hard dick.

KazerMan says:

Shawn looks different, but is still hot as always. Nick has a really cute smile

hollydick says:

1. Shawn is not so attractive :(
2. Nick is pretty cute, nice dick and very sexy feet :)

fyrefly says:

gosh…..keep coming back to this….shawn’s sexy tanned thick sexy body and his dark penis …uff, fulfills some white trash cowboy fucking fantasy of mine. lol