Amateur College Sex: Russ & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Russ, Trey & Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

Boy, Russ has certainly become a quick favorite here at CF! And no wonder. He’s handsome, has a killer smile and loves sex with guys and girls. Plus, there’s something about that hair that just make me want run my fingers through it every time he’s around.

Trey and Jackie get right to work on Russ. He lays back so Trey and Jackie can kiss every inch of his torso. Trey gets Russ’s jeans unbuttoned and sucks Russ’s dick. Jackie kisses Russ, and rubs his chest before stealing his cock away from Trey!

Russ helps Trey out of his pants. While Jackie sucks Russ’s cock, Russ swallows Trey’s big dick. Trey pushes his cock in and out of Russ’s mouth. Russ is still a newer freshman, but he’s quickly learned how to give a great blowjob, judging from Trey’s reaction.

Trey wants to see Russ fuck Jackie. You can see Jackie’s smile when she gets on all fours and Trey kisses her. She wants to have Russ inside her! Russ pounds her from behind while she sucks and strokes Trey.

Jackie flips around. Trey slides into her. Russ feeds her his cock. It’s always hot to watch Trey fuck. That boy gets into it! He tells Russ to come over so he can suck him. Russ stands on the bed and Trey blows him while pounding Jackie.

Of course, Trey loves to get fucked, too! He has Russ come at him from behind. Russ stuffs his thick cock into Trey’s hole. Russ watches himself fucking Trey in the mirror, and it gets him even more excited.

Trey flips onto his back. Russ drives his dick back into that ass. Jackie fingers herself watching Trey get fucked. And it doesn’t take long before Russ fucks a hot load out of Trey! Cum shoots up over Trey’s shoulder.

Russ pulls out and blasts his load all over Trey’s ripped abs. They guys and Jackie kiss after their hot tag team!

Watch Russ, Trey & Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

  • Kenny

    So are ALL the Guy’s at CF bi, or do they have certain actors that do scenes for ACM or ACS.

    • porndog

      I can’t speak for anyone’s sexuality, but they do bi scenes on ACS. But, all regular models appear on both sites, with the exception of the rarely seen totally gay models, which if memory serves, I don’t believe CF currently has.

  • porndog

    Love Trey, as usual, and it’s nice to see him paired with someone who’s also tall. I guess I’ll have to use my imagination, since no closeup penetration shots are provided here. Are they trying to ‘play down’ the bareback? Anyway, this looks pretty run-of-the-mill.

  • carriefanboy

    This is ridiculous. Russ already did the bi video, then he topped ugly-ass Kenny. I was expecting him to finally bottom after that. But instead, we get… THIS? Luckily, he’s paired with Trey.

    That said, Russ is probably one of my all-time favorite CF models. There’s just something about him that’s so damn sexy. I think it’s the shaved armpits. I wanna lick those smooth pits so bad. I hope Russ bottoms real soon.

    • von schlomo

      You must love European porn then, cause 99.99997% of them have shaved pits and have been for years, just like women in the US.

    • carriefanboy

      I’m actually not that into European porn. Yes, I’ve noticed that pretty much most of them have shaved pits. But most of them are also feminine twinks. Such a turn off.

      I love Russ because he’s kinda meaty. And not totally ripped. I find that sexy.

  • CarlosEduarc

    Trey is back! Hope they don’t throw up more 3 vids with him in a rowand then make him disappear again. He looks kinda diceased or it’s his mood? He is an energetic performer but by the pics i can’t be sure if he is happy. WTF Russ did with his hair?

  • pubert

    Funny how they never put the chick in the first picture. Apparently they know people reading this blog aren’t into girls, but they still put them in the fucking videos.

    • von schlomo

      She was on Wednesday, and above the fold, too, even her gash until someone had a hissy fit. LOL

  • Res1

    That chick has no shape at all. She’s shaped like an 8 year old boy. How dreadful.

    I wanna do it to the both of them, but I like my men strictly gay, hold the vagina. I mean, finding out he sleeps with women will cause an emotional upset and then I might kill him out of anger and insecurity. And I’m way too cute and naive for jail. :(

    • CarlosEduarc

      Your first statement i agree. The second it’s too funny lol! When a cute and naive boy go to jail he turn into the other prisoners bitch.

    • Res1

      Hey, as long as he’s cute…

  • DaddyYankee

    Russ is simply amazing. Perfect body, perfect ass (I can’t wait to see him fucked hard), wonderful body.

  • Res1

    I just realized that Russ looks like a young Alec Baldwin. Wow.

    • jazz

      I can see that and I think for me, that just made him a bit hotter!

  • Bradster

    Two ugly guys and chick. No thanks. I can’t stand Trey at all.

    • kd

      you might not like Trey but htf can you call him ugly? He’s fucking gorgeous and is a tremendous performer who totally loves getting fucked. He is one of my all time CF models. I don’t think Russ is that good looking but there is something hot about him. I’m looking forward to seeing this one as Trey has never disappointed me.

  • Fazz

    I feel so bad for Trey in this update. The dude fucking him is one of the ugliest people CF has ever had, and the girl he’s fucking is a 5/10 .. Ugh.

    Still Trey looks absolutely Amazing. :) And he’s doing an awesome job.

  • Colby Parr

    I don’t understand the hate. Russ is flawless. I want to see him or Sean top Justin.

  • jag2power

    Twink + Twink = way too much sweetness + girl = no thanks.

  • Sushi

    Mole-berry and dropou-lids made a video, and they included some tuna.

    Forgive me if I don’t jump for joy. Blech.

  • Southbay

    Unlike some people I actually like Russ. I think he’s cute. I’d let him hit it

  • Jerome

    Ill probably watch it just for Trey’s sexy self <3

  • clusterfuck

    Moleman and Sleepy… no thanks. Even the chick is fug. Not worth watching.

  • kd

    Trey looks so fucking hot on his back w/ his legs spread and Russ’s cock in his ass. Another great performance from Trey.

  • Patrol

    Can’t quite put my finger on what’s off about Russ. He has a cute boyish face, but I find him less appealing once he takes off his shirt. Should he lose the baby fat? Is his religious tattoo too distracting (I think so – though I sure want to know the story behind the tat)?

    Wish I posted a question for Trey’s Pete’s Attic Q&A about his mole, arguably his most talked-about body part. Can’t believe no one thought of that. I don’t find the mole a major flaw – nobody’s perfect – but damned if I didn’t become super-conscious about it ever since I started reading this blog :)

    Anyway, this update looks very average. Both Russ and Jackie seem robotic and low-energy – the first half of the video feels REALLY joyless. Russ barely moves his body or changes the pace throughout the entire video, leaving Trey to enliven the scene single-handedly. For some reason Trey has a haircut that makes him look slightly groggy and hungover, and at first he seems to be on autopilot too, but after he’s warmed up a bit, he starts to make some of his trademark “I’m having a blast” noises and gyrations, and the second half of the video finally has some life. I like models who give off a trustworthy, boyfriend vibe (like Josh and Aiden) so Trey “Mr. Sly Fox” has never been my favorite, but here he’s a good performer.

  • Info

    A whole lotta crazy on this page. Anyone who looks at Russ and sees Young Alec Baldwin needs some glasses. Anyone who looks at Trey and only sees a mole GOT SOME ISSUES.

    He’s beautiful. Not just one of the hottest guys in porn, but one of the hottest guys period.

    • Res1

      I already have glasses. Maybe it’s you.

  • Info

    Well, I just got back from LensCrafters and you’re right. They’re practically twins.

    On a serious note, there’s a SLIGHT resemblance but Alec Baldwin was hot when he was younger and Russ does nothing for me. The lack of a chin/chest hair makes him a failed clone at best.

  • Daniel

    Trey is one hot mofo but I don’t get the appeal of Russ.

    • jbyrd

      I agree Daniel, Trey is hella hot and I think the mole is very sexy! I mainly just read the replies and rarely comment but it just astonishes me how half these dudes nit pick about the smallest inperfections but will call some of these models that are tore up from the floor up sexy. It just boggles my mind really.