Fratmen.TV: Micky (Sexy Frat Boy)

Micky (Sexy Frat Boy) at

Micky (Sexy Frat Boy) at

Micky (Sexy Frat Boy) at

Micky (Sexy Frat Boy) at

With piercing, seductive eyes and a stunning, defined body, Fratmen Micky is our next amazing addition. Once he gets naked, we are treated to some sexy tan lines and a hot bubble butt. Micky’s sizzling, muscular nude body looks amazing in the shower as the warm water runs down to his fat cock and perfect ass. He cant help himself, and before we know it, Micky stokes his thick dick and cums. Its uncanny though… he reminds me of a recent Fratmen…

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  • LGC

    Wow. He has an great body, look at those biceps! Something about his face bothers me a bit, but he just looks super cute. :3

    • EmpireState

      I figured it out; it’s a face that says “The check for this shit better clear!” So yeah, he’s got to practice those seductive looks a bit.

    • Dave

      LMAO @ EmpireState!

  • porndog

    Wow! He’s quite a change from the usual jock fratboy types we’re used to seeing from FM. I like him a LOT! I hope he doesn’t get the silly notion to beef up like some I could mention. He’s perfect as he is. And, I would love to see him on CF; he would fit in quite nicely there.

    • CarlosEduarc

      I agree with you. Let’s hope he don’t want to bulk up more cause i can see he’s body is very big and beefy already, but he skin is very soft it’s not a rigid body with rock hard muscles.

  • lee-dong

    Fratmen Ajay brother? anyways he is good but I wish fratmen would stay away from the local highschools and and get some Fratmen not Fratboys.

    I want some MEN! but i’ll take him for a dessert. lol

  • Southbay

    Wow this one is a keeper. Super cute

  • clusterfuck

    I’d hit it.

  • adowhat

    *drools* whats not to love? he’s young, UNREAL body, nice cock, huge cum shot. well, there’s is one thing not to love…he’s on FM, too bad it’s not somewhere else we can see him do more.

  • Sushi

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! One of the hottest guys I’ve seen on ANY site! Perfect body, perfect bush, perfect dick, perfect ass. Even his farmers tan snd ears sticking out make him hotter for me! Sweet fuck I wish he were on another site.

    • 007james

      calm down sushi you are apt to blow ;)

    • tomtomson

      he’s very sexy yes. great body, wonderful feet, but his dick is not perfect: it’s cut!

    • Sushi

      “Cut” is perfect for me. As an American I grew up with circumcision, and that’s what is hot for me. Those uncut sausage dicks? You can have ’em!

    • tomtomson

      cut cannot be perfect since it’s not how it should be.
      fine you are used to mutilated men. i refuse to be. for the sake of what? Hygiene? You don’t have running water in the States?

  • Dixster9inch

    Beautiful farmboy from Virginia…..purety as punch in my book!

  • Colby Parr

    Hottest guy I’ve seen in awhile!

  • jazz

    DAMN! He’s gorgeous! I hope follows some of his FM predecessors and goes to CM for some man on man action.

  • Bradster

    Cute dude. Definitely related to Ajay –

    • porndog

      They could be twins, they look so much alike. You can always tell by the ears if there’s any doubt.

  • KingSize

    Good LORD he is sexy! Just like his, well, whatever relation he is to that sexy dude AJAY!!! NICE!!!

  • JamieP

    Great. FM is getting its stride back.

  • CarlosEduarc

    Delicious body, sexy ears, delicious kissible lips, BUT I WANT TO SEE HIS ASSHOLE! I want some ass.

  • moondoggy

    I’m reminded of that scene in HBO’s Oz where the young redhead makes a pass at Luke Perry (playing a priest). And Luke says to him quietly, “You’re a boy in a man’s body.” I could definitely do this kid, but not while looking him in the face. He’s even more boyish than Marky Mark was.

    • elmtree

      I’m currently watching Oz on dvd…up to season 3. Great show.

      Anyway I agree this guy is cute with a hot body but way too young looking for my taste.

    • moondoggy

      Ooh, some shows I wish I could experience again for the first time. All my memories of that show are about things I found hot rather than actual storylines! I had the pleasure of dancing with Keller, O’Reilly, and Beecher at a nightclub in New York. I could literally feel Chris Meloni’s breath on my neck, and I was afraid to back up against him because I thought he’d back away. That must have been ten years ago, and I still sorta wish I had done more. He was straight and a lost cause either way, but at least I would know what his chest felt like on my back!

    • porndog

      Moondoggy, I’m so jealous, I hate you, lol!

  • solidus4

    Don’t really like his hair cut, but his body is definitely hot.

  • hollydick

    waow ! the perfection ! awesome body & tasty cock ☺
    very sexy feet ☺☺
    even the ears are sexy !

  • stevie nowonder

    Really cute guy. Ajay and Terry are sweet, too, very similar kind of guys.He also reminds me of old model Tyler.

  • jag2power

    Hot commodity for one of the more popular sites or franchises. Damn!

  • Tom

    For his age and cuteness he is way too overtrained.
    I can t understand how u can glorify such a look … The proportions between arms and legs are strange and unnatural. He has that kind of He-man body u can only have when u sleep in the gym and do long-time diet.( I bet this is the reason why he has no ass at all.
    Maybe he suffers from muscleaddiction.
    For my taste that is too unnatural and way too muscular but tastes differ … each to their own.

    • stevie nowonder

      Your taste is very questionable!

    • Tom

      Because I am gay and haven t got a cliché muscle fetish ?
      Opinions differ !

    • Tom

      By the way … before I forget to add this … I discussed his look with my gay friends and my boyfriend and it was fifty-fifty pro and contra. I believe that american gays tend to glorify muscles a little bit more compared to european gays.

    • stevie nowonder

      Not because of that but because you always seem to like some ugly outcasts and dislike studs! I am from Europe and I like muscles but only if well shaped and accompanied with nice, clean skin. Steroid looks are a huge turn off for me!

    • Tom

      Absolutely fine if this is your opinion but I think it is lil weird that you try to analyse me. When you took the trouble to notice all of my “lapses of taste” then please give me examples. ;-)
      By the way I never mean anything I write here personal or offending.
      Muscles are nice but they are never the decisive point why I find a man attractive. There is a lot more that matters for me.
      I just criticized the elephant in the room.

  • Redboy70

    Great body, great cock, great cum load. But if you’re trying to sell us on “fratboy,” loose the Jersey Shore douchebag outfit.

  • Daniel

    WOW what a stunning body and cock!! I really hope he keeps the bush and refrains from getting silly tatts.

  • Mike

    Love his bush!

  • Paschal

    Compact, cute little bottom. He’d fit on it nicely. Bet he’s quite a cowboy.
    Actually cuter when he’s not smiling.

  • Carl

    Built and good looking. But has to work his way up to the majors. Fratemen prolly not the worst place to start

  • twinkemopunk808

    sexy body and face! yes!

  • MarissaCooper

    Oh wtf… I thought this WAS Ajay again. That’s kinda creepy. Are they cloning boys in the studio basement or something?

    • Res1

      EXACTLY. I thought that was Ajay, too. LOL

  • chemcmndr

    Nice face, nice body, nice dick! Definitely a keeper!

  • Jonny Marzetti


  • Fazz

    It’s Ajay’s identical twin brother. His “look” is prolly like that because of the fact that the guy just got out of the military.
    Very handsome, bit more masculine and manly than Ajay.
    I for one really hope that his IQ is slightly higher than his bro’s as well lol

    He and Ajay will be doing a side by side, in the near future so keep an eye out for that. ;)

  • Timah

    Cute guy, love the ears.

  • Ike

    Gorgeous. Cherokee perhaps?

  • Arglebargle