ChaosMen: Tobin & Valentino (Raw Massage)

Tobin & Valentino (Raw Massage) at ChaosMen

Tobin & Valentino (Raw Massage) at ChaosMen

Tobin & Valentino (Raw Massage) at ChaosMen

Tobin & Valentino (Raw Massage) at ChaosMen

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ChaosMen wrote:

Valentino does massage on the side (no I’m not going to hook you up), so I thought he would be in his element for his first full-on sex film if I put him in a location he is familiar with. Of course, I didn’t want to spend too much time on the actual massage, as we are limited to download time and file size. But Tobin was enjoying the rub, and suits his passive nature.

Valentino oils up Tobin’s hot body, and both guys look hot together with all that muscle mass sliding up against each other.

Valentino explores Tobin’s ample ass cheeks, getting it lubed up for some fucking, and then makes him suck his cock.

To warm him up even more for the fucking, Valentino shoves a small toy into his ass, then makes him suck his cock some more. Its so hot to see the young muscleboy with a butt toy up his and sucking on Valentino’s cock. (I am thinking maybe Tobin needs to be TagTeamed!)

Valentino flips him on over and massages Tobin’s cock.

The table height was a bit of an issue with both guys on the shorter side. Valentino struggles to fuck Tobin Doggie-style but eventually they hit a groove.

We finally get Tobin laying sideways and that was just the right height for some ass-ramming.

Valentino then fucks him on his back and unloads all over and in Tobin’s hole.

Tobin is left on his own to rub one off, but it is a massive nut.

Watch Tobin & Valentino’s Video Clip | Visit

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  • I Am Jake

    Tobin’s hot and fuckable and am fine with him being a new featured bottom at CM, beats a lot of the regular-joe noobs they bring (altho I can see how folks like that, not my speed). But why have him bottom for such a tiny dicked guy. What is this, Corbin Fisher?

    • Fazz

      Tiny dicked guy???? !!!!!




    • joshniosi
  • Nate

    This was hot imo, both guys are hot and both seemed pretty into it. Loved the contrast with the slightly hairy chest and beard on Valentino, and the smooth tight chest of Tobin. Bottom seems to suit Tobin more this is much better than his attempt at Topping

    • Neobamboom

      WTF are you talking about? Both guys hate every minute of it. The both seemed dead. All recent CM videos have been the same… boring and painful.

    • FeydRautha


      Valentino was pretty into it for his part. He played the active role: he did the massaging, initiated the kissing, the dirty talk, and maintained “good wood” while sucking Tobin’s dick. Another telltale sign: he watched while he was getting blown. The real straight guys ALWAYS look away or throw their head back and close their eyes. Lastly, Valentino was able to bring himself to cum from fucking Tobin. This is the second time that Tobin has had to jerk himself off to cum in the end.

  • porndog

    Glad to see Valentino, and I’m sure everyone will be salivating over this one! He is one sexy mofo for sure! Tobin looks delicious as always, but judging from the pics, I don’t see a lot of energy here.

  • Sushi

    Bottom looks like long lost scorching-hot hottie “Owen” from Sean Cody. Before that would have been awesome. Now it’s just sad.

    • von schlomo

      He’s kinda like Owen, yeah, I can see it. I think Owen had a lot more energy even tho he was definitely on the quiet side.

    • jazz

      Awwwww poor Owen. It’s too bad that he had to go into combat and end up losing both his legs. :-(

    • darkthunder1983


      I heard that Owen didn’t lose his legs and it’s just a soldier who happens to favor him.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    This si hot, hope to see Valentino bottom soon.

  • moondoggy

    This is not only hot, but hilarious in the light of the comment I made on the circlejerkboys update. I knew there had to be something better awaiting me this week. I am so fucking happy to see Valentino, and glad they did not pair him with someone mediocre. Tobin’s dick is bigger than I remembered, not that he wasn’t already hot. Well done, Chaosmen.

  • anoir

    Valentino is hunky beefy delicious….LICK.
    I need a Valentino, Taylor, Jamison, & Vander four-way to rock my world.

    Tobin is just as stoic as Dwight….

    • Dustin

      Since you like him so much you can also find Valentino around the net as ‘speedymoney87’.

    • moondoggy

      omg — what an AWESOME scoop! I THINK HE GOES TO MY GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Delian07

      So that WAS him at the gym. I thought I saw him working as a trainer when I stopped in with a friend a while ago. That’s kinda hot.

    • anoir

      what city?

  • Bradster

    Tobin is so fucking hot. I couldn’t have asked for a better pairing. Love these two guys. Best update of the week so far.

  • dio

    hottest CM update in a while. Yowza!

  • jazz

    CM generally can’t go wrong with that super hottie Tobin. Yum!

    • Fazz


  • muffintop

    Valentino is fuckin hot but too bad he was paired with Tobin. I don’t get the love for Tobin. He can’t get hard enough to top, he’s soft and can’t cum while getting fucked when he bottoms, he doesn’t look like he enjoys it at all, and in my opinion he’s not very attractive.

    • baz

      Same here. Honestly, I am willing to overlook a lot if a model can perform well. But Tobin has me constantly thinking “what has Brian got on him to be forcing him to do this?”

    • dio

      well, bottoming is not always about looking like you enjoy it, staying hard, or even climaxing (at all) – sometimes it’s about being able to just TAKE a dick, which Tobin has proven time and again he CAN do. LOL

      Tobin is ‘pretty’ and has a nice body, and I think he fulfills the ‘fucking the pretty boy’ fantasy.

    • baz

      Not to split hairs, dio, but by that reasoning one could argue the Sleepfucker Hagan was a good top.

    • moondoggy

      Ooh, this is an interesting debate. I wish I had seen it sooner, since probably no one is still reading the comments now. But personally, I would rather gaze at Tobin’s hot body getting fucked by another hot man, and as long as the top is into it, that is better than watching scrawny Hayden get fucked, no matter how enthusiastic he is. Then again, I’m experiencing most of this through stills and not through a video membership, so it’s a little bit apples and oranges.

  • mat

    that toy freaks me out,but they look great together.

  • Fireball

    I’d say this is a good start for Valentino considering that when a ChaosMen model is attractive it takes him like five videos just to suck a dick. I would love to see him bottom.

  • The two of them had next to no chemistry.

  • Kelo

    Holy shit! I’ve neglected CM for so long but that top is so hot, I might have to do a little more exploring!


    Tobin needs a decent top to fuck him properly honestly he looks bored and having watch the video there is no passion at all…

  • Ashtom

    Valnetino, OMG yes! Tobin, WTF no!

  • jag2power

    Tobin needs someone to really man-handled his cute ass and it ain’t Val. Because my guy Val needs someone to man-handled his too and it ain’t Tobin.

    • manu

      Haha True :) A double-headed dildo scene would have been nice between this too , then I would have popped up and fucked them bboth mercilessly !

    • elmtree

      OMG, so true Jag. I was thinking the exact same thing about Tobin needing some one to just fuck the hell out of him…and Valentino definitely didn’t do it. I really like Tobin (love his ass and body) but he needs to be paired with a power top.

      I thought this would be a hot pairing but it unfortunately fell flat.

  • manu

    Valentino is the perfect man to me and I wish his ass had been played with , he seemed to enjoy it in the “serviced ” video. As for Tobin , he’s very cute but also very boring. His ‘edge’ video with Vander was promising , he has been disappointingt ever since :(

  • los dos estan riquisimos

    • porndog


    • tu msn????

  • marti1234

    hot Tobin reeds to be tagged, the Valentino, Taylor, Jamison&Vander four way is also on my wish list :)

  • Fazz

    Just looking at these pics is making my dick hurt from all the blood being pumped into it. :o

    Holy fuck this looks hot! *pre-cumming*

  • topher

    A perfect pairing of blond and hot bear type. In Valentino’s solo, he showed off his hot butt. I’m into hot butts, and my cock is straining to get out of my boxer briefs, at the thought of both of their butts. Woof!

  • Jared

    They are both very hot. But this video was soooo boring. It was like a silent film.

    • moondoggy


  • Daniel

    Valentino could’ve been paired with someone better. This doesn’t look very exciting from the stills.

    • humanoid

      tobin is such a turn-off…..

  • EmpireState

    The stud from 300 could do me any way, any day.

  • twinkemopunk808

    tobin is so sexy! his lips, body, cock and hair.. rawr!

  • VegasRich

    Yes Tobin is gorgeous but having sex with him has to be the closest thing to necrophilia as possible without having an actual dead body. At least he has been paired with people who can actually generate heat – Vander, Taylor and now Valentino!

    And speaking of the beautiful Valentino. I’ve long awaited his return so not even the undead could ruin this for me. And Valentino does not disappoint.

    Let’s hope he’s paired with Vander next. Someone who could truly appreciate him.

  • Rictor

    Valentino is a yes for me! He had a constant hardon and seemed to be enjoying himself. His cock-sucking skills proved this was not his first. Would love to see him do a flip-flop with Taylor—their dirty talk would be hot.

  • limn

    Valentino has the most gorgeous pair of eyes in all of porn!
    Everything about them is mesmerizing, shape, color, everything!

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Oh, if Valentino would only get rid of the facial hair he would be dynamite! And maybe let the hair on his head grow a little longer. Tobin looks kind of so-so facially, though that nice sandy blond mop haircut helps soften the features some. But he a NICE body with GREAT fuckable round ass!