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AmateurCollegeSex: Connor & Ashley Break In Russ

Connor & Ashley Break In Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

Connor & Ashley Break In Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

Connor & Ashley Break In Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

Connor & Ashley Break In Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

Connor & Ashley Break In Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Connor, Ashley & Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

If you were new to bisexual action, you couldn’t ask for better (or hotter) teachers than Connor and Ashley! Either one of these blond hotties could ease a new guy into exploring their sexual horizons on camera with no problem. But both of them together mean whoever is getting initiated is going to have an explosive time!

They talk about what a beautiful day it is and Connor says its always a good day for bisexual action. Russ is a little nervous, but once Connor and Ashley take charge, his nerves disappear.

Connor gets Russ’s shirt off and kisses his chest and stomach. Ashley kisses Russ and leans over him. Connor plays with Russ’s dick through his underwear. Ashley rubs Connor’s dick through his underwear, giving him a raging hard-on.

Connor swallows Russ’s cock, feeling it stiffen in his mouth. Ashley takes turns going down on Russ with Connor. She deepthroats Russ, then sucks Connor’s big dick as well.

Russ eats Ashley out while Connor sucks him. He sucks Russ slowly, savoring the freshman’s cock in his mouth. Connor strokes their dicks together. It’s turning Ashley on, big-time.

Ashley’s more than ready to ride! She climbs on top of Russ in a reverse-cowgirl. Russ strokes Connor’s thick cock and licks it, taking a cock into his mouth for the first time. Russ licks the head of Connor’s dick as Connor plays with Ashley’s tits.

Now it’s Connor’s turn to fuck! He and Ashley get on their sides and he pounds her hard. Russ kisses Connor’s nipples, biceps and lips.

Russ walks around to kiss Ashley’s tits and feed her his cock. She whimpers as she takes dick from both ends. Connor tells Russ, “I want you to fuck me now.”

Connor gets on his back. Russ slides his cock into Connor’s tight hole. Russ goes slow at first, grinding his dick into Connor. Once he realizes Connor can take it, he begins slamming into him faster and faster!

Ashley strokes Connor’s dick as he gets fucked. Russ kisses Connor, all the while still shoving his dick deep into Connor’s hole. “Oh yeah, fuck him nice and hard,” Ashley tells him.

Connor jerks his load onto his stomach as Russ fucks him. “I want you to come!” he tells Russ. Russ pulls out and blasts his load all over Connor’s abs. Russ rubs his cock onto Connor’s. All three kiss and Connor and Russ head for the pool to cool off – only Connor pushes Russ in!

Guess we can say Russ is officially broken in now!

Watch Connor, Ashley & Russ at AmateurCollegeSex

  • Sushi

    I love seeing Connor fucked, so even with those distracting milk jugs in the shot, it’s a “go” for me. There’s no way Russ isn’t bottoming now either.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    College? This fugs barelly finished elementary night school! Fug bimbos in action!

  • jazz

    It’s attack of the “skinny” fat faces. LOL

    • fresero_abre_culos


  • Fazz

    The new dude still doesnt do it for me, even a little.
    As for Connor.. Holly donkey balls! He just keeps getting hotter and hotter and he still performs like a fucking pro.
    Connor fucks like a veteran, and personally I rather see some awesome good sex, than some awkward half bad sex with new performers.
    The argument that a performer, is bad simply because he/ She has been around for a while is in my opinion completely moot.

    • elmtree

      Completely agree with your assessment Fazz, altho I guess I like Russ a little more then you.

      Definitely agree with your last statement. I don’t care how long someone has been around. If they take care of themselves, look good and are a good performer, keep bringing them back…

    • Fazz

      Glad to see someone is sensible people on this blog.

    • moondoggy

      Yup, gotta agree. Watching Dawson or Connor for the 30th time nailing someone like a fucking pro is ALWAYS better to me than watching some amateur fumble around, blocking the camera view, going limp dicked, or doing other things to distract me from launching my rocket [grin].

    • kd

      fully agree w/ you guys; if the guy maintains his body and is a good performer than let’s keep them performing for us. That is why I don’t understand all the hatred toward some of CF’s veterans, i.e. Dawson, Connor, Travis as these guys are really amazing performers and are able to generate an amazing amount of chemistry from many a newcomer. I don’t care how hot the guy is, if they can’t generate the chemistry in their performances than the video is a bust IMO. That’s my complaint w/ Randy Blue because I think he really has some of the hottest looking guys but I just can’t get that excited from his videos. It took Connor and Travis a while to get where they are in their performance skills but they are now able to carry a video on the level of their performances.

    • clusterfuck

      Travis and Dawson actually have cocks made for porn, unlike micropenis/macro forehead Dawson.

      Whatever happened to Jarrett? Here we had a hot guy who performed great right from the start, but he’s gone after two duos. But instead we keep getting Dawson who’s had 100 too many videos. Anyone will fuck like a pro after all that practice, but all the gym bunny workouts and hair plugs can’t make up for grandma Dawson’s done-to-death toe sucking, rabbit-style fucking and rabbit-size weenie.

    • elmtree

      Hey clusterfuck, you are so secretly in love with Dawson, you use his name when, I assume, you mean to say Connor…lol!

      And I’ll take a “rabbit-sized weenie” that stays hard over (and is attached to a hot, grandpa body) over a big, limp, non-performing cock any day…

  • CarlosEduarc

    I saw this one yesterday and it’s FUCKING HOT! Connor is a totally slutty bottom boy in this vid, Connor spread his legs in the air and at the final he begs: FUCK ME cause he wants to cum being fucked at the same time! Russ with his UNBELIEVABLE SMOOTH BODY is so sexy and delicious! Ashley is the best girl at CF, i always liked that girl. She smiles and blows on Russ ear she is amazing. But different of the guys she does not feel pleasure she is only faking it. Connor puts on a show in this one he really liked get fucked.

    • CarlosEduarc

      I forgot to say that when Connor is fucking Ashley he almost beg sandwich fuck with him in the middle.

  • FeydRautha

    Ick! I’ve seen pre-op MTF transsexuals who are more feminine-looking than that sasquatch.

  • FeydRautha

    Eek! I’ve seen pre-op MTF transsexuals who are more feminine-looking than that sasquatch.

    • FeydRautha

      Sry for the dbl post! ^_^

  • porndog

    Is it me or is Connor more blonde now? No matter, he’s looking hotter than ever! I actually like his round face. I like the contrast with a lean body such as his. It’s also pretty rare to have him bottom on ACS; don’t remember that happening before. All in all, this looks hot…minus the chick, of course, because of Connor. Russ still doesn’t do it for me.

    • von schlomo

      Yeah, I think his hair is definitely bleached…chemically or otherwise.

    • DaSizzer

      It’s obnoxiously blonde, lucky for him, his body makes me forget about it in a heartbeat.

    • CarlosEduarc

      Hey Porndog!

      Connor dyed his hair and doesn’t used Hair Gel. But man Russ is my favorite new guy. He is kinda tall, incredible smooth body, nice cock and his body is muscled but not so much ripped, he don’t have a handsome face but he is delicious.

  • Info

    Connor’s hair looks ridiculous. He looks like that one creepy Bel Ami model now.

  • dio

    Russ is OK looking on film (as opposed to in the photo sesh stills), but even saying that this ménage à trois is a fucking joke. I mean Connor with (his newly sculpted bod and always lovely d!ck) mildly attractive n00b Russ, and trailer-trashly? Seriously? I know that at the end of the day, all peeps involved it’s all about the $$, but can we at least get some quality control? Damn.

    that said, Connor has always been an amazing performer whether topping or bottoming. <3

    • kd

      not so dio; Connor was a real dud for the longest time. It wasn’t until he took Trey’s cherry that he became the performer he is now. His early videos were really flat

  • Bradster

    Russ’ face is too ugly to be doing porn.

  • jinger

    looks hot

  • twinkemopunk808

    ditch ashley next time boys lol

  • Colby Parr

    Russ is hot.

  • Orochimaru

    Best Bi-sexual of the week!
    Connor still handsome!

  • CHrisx

    Why do these Corbin Models not know how to bath properly? Wash those fucking feet! Nasty asses.

  • Daniel


  • HKguy

    Not sure about this Russ guy, but any vid with Conner bottoming looks hot in my book