GuysGoneBi: Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny

Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at

Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at

Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at

Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at

Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at

Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at

Watch Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at GuysGoneBi

Sean has a voracious sexual appetite under any circumstances. But when he gets to nail a hot girl like Danielle and a sexy guy like Kenny at the same time – he’s going to make the most of it – and so are they!

Sean says he’s looking forward to fucking them both equally, that he’s not more excited for one or the other. He kisses both Danielle and Kenny passionately as they get their clothes off. Looks like he was telling the truth!

oth guys kiss Danielle’s tits and stomach. Sean kisses Kenny the same way, not about to let him feel left out! Sean lies on Kenny, driving him wild as he kisses his way down Kenny’s torso.

Sean goes down on Kenny’s dick, while Danielle strokes Sean’s cock inside his briefs. Sean sucks on Kenny’s nuts before going back up and down on his shaft.

Kenny slaps Sean’s tongue with his cock. Danielle jerks Sean’s dick. Sean feeds Kenny his cock as Danielle swallows Kenny’s dick.

Sean pushes Danielle’s head even farther down Kenny’s shaft. Kenny’s ready to fuck Danielle. He drills her from behind as Sean kisses him all over.

Danielle moans with pleasure as Kenny fucks her. Sean fingers Kenny’s ass, spitting on it and getting it ready for his cock. Kenny fucks Danielle until Sean says he’s ready for his turn.

Kenny stuffs his cock in Danielle’s mouth as Sean pounds her. The guys kiss again. Danielle whimpers as she gets dicked from both ends! Kenny stands up so Sean can suck his cock.

Sucking Kenny’s cock gets Sean horned up to fuck Kenny! Kenny crabwalks onto Sean’s dick. He slides all the way down. Sean slams his dick deep into Kenny’s ass.

Danielle jerks Kenny’s dick as he gets fucked. Kenny lies down to take Sean’s cock from the side. Sean and Danielle kiss. Kenny slaps his cock against Sean’s thigh.

Sean pounds Kenny harder. Kenny yells out as he shoots his load all the way up his abs and arm! Danielle asks Sean if he’s going to come. Sean keeps fucking Kenny, then pulls out to spray his load on top of Kenny!

Watch Sean Pounds Danielle & Kenny at GuysGoneBi

  • AaronJL

    I’ll take Kenny over Danielle any day of the week. Sean is hot, as usual.

  • Kenny

    I hate “guys changing sexuality” themes. It’s really annoying and stupid as hell.

  • moondoggy

    I wonder what will dominate in the comments, the Sean love or the Kenny hate. I find Kenny perfectly acceptable and Sean off-the-charts. I do marvel at how many of these guys at this site really do seem to like fucking both men and women, or at least can convincingly pretend to like both. I wonder if someone like Vander at Chaosmen, who seems to get hard at everything, could keep it up enough to fuck a girl. I have absolutely no desire to see that, but I’m just wondering aloud what this says about this moment in gay porn that going from vag to ass is so commonplace.

    • Mykons

      Like you even have to ask abut the Sean/Kenny comments duoh. You already know

  • EmpireState

    OMFG – Sean is hot as hell! Why is he in porn? Dude could model his gorgeous self right off the charts. I guess I’ll enjoy it while he’s giving!

  • jag2power

    I didn’t know Jane Krakowski did porn.

    • Beowulf

      LOL! I thought Danielle looks familiar but couldn’t put my finger on it.

      CF can do better. Cute girls are a dime a dozen. To have sex on camera with young hot guys every week? Are you kidding?

      I think all the sex in front of the Buddha statues must have fucked up the new studio’s feng shui. Always wondered if viewers in Buddhist countries finds it incredibly offensive.

  • Dustin

    Is this a recycle site for the straight/bi side of CF?

    • Daniel

      Yeh I’m confused. Isn’t this ACM, more or less?

  • brucesteggert

    Sean takes another one for the team …

  • clusterfuck

    If i had to touch Kenny with a ten-foot pole I’d put a condom on the pole first.

  • pubert

    Why is it whenever a skank is around it’s suddenly ok not to use condoms? Do women naturally repel AIDS within a 10 foot radius?

  • porndog

    Sean is looking better than I’ve ever seen him here. The 2nd and 6th pic he looks model perfect, esp with his new smile. He is truly beautiful and his dentist deserves a lot of credit, lol!

    • porndog

      *make that the 8th pic.

  • Sushi

    How and why and WHO ever thought Kenny should be on the Dean’s List? He’s repellant! Sean is as smoking hot as ever, but it’s not worth watching this since there’s the double skank factor. I still can’t believe that with all the truly fine men that have appeared on Corbin, we are subjected to Kenny time after time after time.

    • Beowulf

      I though getting on the Dean’s List was Kenny’s Honorary Oscar or Lifetime Achievement Grammy. He’d be gone after being “made.” Not the case.

      Kenny’s a nice guy. If he reads this blog he’d be so upset. Too bad CF insisted on casting him like he’s some porn god. Now we are all tired of seeing him.

  • Bradster

    Kenny again?!! Are you fucking kidding me? Why would you put up two updates with this fugtard in one week? Clearly CF thinks they have too many subscribers and are trying to get rid of them.

  • Dixster9inch

    Sean and his billy-goat-gruff facial hair…boy howdy! I’d love to take him on a road to the barn, make love to him in a hayloaft and look out of the haydoor into the stars while smooching…and him saying, “I love you Dixster!” Well heck, I can fantasize, can’t I.

  • insipid

    Some of you act like you’d like to “pound” Kenny in an entirely different way then the one discussed above.

    I honestly don’t get it. He’s got a great body, an exceptional ass, is a very good perforemer. Used too much? Fine, fair point. They have hotter models? True. But repulsive? Fugly? Touch with a ten foot pole with a condom on it? Delusional.

    If he’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine. But he’s not the Elephant Man, he’s not Marty Feldman. He’s a nice looking man that earned his Deans list spot by getting a lot of 4 and 5 star ratings. So, despite the consensus on this board, the majority of fans liked him enough to get him on the Deans list.
    Not caring for him is fine, but the histrionics have passed silly by a light year.

    • Mykons

      You don’t get it? Its not that hard to understand. They want guys like Sean in videos not guys like Kenny whom one person here put it at one time “If I wanted to see guys like Kenny” I would go down to the local Wal-Mart and do that.

      As for the repulsive,Fugly, and other vicious comments these guys have been saying that since Kenny began and will continue to do so until he leaves so your last sentence is probably falling on deaf ears.

    • moondoggy

      Very well put. I’ve mostly given up trying to temper the hyperbolic comments people make when they don’t like someone. Some people react purely from emotion rather than reason. Actually, I think the comments are more reasonable over all than they used to be, though. In general, I mean.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      What do you have against Marty Feldman?

  • KingSize

    DAMMIT KENNY AGAIN! How the fuck do they match Sean up with fug ass Kenny!?

  • Patrol

    I don’t subscribe to GGB but seeing Sean’s new smile, I fall in love with him all over again. If CF had private chats Sean would be booked until 2016.

  • tomtomson

    photos are pretty hot. how’s the video?

  • frenchie

    When Sean is gonna be a cum slut again ? It’s been too long.

  • twinkemopunk808

    sean looks great! &that smile is amazing