CockyBoys: Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long (3-Way)

Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long (3-Way) at

Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long (3-Way) at

Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long (3-Way) at

Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long (3-Way) at

Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long (3-Way) at

Watch Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long at CockyBoys

WOW. There is really no easy way to describe this scene. I knew that when I put these three in one room there would be chemistry and fireworks but this was like 4th of July all over again!! I mean, a quarter of this scene is just cumshots! These guys just kept spurting out gallons of cum as if they had it in excess. So basically, Gabriel and Mason both got fucked, fingered, licked, and sucked and Adrian was probing them with his big giant Canadian sausage like he was at the meat market shopping for the best meat in town. Mason, living up to the expectation of being a power bottom, was taking on anything that was shoved up his hole. And Gabriel, following Mason’s example, somehow ended up taking not only Adrian’s dick but Mason’s too. It was almost like a TV game – never knowing what was gonna happen next and who’s gonna get fucked by whom. At one point I honestly thought that they were never going to stop. Finally, when the big moment came… oh boy! I’ll let you just watch this because you’ll never believe me even if I told you! Enjoy.

Watch Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long at CockyBoys

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  • Guy

    WOW!!! This is DAMN HOT!!!! Mason Star is one lucky boy.

    • fantasy1215

      These three guys are my fav. I’d like to see Adrian Long get fucked too. His asshole is beautiful. It’s a pity not seeing AdrianLong fucked!

  • Nick Minaj

    This Mason kid is nice and all, but it seems like he’s been in every update since he appeared..I would have liked to see just Adrian banging Gabriel myself. Now, Gabriel I can watch anyday.

    • muffintop

      Adrian fucking Gabriel? Fuck yes! Gabriel and Mason had their turn together, I think it’d only be fair.

  • muffintop

    Smart move by CB to put these 3 guys together. Looks hot and both Mason and Gabriel get fucked. Gabriel can be a dominant top but he’s still such a cum pig.

  • dio

    Adrian Long’s mugging for the camera/overacting, and Mason Star (he’s cute, until he opens his mouth) aside, this was a REALLY hot scene.

  • Daniel

    Gabriel has really bad teeth.

    • Res1

      Bish, you always nagging. LOL Anyway, that doesn’t take away from his hotness.

    • Daniel


      I prefer him clean shaven (face), like when he first started out.

  • humanoid

    the hottest update so far this week.

  • Southbay

    Love mason and his big dick! Gabriel is hot too. Idk why people are saying mason is cute til he opens his mouth. He has nice teeth and a smile

  • Alex S

    This video does not disappoint. All three of these guys are hot as fuck and don’t hold back.

  • custard

    Mason is one hot bitch. And Gabriel rocks too!

  • tomtomson


  • Timrod

    I think all 3 got it going on: hot, hotter, hottest.

    How tall (small) is Mason?

  • unbomec

    I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Gabriel aka Gabriel L’Enfant. He is one hot, hung, uncut French Canadian. A twosome with Mason would be great.