AmateurCollegeSex: Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip

Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley Dominates Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

Watch Ashley, Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex


After the incredible response to Ashley dominating Dawson and Cain, I knew I had to have her come in and dominate a couple of the other guys. And Kent & Philip were at the top of my list! Both guys have playful attitudes – so I knew it would be great to watch Ashley (figuratively) whip them into shape!

Ashley puts Philip right to work stroking Kent’s cock. Then she makes him suck Kent’s dick. She tells Kent to call Philip his “main man” and tell him how much he likes his cocksucking skills. As Philip sucks, Ashley picks up one of her dildos and slides it into Philip’s asshole.

Philip blows Kent as Ashley works his hole with her dildo. She doesn’t want Ken to get too spoiled, so she switches things up! She makes Philip eat her out as Kent slides the toy into Philip’s ass.

The guys are obviously getting into it! Kent likes using the dildo on Philip. He tells Ashley he likes having that power over Philip. Ashley doesn’t share power, though! She pushes Kent face down and plays with his hole. She makes him say whose cock he wants in his ass – and it’s his main man’s, of course!

Ashley’s finger is way up Kent’s hole. While she fingers him, she continues to use the toy on Philip. She demands that Philip fuck Kent, so he pops up and sticks his dick into his buddy’s eager ass. Kent’s face is ecstatic as Philip slides his long cock into his hole.

Since Kent’s mouth isn’t busy, Ashley makes him suck her strap-on! Kent’s getting railed by Philip while he works on Ashley’s dildo. He backs up onto Philip’s cock, craving it even more.

Ashley comes up from behind Philip. She slides her strap-on into Philip’s ass while he fucks Kent. Kent can’t stop moaning. He loves how deep Philip is inside him. Ashley pounds Philip. Kent can feel her thrusting through Philip!

Philip shudders as he gets fucked. Both guys thank Ashley for the great fucking they’re getting. She pounds them even harder with her strap-on. Then, she brings out the rope!

Ashley hogties Philip. She positions him on his back with his legs up in the air. Kent sits on his face. Philip eats out Kent’s ass as Ashley fucks Philip with the strap on. Within moments, Philip blasts his load!

Philip yells out as Ashley keeps fucking him, squeezing every bit of cum out of him. She rubs the sensitive head of his cock. He tries to wriggle away from her, but can’t! She smacks his ass hard when he doesn’t say thank you.

Ashley says it’s time for Kent’s reward. She lays on top of Philip and has Kent fuck her. He slams into her, his abs tightening as he jackhammers her.

Kent shoots all over Philip’s neck and face. Thick cum drips off his cheek. Ashley has them kiss for being such good boys.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Watch Ashley, Kent & Philip at AmateurCollegeSex

  • pubert

    That Amazon makes this extra creepy.

  • Bradster

    Two of the hottest guys on CF. Too bad the chick is so nasty. They’re in fucking Las Vegas. How hard is it to get one that doesn’t look like she gorges on Krispy Kreme all day?

    • von schlomo

      Too true. Most here have no idea that there are bitches 100X hotter than most of the ones that CF hires doing porn in LA. Is it any wonder that on occasion some of the CF noobs appear hesitant or have wobbly wood when faced with having sex with slags they wouldn’t pick up in the real world?

  • Southbay

    Damn this is the 3rd time these two have been paired together. Im not complaining though. I love Kent and Philip. 2 of my favorites

    • humanoid

      yes 3rd time in a month…. too repetitious!

  • jazz

    I love me some Kent and LOVE seeing him get fucked. I just wanna see him get pounded by Aiden!

    • jag2power

      That does sound promising. I feel the same about Kent and this vid wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t for the girl.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      That one gets my vote too. A flip would be good too (or another scene where the positions are reversed). But yeah, Kent is so fuckable! If any of this happens I’d rather see it on Select so that it would be BB and maximum dirty.

  • jinger

    Looks great, I love this kinky bi stuff, and Ashley is good

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Where’s the towel?

    Fyi, “Aiden’s Triple Load” is up on Select and it’s a scorcher. Aiden gets royally fucked BB, cums 3 times (no typo there), and jacks Connor’s load into his mouth.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      As for this scene, looks like it would be really hot w/o the chick. But for those who are OK with bi I’m sure it’s worth a view despite Ashley’s less-than-stellar looks.

    • Patrol

      I am curious how much of this video is planned. Bareback and creampies are easy, but it’s not like Corbin could just walk up to Aiden and say, “We need you to cum three times in a row. Can you make it happen?”

      One aspect I don’t read about a lot is CF’s editing and camerawork are top-notch. The cuts are so subtle and such attention is paid to continuity that after watching this scene several times, I still can’t tell when Aiden and Connor stopped and restarted. It all looks like one continuous fuck session. The camera captures all the penetration and thrust shots you’d want, with generous HD closeups and leaving nothing to imagination (VERY important for porn).

      I hate the fact that CF is becoming some sort of evil ruthless corporation, but I can’t say they don’t know how to produce good material. After seeing this video and Pura Vida I found it so much harder to watch the Cayden/Derek and Bryce/Chris updates on RB because all the poor editing and direction suddenly became so much more apparent, which is a shame and doesn’t do justice to the hot and obviously game performers.

    • jazz

      Yeah the Aiden/Connor video in CFS left me speechless! It is, in my opinion, THE BEST CF scene to date! It was spectacular and it seems to me that Aiden REALLY likes dick, which made it even sexier!

  • Daniel

    Is Ashley a man?

  • Sushi

    I don’t even care that Skankley is in this vid….Kent and Philip are fantastic in my book, and can pair up again if CF wants to. Damn, even that dildo fucking is hot! Then the sandwich with the strap-on? Instant erection. Woo hoo!!

  • Patrol

    Like the Ashley/Cain/Dawson predecessor, too random and jokey to be taken seriously as a domination scene. When Ashley gets mean (not nearly often enough in this update), the scene gets a tiny jolt – a little attitude looks good on her perky persona. But as several posters pointed, an ACM version of this scene would be more welcome – Travis would be ideal in the Ashley role, and possibly Carson?

    Still undecided on Phillip. He is one of those guys who looks handsome from one camera angle and ugly from another. And the tattoo is made worse by seemingly deliberate efforts from the photographers and cameramen to showcase it in EVERY SINGLE FRAME.

    Kent, on the other hand, is so game in each update that he’s scaring me a little. I will always remember his conversation with Corbin before his scene with Dawson, in which Kent talks about how holding the cash he made makes him feel better, and how relieved he is rimming isn’t required. (It is certainly subversive that CF chose to include this bit instead of leaving it on the cutting room floor.) Now not only has Kent done rimming, he has also done condomless bottoming with multiple partners (the Memorial Day update) and cum-eating, among other things. If he is booked for Pete’s Attic soon, I sure hope to hear him explain his transformation.

    P.S. I think the 13th pic should have been used as the first pic, since Ashley gets top billing.


    This girl rocks what a mean looking gal who puts these two in place lol and she is not nasty. The strap on is hilarious. These 2 guys are well fit…

  • twinkemopunk808

    hot boys loose ashley! again! lol