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CocksureMen: Brian Banks and Sebastian Fischer

Brian Banks and Sebastian Fischer at

Brian Banks and Sebastian Fischer at

Brian Banks and Sebastian Fischer at

Brian Banks and Sebastian Fischer at

Brian Banks and Sebastian Fischer at

Watch Brian Banks & Sebastian Fischer’s Video Clip | Visit

Almost everyone gets tattoos these days. Some more than others. Both Brian and Sebastian are part of the ‘more’ crowd and this leads to some very hot man-on-man action. While Brian Banks is waiting for his date to get ready, he and her brother, Sebastian Fischer, pass the time by showing each their tats. Sebastian’s ink covers virtually his entire body so he’s naked in no time, turning Brian on big-time. The two guys exchange blow jobs, showing off those big, thick cocks. Sebastian gets on all fours on top of the coffee table and gives up his ass to Brian’s lubed-up pole. The butt-pounding fun continues as Sebastian sits on Brian’s cock until he jacks his load. Brian follows suit with his own gusher, teased out as Sebastian licks his balls. It’s like watching two works of art fuck!

Watch Brian Banks & Sebastian Fischer’s Video Clip | Visit

  • CarlosEduarc

    Ewww… WTF is this? The concept that everybody wants to anybody fuck is bullshit! Those guys weren’t made for porn!

  • Kelo

    Oh honey no…

    • Caleb

      Took the words out of my mouth.

  • Neobamboom


    • tomtomson

      hear hear. i don’t generally mind tattoos but this is just right ugly

    • josh69

      Did these 2 meet at an Ink Addiction Anonymous meeting?

  • porndog

    I see Danny Bonaduce is back. But seriously, I thought his tats were overkill in his update with Jake. He looks conservative by comparison next to Sebastian, who, to be kind, has no appeal whatsoever. The sad part is neither of them is prob done getting more tats. Not my thing.

  • Bradster

    Is there a drunken tattoo convention in town while they were taping this?

  • Neo_


  • HKguy

    Gross,, what dumpster did Orca pull these two out of???

  • Jay

    OK……My taste is pretty diverse but this is just a little too much.

    • alias74

      Agreed. This one is a bit out there…I like the top though.

  • CHrisx

    Another Jasun production “Circus of………. Huh”

    This is a waste of film and an update. The stuff they have been putting out is just trash.

  • muffintop

    Brian is hot and I can live with his tattoos, but the other guy is unattractive AND has horrid tattoos and I’m not even a tattoo hater.

  • Daniel

    These tattoos are on a whole new level.

  • Billy.Sive

    i like tatts but come on this too much, just trashy

  • mat

    i dunno guys…i find this amazing….

  • Jonny Marzetti

    I don’t even know where to begin in describing what a travesty this is, so I won’t even try.

  • humanoid

    flabberghastedly speechless. there could never be enough ink for chavs.