NastyDaddy: Adam Russo & Jasun Mark

Adam Russo & Jasun Mark at NastyDaddy

Adam Russo & Jasun Mark at NastyDaddy

Adam Russo & Jasun Mark at NastyDaddy

Adam Russo & Jasun Mark at NastyDaddy

Watch Adam Russo & Jasun Mark’s Video Clip | Visit NastyDaddy

Let me break it down for you… Jasun HAS arrived! Awesome body covered in tats, hairy, a piece of cockmeat made to worship. Adam, in all of his suck-me glory, shows he can feed it and needs to get it in the end. In this video, pole and hole obsessed Jasun and cum-needy Adam fuck it up in Daddy’s garage choking on hard cock, ball swallowing, slurping hairy pit funk and drinking deserved Daddy jizz. Adam coats Jasun’s open mouth and Jasun’s double cum facial on Adam is worth creamy gold.

Watch Adam Russo & Jasun Mark’s Video Clip | Visit NastyDaddy

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Bradster says:

Jasun Mark doing porn himself?!! I just threw up my lunch.

“Nasty” doesn’t even begin to describe how repulsive looking this loser is. Call me a hater all you want, but I think porn stars shouldn’t look like inbred garden gnomes.

Fazz says:

Agreed 200%!!!

Riley says:

Uhhhh just Uhhhhh

fresero_abre_culos says:

That scum bag Jasun doesn’t think that people have the right to keep their last meal! BARF! BARF! BARF! Orca’s unholy spawn spreads like the black plague! BARF! BARF! BARF!

FTLRSW says:

LOL……….you are absolutely viscious. :-)
I thought he looked familiar.

kiki12 says:

he not the married guy whose wife cool with him sucking dick and i sure he does far more being orca underling ewwe

porndog says:

Jason Mark is gay and has a husband of, I believe, 17 years; got married in Canada 3 years ago. Has marriage relationship is, as he puts it, “none of your fucking business”. Couldn’t have said it better.

porndog says:

Oops, “…HIS marriage…”

kiki12 says:

i was being sarcastic when i said wife should have placed that in bold. And Porndog you should also take his (Jason) advice and mind your fucking business and i agree with ya couldn’t have said it better.

porndog says:

I wasn’t trying to be snarky, kiki, so chill. I was just stating a fact. No need to get your skirt up, girl.

kiki12 says:

man issues love not really you lol

porndog says:

Adam Russo to me is a handsome man. I think Jasun is cute, but he’s not my type.

slakan says:

mmmmm like them both
sweet hairy men

muffintop says:

I don’t understand why people even bother clicking on this and scrolling through just to make nasty comments when the guys clearly aren’t their type. These guys are pretty hot daddy types.

kiki12 says:

true when one look at them as daddy types they are hot.

PauloD says:

Maybe I just don’t understand what “daddy” is? I thought that a Daddy was an older guy who was masculine and hot? From the bottom pic go 5 up. Look at that candid shot where Jasun is not holding it in. Look at all that fat hanging off his ribs…it looks like hail damage.

Kelo says:

Jasun should stay behind the scenes imo.

PauloD says:

If nasty daddy ever decides to do a three billy goat gruff parody then they certainly have the perfect guy to play the troll under the bridge in Jasun.

Nick McCord says:

SO DISGUSTING!! These guys look like a duo ONLY San Francisco gays would appreciate, but would be rejected everywhere else! I’m so glad I like my porn with QUALITY, muscular, clean-cut studs, not multi-pierced, flabby, ugly-tatted diseased types. I can’t believe there can actually be a demographic for this trash!

effierum says:

Please don’t insult all San Franciscans like that. Some of us do have standards

von schlomo says:

It must be cool to do this kind of porn because you don’t have to work out and be in shape. Just show up and drop your clothes. I never heard of Adam Russo but he’s ok for his demographic, except he seems to be missing an ass….Jasuhn could probably loan out some of his spare. DISCLAIMER I don’t really like Jasun Mark tho I must admit I do not know him personally. He might be the best soul in the porn biz but he comes across in video pretentious and arrogant.

sliderboi says:

I think it’s really great that they fuck each other, because I just can’t imagine anyone else wanting to do them. Quite vomit-inducing.

EliasX says:

I find Jasun amazingly hot! I hope he’s in front of the camera more often with better looking guys…

ohreally says:

Really, I wasn’t gonna come on here and be all snarky, cuz I found the pics kinda hot. But after watching the way they act in the video clip, I changed my mind. Okay, I get it, some guys like all that grunt fuck shit, but man oh man why does Jasun sound like The Elephant Man having an orgasm at the end of the clip. Hilarious and gross!

CHrisx says:


The way Jasun talked about working out on another board you’d think he had a gr8 body, I guess in his mind he does. This is some trashy, dirty, nasty shit. Never heard of the site before now and I won’t be watching any videos of theirs if this is their idea of hot older men. There are men older then they are in way better shape.
Jasun finally made it to the front of the camera and it’s a big ole FAIL!!!

Just plain trashy.

AndYouWillDeal says:

LMAO at you ridiculous queens complaining about a man that is way more masculine and handsome looking than y’all ever wish to be.

Kevin L. Scott says:

All I have to say is… Jasun should be in front of the camera more often!!!